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breatharian who suggests eating double quarter pounder burger with DIET coke

Has anyone heard of the guy Wiley Brooks? According to him everyone is a breatharian because of our capability to breathe, I agree on that part but what he says about having a double quarter pounder burger with french fries and diet coke from mcdonalds is a tad too misleading for me.  He says that those foods contain the base frequency of a 5dimensional food and ingesting it will make you connected to the 5dimensional world.  I wonder where he gets this idea.  He says that the cows are 5dimensional beings and that's why he suggests eating a burger from mcdonalds. He also refers to the diet coke as liquid light.  Geez. What about the aspartame in the diet coke?

For me, It's a bit too crazy of an idea.  If you read his website he continuously contradicts himself with what he says just like when he said he used to be a fruitarian and he can carry 1200 pounds of weights and now he can barely carry a 500 lb because he says "i'm too old" He's 70 I think. He says that you should eat dairy because it comes from cows and yet he eats cheese in his burger.  My boyfriend told me about him and his website and I just beg to disagree with what he says.

What do you guys think about his mcdonalds diet as a 5dimensional food?!

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Particles of matter are always popping into and out this reality, and what is theorized by many physicists and David Wilcock - researcher and psychic - in his book "The Source Field Investigations," is that these particles are popping out of Space-Time (3D Space, 1D Time) into Time-Space (3D Time, 1D Space).

Yeah, he also says that a large segment of humanity will undergo ascension in the year 2012 and argues against the modern evolutionary synthesis by claiming that DNA and biological life emerge directly out of an energy source field, in addition to claiming that he may be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. I hope you realise that the words physicist and psychic, although very close both in the way they are written and pronounced have, nevertheless, very different meanings.

Atoms are always spinning, and if you can get the atoms to spin faster than the speed of light, they will pop into Time-Space.  There's lots of documentation of this happening

This is something that pertains to the frontiers of Science and your appreciation of it is insufficient even to grasp that the word 'documentation' is not very appropriate in this context.

it's just that the Science is hidden by CIA etc.

I'm sorry, but this just seems much too conspiracy-theoretical to me...

because it would be paradigm-shifting

It seems to me that you are using kuhnian terminology out of context just to falsely convey the impression of depth to your text.

if the general population was aware of such phenomenon we could use alternate sources of energy that could be deemed "Free Energy Devices"

If you think so, then I challenge you to build one of such "Free Energy Devices". I doubt the 'general population', as you call it, would be capable of building such a device; they aren't even capable of grasping theoretical physics in any depth. This may seem to be an arrogant statement of my part, but I think you'll have a hard time denying it.

But anyway, because of this interdimensional existence of SpaceTime and TimeSpace, I do believe Breatharianism is possible.  It would simply mean the person has achieved the ability to transform enough waves in TimeSpace into particles in SpaceTime (when an atom, for instance, pops into TimeSpace, it appears as a wave to us rather than a particle).  If TimeSpace is where thoughts, dreams, and our mind exist, then they have achieved the ability to manifest their thoughts so succinctly that they can bring thoughts into physical reality, a.k.a. transform them into matter.   

You should beware of applying scientific theories to regions beyond their field of applicability, as well as utilizing scientific concepts with a meaning distinct from that which they have in the context of a particular scientific theory. You risk saying nonsense of the lowest level.

Again you are trying to use pseudo-scientific arguments in order to convey a false impression of depth to your text. This may impress ignorant and credulous people, but will turn away anyone with but an elementary grasp of Science.

What you propose here is at best a wild hypothesis that is not even formulated in any complete, structured or coherent manner, not to speak of its total lack of proof of any kind.

[I'm not going to say that your statement about atoms is incorrect, that in fact you should be talking about subatomic particles such as electrons, positrons, quarks, bosons and the like, because this would be unfair...]

They train enough and believe enough, and eventually, they achieve the ability to do such a thing.

This sounds much more like wishful thinking to me. I hope you will wake up to see the absurdity in what you are saying. 

'I believe the tastiest fruit there can possibly exist is in my hands right now!' 

'I believe, I believe, I believe!'

'Mm, gotta believe harder!'

'Well, perhaps one day I'll get there. For now, let's keep training my believing abilities.'

When they are strong enough, I will start believing every nonsense I am told, including that "cows are 5dimensional beings", "a double quarter pounder burger with french fries and diet coke from mcdonalds contain the base frequency of a 5dimensional food and ingesting it will make you connected to the 5dimensional world", or that "diet coke is liquid light". [Those things are so absurd I am ashamed to write them down without quotes; I'm ashamed enough with quotes...]

Good luck with your believing-capacity training. As soon as it's sufficiently developed, you will cease to able to differentiate fact from fantasy and will become incapable of performing any kind of intelligent reasoning. When you have reached this point, of course everything - as you say - will be possible, since you will no longer be able to distinguish between true and false - therefore every proposition will be true.

