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Im 17, 6ft tall and flat chested :p

Ive been Vegan for ~6 months. (No not raw, but yes high carb low fat. Longterm goal is to be raw)

Basically, I wanna seriously build muscle this time and I know many of you have accomplished this goal, so I would like to know if you guys could help me out.

I dont have access to a gym, but i have access to a childrens park, with bars and such. 

Question: What should my work out be to build muscles from scratch?


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Hey man glad to hear you've acquired an interest in getting bigger.

Calisthenics are a great place to start, but just remember that they are a start and will require some of that "creativity" or "long periods of exercise" to make a drastic body change. You would be better off with a lifting program for a faster and more dramatic change; that also has a greater chance of improvement both physically and in regards to strength.

Check your local churches man, they often have free gyms that do not require a membership (depending on where you live). Also remember that no matter what advice you're given, merely starting "something" is better than sitting around second guessing yourself.

In the diet portion of this make sure you're getting your protein requirements (I'm not a fan of the 1g/lb. of body fat rule, but exceeding 811 to attain more "amino acids" for muscle synthesis sounds perfectly viable to me).

Make sure you're reading ELSEWHERE for answers to these kinds of questions man, there are a MILLION BAZZILLION opinions on this topic that may sound much better to you, good luck bro.

this is workout im doing, http://hundredpushups.com/

then i go to a little park and do situps and attempt to do pullups :p


You are so right. Finally some common sense. Yes...heavy deadlifts, squats, bench presses, etc WILL f*** you up. I can attest to it. Shoulder pain and lower back pain finally caused me to go back to body weight exercises. And it wasn't because I had poor form, my form was perfect as I spent many years making sure that was the case. Our joints & bones just were not made to repeatedly lift heavy weights going to or close to failure. Body weight exercises have also made my shoulder & back much better...almost pain free now.

Most pumped up beach muscle body builders can't do a single pull up, 1 legged squat or hand stand push up. Until a person can do those exercises, he just ain't too strong.

I am a huge fan of John Peterson's Transformetrics site and the book "Convict Conditioning" by Paul Wade. Check them out.

Cheers mate!

Having access to that playground is really all you need.  

The fantastic bodyweight training guides "Convict Conditioning" and "Convict Conditioning 2" from www.dragondoor.com, are two of my primary strength guides I can't recommend highly enough.

No worries, JG.  Gratifying to know that with your ample experience, my personal practices are right in line with your recommendations.  

I personally find the CC concepts to be quite useful due to their simple system of strength progressions from the ridiculously easy all the way to godlike.  I know I've learned previously unknown moves to will allow me to continue to progress in functional strength and physique for many years to come.  Can't speak for anybody else, but I'd have been groping much more in the dark without these books.   

But certainly, if someone can freely gain from a very generous offer of aid such as you have made, more power to them.  

Though I wouldn't think any less of you should you desire to be monetarily recompensed for your knowledge and services either :)

All the best, Jack.  I'm sure the demand will continue to increase for more fitness, health and compassion-oriented folks such as yourself. 

Enjoy HI and have a mango (or 20) for me!

Im curious, why do you think resistance bands are better than weights?  im still trying to wrap my mind on how they work on some of the exercises.

I am well aware on how taxative weight training is! had minor injuries myself a few times.

Thats exactly why the bands thing aroused my interest.  Where can i find out more? (for instance, i dont imagine how you can train chest with bands)

We agree completely on the reps thing btw (and doing it with weights is like an invitation to injury).

Bryan I see you are into running as well. If you want to develop big pecs then cut out running fo sure. Its counter productive. All my fast runner friends just stick with push ups vs heavy weights and my big muscle mates stich with heavy weights vs running.

In 2001 trained in the AIS gym with some of the best gymnasts in Australia. Roids fo sure AND heavy weights with specific gymnast muscle groups focused on.

Bodyweight exercise will not build the strength and size heavy weights do. Its great to start with though until your tendons etc get used to the workload. Do bodyweight for 6months and then progress to the real training that roid using bodybuilders do.

Yeah youtube is full of guys on roids claiming they just do pull ups in the playground but they just make those stupid claims to get hits and sell DVDs aka '$ motivations'.

Get a bench press second hand cheap. Get a squat rack. Invest 5 years work and you will be stronger than any of your mates. Unless they have been training longer than you/on steroids lol!

You get the picture anyways. :)



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