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Every couple of months or so I enjoy drinking a decent quality beer or two with friends/family. I'm not sure how well this works out with the 811 diet. *I've ordered a copy of the book but its still on its way* 


I'm going into my 2nd week of 100% lfrv, so I'm still new to this lifestyle. I was wondering if having ONE OR TWO beers will totally throw off the detoxing period.


This isn't a significant part of my life and can easily be eliminated. But I do truly enjoy a nice beer now and then.


I'd love to hear about all of your experiences related to this topic. No judgment, just sharing real life experiments and experiences.

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after a while of being on this lifestyle you will more than likely not have a taste for alcohol anymore, the desire for intoxicants fades away when we start really living, get high on life sister!

@Patch: It's not the desire for intoxicants that is the attractive factor (im high enough on life as it is! lol), I simply genuinely enjoy the taste. But thank upi for the support!


@Josh: Ew, rotton grains, idk why I never looked at it like that lol. You are right. Why would I let anything compromise my health?

If I were you I would just drink it if you think you want it, and you will probably start to think it's gross over time.



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