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hello 30 bad people. here in canada there is a 80/10/10 page on Facebook. recently someone asked how to get a copy of the book used or free. someone else told them it is available as a torrent on pirate bay. i thought it strange that the same folks post about how much they spend on dates and bananas when dr. graham's book is much less than their produce expenses plus his writing is the reason they are bonding on this facebook page over their health goals. i pointed this out and people became hostile with me for judging them. the person who recommended getting it free through pirate bay complained that they are poor and i should understand. thoughts?


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I'm not sure.. I'm not one for venturing down to toronto.. I'll see

Why didn't you print the original exchange in the first place then, instead of asking her to do it when you know it's already been deleted? She has already stated that she didn't want to perpetuate such a petty argument, do you think she bothered to take a screenshot? Why are you even bothering with this at all? You clearly demonstrated how you felt you were totally right and justified at the beginning of this thread, and did not in any way provide a fair view of the conversation that provoked you,  but just paraphrased your side of the story. What is the point of you even starting this thread? It seems to me you just wanted people to back you up on what you believe to be true, and validate your actions even though you weren't clear about them, and really had no interest in any debate in the first place.
Just my two cents.

ok. i will try to kindly answer you and as jon points out above not get tangled up in the personal aspects of the original discussion.

first why didn't i print the original exchange? and did i know she couldn't because it was deleted?

why should i copy it? it was just a posting on fb. i thought it weird that someone would brag about stealing so i told them so. why did i say reprint it? because i thought the person who originates something on fb, even if they delete it can still retrieve it. or at least an episode of the NPR show On The Media last summer had a section on that very issue re: facebook. perhaps i'm wrong i thought the originator can still get at it. 

why am i bothering to post this query? because after the hostility it made me wonder about the 21rst century torrent business so i asked you folks and the response is very interesting points about having it free, or calling it theft. i think the world is struggling with these issues. did i slant it in my favour. yes and no. ashlei also slants her response in her favour. she omits stuff that would probably give you more pause in your conclusions. but i think you are also saying this doesn't mean anything ("why are you even bothering with this at all?") and from a certain point of view i get your drift. it doesn't matter in the long run i guess but i was pleased to read dr. graham's thoughts where he chimed in. ciao

Uh, no...

Your first response is irrelevant. I meant, why didn't you post it yourself in the first place when you started this thread! It was a response to your saying to Ashlei, " instead of hurling insults ...why don't you print the exchange as it was instead of creating hearsay? the original discussion can stand for itself." Because that's exactly what you have (not) been doing this entire time. Good grief! Seemed obvious to me, hahaha.

When asking you why you bothered to post this, I was not, in fact, as you thought, saying that this doesn't mean anything. Of course it means something.
Also it seems to me 'the hostility' did not 'make' you 'wonder about the..torrent business'. Basically I was saying what I said before, it seems to me you have clearly made up your mind and were just looking for validation and justification for your own hostility and moral ground.. Which I stand by, given this truly inane response.


Really, if you were genuinely so curious about the subject, you could have simply started this discussion with something like, "I had this argument today on Facebook. I thought one thing, and this other person thought something else. It has raised a lot of questions for me, and I am wondering what everyone's thoughts on the matter are?"

I could say probably say more, but I'll leave it at that.

My apologies, it was not in any way my intention to personally insult anyone. I will try to find less inflammatory adjectives in the future.

I gather it was the "inane" that did it? All I meant was that to me, the argument did not add up. I wasn't trying to insinuate anything about the writer. My bad.

I enjoy reading other people's opinion on the issue of piracy and I guess this conversation could go on forever but at the end of the day there isn't anything that can be done about the free flow of information that exists today unless the Internet ceased to exist which would never happen..
I'm a little on the fence for both sides because some people like to download things for free to see if they like it and then go out and purchase it anyways.. Nothing sucked more than when I was younger and went to HMV to buy an album just to listen to the whole thing and not find one good song.. I felt like I wasted my money.. But now, with the Internet people may download a book and if they like it will go out and buy the actual hardcopy. I personally feel that there isn't anything wrong with that.. But someone who does it not caring about the artist/author/creator getting paid for their talent then that's when it becomes morally wrong in my eyes..

Just a thought- isn't it about integrity and honesty?  Isn't that all a part of a healthy lifestyle?  We should want to be mentally and physically at our best!

exactly so

I found his book on paperback swap where people swap books for free. If you really can't pay for it, there are definitely ways to obtain the knowledge without having guilt on your conscience and supporting piracy :)

I got mine from Amazon for 19.77, best investment I've ever made! I mean, it's not some phony supplement or "superfood". When you're done with in you can give it to a friend or the local library. That's a really good deal!

Also, I always get distracted with ebooks. I'd really prefer the physical copy. So if someone is concerned about the price, he or she should just get it used. I'm a college student. I've spend over $100 on a single textbook and it still hasn't been more helpful than one chapter of the 811 book in my opinion. (Maybe because it was a French textbook lol)

Some people just don't have enough faith in the diet to pay less than 30 dollars to buy the book. Maybe it's not their first book on diet. (For me it was) There are some people who have tried all sorts of fad diets with little or no results. I think it's more of a discrepancy of values- like you would see people driving a sports car but putting all sorts of junk in their bodies. I believe most people interested are capable of buying the book ( as truly desolate people will have little means of discovering 811). It just that they'd rather spending it on a new purse or watch and not some "boring diet book".

All's been said needs sayin', folks :)



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