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here is my reply..
mono meals will provide optimum digestion. a mono meal is ONE type of food for a meal. ie 10-40bananas or 4-12 mangoes or 2-5lb of grapes.

id say 95% of my meals are mono, the remainder are one fruit mixed with a green. like mango/celery, tomato/celery, banana/celery.

i dont get the stomach bloat like i first did when i was still eating cooked food or gourmet raw or salt, oils, store bought nuts and seeds, seaweed etc.

give a banana smoothy to the average person and watch their stomach grow! lol! the fruit will be fast acting in flushing out the hard to digest stuff.

out of any group of health seekers, 811ers have the flatest stomachs. why? cos mono fruit meals require the least digestion. we know that putting melon on top of figs isnt the best combo. we know that eating more than a handful of nuts twice a week is going to impede digestion. we know that tough veg like brocoli and kale is best avoided and replaced with tender greens.

we also know that drinking water after meals will give gut puff.

some people have disorded eating habits that prevent them from ever feeling comfortable with that 'full' stomach feeling. these people have to overcome that programming and do some experimenting with what actually is 'bloating' from impeded digestion and what is actually proper amount of calories and how that is meant to feel in the body.

my mum tells me she doesnt walk up stairs cos it makes her lungs 'puff'. i told her that when i rode with lance armstrong, he was puff'n and so was i. when we exercise at a suitable pace, we puff. when we eat sufficient calories our stomachs will puff for 30 mins/1hr.

fresh fruit is the easiest to digest food. EVERY morning i wake up and can feel my hip bones, yet i always go to bed with a full stomach from the days food consumption. my morning weight to nighttime weight varies as much as 8lbs.
this is totally natural. just watch the chimps belly at night time and then again in the morning...

before long slow training rides that go over 5 hours, i will eat till my belly is big and round. by the time i come back from training, i can almost push my belly button against my spine..lol! and its time to re feed.

belly goes in, belly goes out.
sun goes up, sun goes down.
but when belly stays out,
its time to throw them combo's out!
we should wake with belly's in
then we know we have a digestion win!

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interesting. thanks.

Excellent post, thanks for sharing! I just had a handful of nuts, and my, what a difference! I'm used to eating more fats and greens, but I've been testing out a higher fruit-based raw diet and it's great. :) I'm done with nuts for the week - one handful was more than enough!

fruit vamp!

that´s why so many people back off this lifestyle, they just can´t stand the fact that they belly is not gonna look the same before and after meal

so DR don't drink after meals?

how long after meals?

how long before meals?

what about when we are eating dates?

I often wonder about the timing of drinking water around meals too.  It would be really cool to hear the advice/information from someone who is knowlegeable in regards to this issue.  Cause I drink 5 liters of water a day right now so I can't do all my drinking at one time and then just eat the rest of the day.  I am drinking all throughout the day.

suggest to freelee as one of her video talks this mth, shes asking for all kinds of ideas to cover xx

haha I like the poetry at the end! :)

Very helpful indeed. I am moving more and more towards mono meals, or snacks (as a newbie still finding it difficult to eat enough at one meal so make up the calories in between) Very interesting what you said about most people's stomachs bloating out when they first try a banana smoothie! I tried my first banana smoothie to try to get all my calories in one sitting for breakfast and my tum looked preggers! haha It went down after half an hour though, so it's good to know my body will get used to it and it's normal :)

The other day I had a huuuuge fruit feat. Actually, I alway do but it was enormous. Then, I couldn't zip up my skirt on the waist (it comes up to my belly, not on the hips) and I could have easily said: OMG I've gained weight, I'm FAT!!! Hell no.... After 2 hours and a few visits to the toilet, my skirt was LOOSE on my waist, lol. 


Give your body some time to digest, never freak out after eating "too much" fruit! ;)



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