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Hi all,

Firstly, I'm currently transitioning to the fruitarian diet - almost there and feeling fantastic!!

Howerver, I have a bit of a hip bursitis which developed after I got knocked off my pushy by a car (poop, I know).

Anymahooz I'm a competitive athlete and would love to get back into my regular fitness regime which involves a lot of running. Any ideas on fruits/foods that would help burisitis heal. Alternatively any stretches/meditation exercises etc you may recommend?


Thanks in advance!


Jojo :)

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1. Id be getting a law suit up and running if you havent.
2. Id be living the lifestyle that allows your body to heal proper.
3. 'itis' be it bursitis, arthritis, conjunctivitis etc is just the body dealing with inflammation. We cant eat a special food but we can do a special diet (LFRV) and life the lifestyle to allow the body to do its things.

You dont want a lateral tear in your hip..cos that is sometimes nasty surgery to fix..get checked out, get a suit, eat and live right.
Thanks DurianRider!
- Ya, I've contemplated the whole lawsuit thing...I believe it was a genuine accident though (you know what Adelaide drivers are like... teaches me for cycling down South Road!), the driver stopped and was very apologetic and tried to help me out. My main priority is to heal heal heal...money can't buy health ey ;). Still thinking about claiming through third party.
My biggest challenge is to LET it heal (ie. not head out for random 20 km runs and keep my fingers crossed hoping that it won't hurt) - although the battling the mind to achieve that seems to be the biggest challenge!
Been concentrating on technique training and rehab through bikram yoga...oh yes and of course fruit fruit fruit!! :)

Oh by the way, upon transitioning to lfrv, my mouth has become super sensitive, especially to toothpaste. Gums hurt a bit too....any suggestions? Alternatives to toothpaste which makes it sting?


Hey Jo,

I have also have hip bursitis - it started in high school so I think it may have been sports related to track and cross country but I can't say for sure. Anyway, the orthopedic told me to go to physical therapy which I never did and it got worse and worse to the point where I couldn't even walk up the stairs some nights to get to my bed.

I let it get to this point before I decided to do something and I think there are three things that have really helped make this condition manageable, if not curable.

1. I changed to a raw food diet that really let me body do some much needed healing. Durian Rider is right that no one food is going to heal your body because it is your body that does the healing - foods just let your body complete the job, but I feel that, at least in my case, GREENS are so important because the minerals or something about them help my joints. I can actually feel them begin to tighten if I go too long with insufficient greens.

2. I have continued to run (not sure if this is a bad or good thing) but it poses me no problem as long as I stretch very good before and after and I wear Vibram Five Finger shoes which is supposed to not cause stress to the hip and other joints from the shock of wearing padded running shoes.

3. Lastly, I do some yoga that has helped a lot so I think the bikram yoga would be really good for you. An instructor showed me "The Magic Four" that she said would really help loosen up my hip.

I hope this helps a little!

Hi ash! Thanks 4 ur Response, much appreciated. Love your recommendations... Funny thing is that i've been upping my Bikram training to a minimum of 5 sessions a week which has helped a ton - its an amazing healing method, and has saved me 2 lot in medical expenses! Not 2 mention a great workout! Getting much better, going 2 give a run a crack 2mo, fingers crossed! I think my transition 2 raw has been invaluable 2 my body healing in general but since not steaming veg anymore i've cut down on greens - think i'll need 2 up them thru juicing... How did ur body go when u first started using the vibrams? I'm a bit worried about shin splints and similar conditions. How's ur bursitis now?
Hey Jo, I love the vibrams because running feels so much more natural in them...you just feel light and fast and there's no pounding because you strike the front of your foot instead of your heel so shin splints haven't been a problem at all for me. I did however have some transitioning problems because our feet are so underdeveloped from being in those padded shoes. You have to do it veryy gradually - like 10 minutes a day for a while and then increase - but the side of my ankle was hurting from the muscles not being strong enough in my arch and currently I haven't run in them because something above my toes hurt but I'm hoping I just strained it and it's not a fracture because I have no medical insurance :( It seems like I'm always onto a new problem haha but my bursitis has been at bay for many months now and I can't tell you how bad it was before, I would have welcomed a wheel chair so a combo of all those those things is working very well. I hope your hip heals well, that sounded like such a freak accident!




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