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Burning sensation (almost like pinapple tongue) on my tongue for past week...what in the world?

Has anyone else ever experienced this?
Nooo idea what it could be from I haven't had any kiwi's, citrus, pinapple, or anything out of the ordinary...

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Hi Ted,

Do you know your recent B12 levels?

 A burning tongue sensation can be one symptom of needing more B12.

Love and Peaches XX♥

hey Anne, interestingly enough I've stopped taking my b12 sublinguals over the past month or so...I did get blood tested 2-3 months ago and they were right on target though.


Thanks! I'll start supping again n see what happens

If you do not utilize b12 properly how then do you begin to?

I have this same problem accompanied by patchy red and white tongue with some little lumps (actually concerned it's something very sinister) and I'd like to learn more about b12 absorption

Stinging nettles? Any edible wilds? 

Too much heroin?  

The heroin's always what gets me. Who KNEW?!? :)

I know right?




how much is too much? i just do the heroin right before bed each night...sometimes first thing in the morning after my Litre of water
hmmm nope couldn't be
A lot of figs burns my tongue.



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