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I'm disgusted right now. 
Today I recieved my second shipment of dates from shields date gardens. 

My first was khadrawi and this one is bahri. 

For some reason I decided to inspect these thoroughly and noticed black slug like insects ! I also noticed little egg like things too!

Most of the dates that had them were pierced at the top... Like a little hole you'd see in an apple 

Help! What should I do?

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khadrawi's are generally considered the sweetest date.

Received my Shields shipment, the sale 15lb kadrawi's yesterday and they look and taste fantastic.  I opened a bunch and found no bugs/etc. They have a different flavor from Bautista, kind of chocolaty.  It's odd however that the shipping was twice as much (through FedEx) and took twice as long, but overall the price ended up being the same as Bautista's. 

dude.... same just happened to me. same company. **** their dates man, lol.

Shields isn't too far from where I live! I've visited the farm. I noticed that in the fresh bags (that I bought in-store), probably 1/20 had bugs/ dirt/ whatever. the rest were delicious and fantastic :) 

I ran across this discussion after dealing with a lot of bugs in some of my date crop this year.  We had the 2nd wettest year on record in Arizona.  From what I can tell, bugs are more common on wet years.  If you are getting organic dates, there will be some bugs.  While I try to get all the buggy dates out, it is impossible. 

The only thing I do to avoid bugs is putting bags on the dates, and that isn't a foolproof method.  Most growers freeze their dates, because they do keep better that way, and any bugs or eggs that might elude us, will be killed in the freezer. 

Open all your dates to check for bugs or worms.  That's what I do.

I have seen that too.  It is pretty nasty.  I think that the drier dates don't suffer from those problems as much.  Mold is probably more likely in a year that has a very wet summer like we've had. 

Yeah I just recently started eating dates for the first time in my life and yeah I was pretty mortified when I first say a bunch of tiny little dead bugs, or bug poop whatever it was and was grossed out and then when I saw for the first time an actual living worm I screamed it startled me and I got freaked out.  So yeah I also open every single date now.  Some of them are so wet and gooey that I don't feel like I can see every last spot in the date so I worry about accidental ingestion but still.  Yeah it is gross but I rather have bugs in a few then pesticides.  I just wonder if I eat a bunch of worm eggs or something because I have opened some when they were big and some that looked like they were just born tiny almost unnoticeable ones that I only noticed cause I happened to see it move.  So I am grossed out by the fact that I have probably eaten many tiny ones that I didn't see that got lost in the folds of the gooey dates.  And I am sure I ate tones of bug eggs.  Especially since when I first get dates I don't really find worms in them but as I have them longer I start to so I think they hatch in there or something.  So when I first get them and see nothing I eat worm eggs.  Nasty but what are you going to do?  I guess I could avoid dates but I just discovered them and I am in love.

Oh MY GOD... I just stumbled across this thread and am thinking about ordering dates from 7hotdates.com but now I'm seriously reconsidering. As vegan as I am, I still get wigged out by bugs. Like, really wigged out. If I came across a bug while eating I'd probably puke >_/p>

I have ordered dozens of boxes of dates from several different sources and have never had bugs.  Just get them from 7hotdates, they are super high quality and will make sure you get the best.  

BTW bugs are super abundant in lots of stuff, if you have eaten rice and breads you have eaten bugs, see this video here: 

Insects In Vegan Foods

Ok, that's where I was going to order them. Just ordered a 5lb box of Zahidi dates to try. Only those and the Deglet Noor are shipping right now. Here's hoping for no bugs!!! lol

Yay!  :D



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