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Im 17, 6ft tall and flat chested :p

Ive been Vegan for ~6 months. (No not raw, but yes high carb low fat. Longterm goal is to be raw)

Basically, I wanna seriously build muscle this time and I know many of you have accomplished this goal, so I would like to know if you guys could help me out.

I dont have access to a gym, but i have access to a childrens park, with bars and such. 

Question: What should my work out be to build muscles from scratch?


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What could be my amino and fatty acids?

i disagree. It's been discussed long in the forums (not that you can't stay fit and somewhat ripped on pushups). What he needs is HEAVY WEIGHTS if he means to seriously build muscle.

You disagree that push ups can build muscle in your chest?  Are you speaking from personal experience, as in you were doing a lot of pushups and getting nowhere and then you started lifting weights and developed a really strong/powerful chest?  Or are you just regurgitating what someone else said? 

You can build muscle with pushups, i know i did. But the results with heavy weights are faster and more pronounced. Overall more effective if you want to bulk up.

So yes, personal experience, combined with data you can find all over this forum. I think DR has a video on it.

Did you notice the build on the Olympic gymnasts? Not too shabby...and they use almost entirely body weight exercises. And their muscle is functional, not showy "beach muscle".

Check out this interview with gymnast coach Christopher Sommer...


The goal should never be to build big showy muscles unless you are a professional body builder. Building muscle that is functional and allows you to do one arm push ups, one arm pull ups, hand stand pushups and one legged squats is a true measure of functional strength.  

Hmmm...I wonder how gymnasts build their great physiques? Not by doing set after set of curls or bench presses!

No matter what kind of training you are using you don't just build muscle like that by happenstance.  See below. 

#102 = Ji Wallace, you can follow him on twitter.  Here are some of his 2010 posts,

-Legs are dead. Did squats (the best leg exercise out there) 5 X 10 X 100kgs with my Mantaray (shoulder support) and burned them up.

-It was tough work dragging myself to the gym this morning w such heavy legs but I made it n blitzed an upper body w'out. Fast and furious!

-Day 1 of a massive body attack. Shoulders, back, chest, legs....smash!

-Psycho chin ups day. Do as many as you can in ten minutes! Tell me what you got.

Here is the link to his blog  https://twitter.com/JiVsGym 

He obviously utilizes bodyweight exercises for his upper body, but he also uses weights.  And although he's using bodyweight training aside from gymnastics he clearly has a goal to build muscle. 

Check out Chris Califano on this site, he's the expert! Heavy weights for 20 reps is key :)

I agree that Chris is an expert.  But I think you've misinterpreted his information.  20 reps by definition would not be light weight.  If you can push a given weight for 10 reps that also would not be heavy weight.  If you push a weight for 1-4 reps before reaching failure (which Chis recommends not doing) then that would be heavy weight (for you).  So Chris essentially recommends using Olympic lifts, but using light weight, which is the same as saying high reps (10-20). 

I'm not aware where he has commented on the use of body weight specific exercises to build muscle. 

Jon Hinds, who is also a member of this site runs a gym called "The monkey bar gym" http://monkeybargym.com/

.  Jon is a real big dude, is a mostly raw vegan, and utilizes the bars to build muscle.  The only problem is that people that are successful at building muscle using calisthenics movements are out on the bars two and three times a day, and are doing it thirty and forty minutes at a time.  Comparatively, on the weights you'll typically be on them 45 minutes/day 3-4 day's a week.  

Also consider that when a person does a 225 bench press for 10 reps that's really not much different than a 185ib (me) person adding 40 ibs (a backpack with weight) and doing dips for 10 reps.  (learn to be creative)

Personally I only do pull ups for back.  Pull ups for me have been more effective than lat pull downs, or any type of row by a noticeable difference.  The more you're able to do, then start wearing a backpack with books or something in it.  But I also have a bench pressing and a squat/dead lift day every week.  I do those because they work.  If push ups and jumping squats were better, then I probably wouldn't bother, but I think power compound movements are easier to track progress and more effective. 

I did however spend 9 months were I didn't touch a weight.  I only did calisthenics to see if I could continue building muscle that way and my progress was fair. 



Im just trying to gain weight/muscle without actually lifting weights. Or at least for the beginning.

I like your idea about the backpack.

hey Ben....

Yea, Noel is a super cool guy.  Nice, friendly and all that.  He seems really humble too. 



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