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I wasn't worried about this at all at first, because I assumed that the spot was just a bruise from hitting my hip on a corner of some sort. But I've had this little bruise spot for a few weeks, if not over a month, now. It's right before where my hipbone ends in the front of my abdomen. It's not super dark-colored, and barely tender when I touch it. It looks like one larger (but not big at all) spot with two very small ones right above it. Should I be concerned? Do you think that it's just not healing, or could it be something else more problematic? I know that this isn't really an important question, but I wanted to ease my mind about it and just make sure that it isn't anything serious. Or is it?

Thank you in advance for any help, advice, and feedback! (:

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It can take on average up to two weeks for a bruise to heal.  For some situations, it could take longer. 

If you have a memory of hitting the area, perhaps you might want to see a doctor and get some xrays done to rule out any chipped bone or debris in there which may be cutting blood vessels open.  


You may also want to have some blood work done to ensure you are not anemic and or have a b12 deficiency.  

In the meantime, you can probably guess what I am going to say here.  Keep supplementing with 1-2 pounds of lettuce greens a day and eat a mono meal of oranges a day.  Oranges are antiinflammatory, and the vitamin C will promote healthy rebuild and repairs of tissues.  

Good luck and Peace, PK

I know that I have hit at least near the spot before, because my hip is the most common body part that I bang on corners and such (not that I do it all the time), so if the spot grows or doesn't go away in awhile, I will try to get it checked. 

B-12 deficiency causes blood problems? I haven't been taking supplements, but I haven't been vegan for longer than one or so years. Maybe I was already somewhat deficient before I transitioned to this diet. I'll pick up some vitamins next time I'm at the store, just in case. 


Well, hopefully this bruise will "dissolve" itself within a week or two.  

If you are in doubt, I recommend you get a physical and CBC complete blood count work done as well as asking for a b12 test (I have heard the urine test for b12 is more accurate) and or vitamin D deficiency.  

Iron deficiency anemia may cause symptoms of bruising too.  


There are several types of b12 deficiency and one of them is called pernicious anemia of which its symptoms can mimic those of iron deficiency.  

Anemia - B12 deficiency

Pernicious anemia

I always recommend that people confirm through a doctor and lab work if and what problems they might have, and then supplement, medicate, or change the diet as needed.  

If supplements or medications are needed, then one should only take the minimal dose needed.  

If one does have iron and or pernicious anemia, then I recommend finding out the cause and if possible removing the cause.  We just do not know enough about supplements and or their long term side effects especially when it comes to synthetics.  

I have written more about vitamins and b12 here:


BTW, it is possible to overdose on b12 and or experience toxicity from supplements.  

Having said all that, I hope I did not worry or concern you too much.  Hopefully this is just a bruise that will dissolve itself in a few weeks time.  

Peace, PK

I will be sure to look into the deficiency problems! I am young and underdeveloped, so iron might be an issue, if I'm not getting enough.

I'm hoping that it isn't a serious problem, but the bruise seems to have gotten darker, which worries me. If I go to the doctor, I will be sure to mention the deficiencies, although I'm fairly sure that the doctor will be able to tell (but you never know!). 

Thank you for the tips! You're always very helpful, with just the right type of information anyone is looking for. (:

RAW Shucks:-D Thank you for your kind words.

Peace, PK

Haha, that's cute. :)

It's probably something with you healing and adjusting to your new diet.  I have had hallucinations, serious inflammation and other issues I never experienced before.  Your body is healing.

You may also want to check out...astral repercussions. There's a lot of information online about it.  It involves being attacked psychically, instead of physically.  I had several small bruises I couldn't remember getting and started really paying attention.  I also learned to protect myself. It wouldn't hurt to have protection.  Check it out!

Do those kind of issues come even after three or four months (and even before that, eating healthily and vegan for about a year)? 

I know when I restricted I had bruises all over my body (especially my hips) that would literally be there for 2 months or so. But, these also were used in my "diagnosis of anorexia", the doctor saying underweight people bruise easily due to no cushioning, and the bruises take awhile to heal due to lack of nutrients in body. 

I know that you don't restrict (4,000 calories is far from restricting ;) ), but you are very thin. But I'm sure that your body, considering you eat mounds of the most nutritious food on the planet, is far from nutrient deficient. 
So, I don't know. 

Haha, this post is kind of pointless. :)

Haha, anything to temporarily distract from homework. (; (Just kidding, sort of.)

My thoughts exactly ;) 
But, today's Thursday, which is kind of like a Friday for my 2,4,& 6th periods (because of our whole even day odd day schedule), so my homework can be put of till the weekend ;)



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