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I have the most sensitive skin.


I used to have eczema on my arms but since I stopped dairy it went away.


When I was 13, I had ballet practice everyday for 1-2 hours a day and then I had school. I was super stressed and had some sort of rash above my lip that would crack and bleed. I have no idea how it went away, but I used all the prescribed creams from doctors. Maybe my stress levels went down and that is how it went away. 


Now my lips get bumps and then they scab the next day when I have acid fruits especially pineapple. I get a rash around my lips with little bumps when I have mango. It doesn't matter if it is organic and super ripe.


My lips are alway chapped and hurt after I eat as of lately. Does anyone else have sensitive lips and/or skin? 


It really sucks and I keep trying to just put up with it, but I need a solution. Hope someone can help because my lips are stinging and really hurt. 



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wind- yes

cold- no


licking- yes :(

are you still eating pineapple? I get a bit sting-y from it, and a friend of mine who was 811 would get full on rashes from pineapple, but couldn't resist eating it! I also find that if I eat pineapple, then I am much more sensitive to other fruit. Pretty impossible to find ripe pineapple here in NZ, so I just stay away for now. Hope you find your solution. ps love your blog xx

pineapple might be it. I had a few chunks the other day. I do agree that it makes my lips sensitive to other fruits. Oh well... Good bye to pineapple for now until I get one ripe off a tree. :( 


Thanks for checking my blog out!! Means a lot to me! I need to do another post soon!

Madelyn, I don't know if this will help but there is a huge difference here in Hawaii between ORGANIC Pineapple and Conventional Pineapple. OG Pineapple is 0-10% acidic when the CV pineapple is 90% acidic(aka burning). I hope this helps. xoxo

I have very sensitive skin which has gotten a million times better since I have greatly reduced the number of products I use on it, and improved my diet (mainly getting rid of dairy and gluten, and possibly chocolate, I believe are the biggest factors).  Are you putting any kind of lip balm on your lips?  Wondering if that, in combo w/the sun, could be a factor.  I know when I stopped using products on my face, my acne got better.  Pineapple definitely causes problems w/lots of peeps, tho.  Very hard to actually get a ripe one.  Some people are also allergic to the mango skin and if there is any contact there, it can be a problem.  Maybe you are just sensitive to certain fruits right now and as you get healthier, it will get better.  Maybe you are detoxing?  Are you still eating salt?  Gluten? 


I wish you the best in figuring it out!

I only use coconut oil on my lips at night and shea butter in the morning. I don't use any face products at all. I stopped those a while a go. I usually try not to let my lips get to much sun, but it is hard when I bike, run and go hiking all the time. 

It is probably from the pineapple and not fully ripe acidic fruits. I am sure I have a problem with mango skin (sigh). I haven't had mango in a while because of that. I haven't had salt in 9 months probably (sorry not counting) and I haven't had gluten in over a year except for once but that was probably 7 months ago. 

I am sure it is the pineapple and other non ripe fruits along with the sun. I need to be more careful I guess. Thanks for the input! 

Heya Madelyn,  sorry to hear you still have this prob.  I have a dermatitis prob that crops up from time to time, but it's definitely getting better as time goes on.  Dr. Brauner's soap was the miracle cure for that.  And at least an hour of sun each day.


I think it's partially the SLC area.  I mean, it's a desert right.  Plus all the salt in the air.  It's super dry out here.  In ancient times humans could survive out here, but they wouldn't thrive.  After 6 months in the tropics my skin was loving me.  Now, a month back, and my hands are all dry and cracked and my skin gets itchy.  A couple weeks ago I bought a humidifier and sleep with it on all night.  Helps a bit ... with the nose buggers too  LOL.


I'm rotating through fruit choices too.  Long term banana island will give me small acne bumps on my forehead, oranges get a little too acidic, mangoes (allergy problem there), papaya sucks out here (I've been spoiled).  I'm thinking melons are the answer.  Can't wait for the Green River season ... best melons I've ever had.

Thanks for the response. I need to get the heck out of here. haha. Will be going to hawaii for a while this fall. Very excited!! Are you in utah right now?

Hawaii!  Heck yeah!  The tropics is where it's at.


I'm in Park City for the summer.  Training for the Epic Cache-Teton relay.  Hopefully get a couple trail races in too.  And of course some mt biking.  Know of any good running events coming up?

Nice! I was thinking about doing the park city marathon this fall before I leave. Have you done it? Heard it is beautiful!

darn.  gonna be at the woodstock fruit fest that week.  

sad, ya I wanted to go to that so so bad but I dont have the funds. My app got accepted but oh well. :) You'll have to let me know how it goes.



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