Please let me congratulate you since your believing abilities seem to be already very advanced, and as a result your ability of reasoning intelligently and distinguishing between true and false propositions, clear and confusing statements, sense and nonsense, intelligible and incomprehensible statements is already severely handicapped. But not so much as is necessary to attain the point of no return, it seems. So, there is still hope for you...


Even if I granted you that your suppositions are true, I don't see how they could possibly imply the conclusion. You affirm:

they have achieved the ability to manifest their thoughts so succinctly that they can bring thoughts into physical reality

Why does believing in something has anything to do with manifesting your thoughts succinctly????


Apparently when he was younger he was able to lift unbelievable amounts of weight as a breatharian (squatted like 900 lbs or something, he showed a newspaper article which featured this feat; fraudulence in the article cannot be ruled out, I must admit).

He probably took a very large air balloon and wrote 900lbs over it. Very old circus trick. Just because something has 900lbs written on it, it doesn't mean it weighs that much.

Why do you believe those CIA-controlled newspapers anyway? Watch out! I'm using your own arguments against you!

I believe we can do anything we set our mind to.

Yeah, I watched Disney too!! Anything is possible, you just have to believe it hard enough!! If you can dream it, you can do it!! Everybody knows it! 

I went to Cinderella's castle and talked to Mickey Mouse and Donald the Duck in person! Can you believe that? I believe it, therefore I know it is true.  

If I can just convince myself that this heavy load weighs 900lb, then it surely weighs 900lb. But why stop there? I could equally well believe it weighs 9000lb! That would make me the strongest man on the planet! And by a very large margin!

Since you can do anything you set your mind to, I'm sure you won't have any difficulty in convincing me that breatharianism is possible. You just have to set your mind to it, isn't it?


As far as I know, no breatharian has been able to clearly demonstrate his ability to survive - let alone live - for extended periods without consuming foods of any form. The people who claim to be breatharians will generally eat something here and there and then claim to live on light and air alone. When asked why they eat, they reply it is simply to alleviate their boredom or to experience the taste of food. The fact is that the human body has a tremendous capacity to survive for very long periods while disposing of very little fuel. Look at holocaust survivors, for example: they were able to survive for several years while doing heavy mechanical work, lifting very heavy weights and carrying them over large distances, running; subject to extremely harsh weather (and without any protection!) and to extreme and constant levels of stress with unstoppable life-threats and humiliations; and all that on under 200kcal a day! That is a wondrous achievement that makes the accomplishments of any alleged breatharian pale in comparison.

I am unaware of any alleged breatharian who has undergone a controlled test in which he was observed for an extended period while not eating or drinking and didn't experience health complications. In fact the only such experiments I am aware of were failures. The above is but one example of this:

 When the Australian television programme 60 Minutes challenged her to demonstrate how she could live without food and water, the supervising medical professional Dr. Beres Wenck found that after 48 hours Jasmuheen displayed symptoms of acute dehydrationstressand high blood pressure.[2] Jasmuheen claimed that this was a result of "polluted air". On day 3, Jasmuheen was moved to a mountainside retreat about 15 miles from the city, where she was filmed enjoying the fresh air she said she could now live on happily. However, as the filming progressed, her speech slowed, her pupils dilated and she lost over a stone (6 kg or 14 lb) in weight. After four days, Jasmuheen acknowledged that she had lost weight, but stated that she felt fine. Dr. Wenck stated "You are now quite dehydrated, probably over 10%, getting up to 11%." The doctor also announced, "Her pulse is about double what it was when she started. The risks if she goes any further are kidney failure."[2] Jasmuheen's condition continued to deteriorate rapidly in the clearly demonstrated context of acute dehydration, despite her insistence to the contrary. Dr. Wenck concluded that continuing the experiment would ultimately prove fatal. The film crew concurred with this assessment and ceased filming.

(extracted form wikipedia)

If she really lived without consuming any food in a regular basis, then why would she have lost so much weight in what ought to be a very short period of time, not to mention the other symptoms she experienced?

Such pretense breatharian gurus will make the most hallucinatory claims imaginable and when asked for evidence they will either refuse to give it by arguing that their claims are not 'testable in a laboratory' or take the discussion to a personal level and see such requests as personal attacks.

However, if you carefully analyse breatharian's claims you will see that they are either complete nonsense or else they should be experimentally falsifiable, since they have scientific content.

The following is but an instance of this:

Jasmuheen stated that her DNA expanded from 2 to 12 strands to take up more hydrogen, but when asked to prove her claim with a blood test, she said that "you cannot view spiritual energy under a microscope."  On top of that, she claimed that such a challenge is a deliberate attack on her beliefs, and she refuses to act as an example of her claimed paranormal attributes.

To some people, this may appear to be a reasonable attitude of her part. Such people will condemn as arrogant and short-sighted the ignoble ones who demand proof and evidence for her claims when in fact you can't see spiritual energy. However, if you analyse her claim more closely, you will see that it has nothing to do with 'spiritual energy' (whatever that means). It's nothing but an objective claim about the number of strands in her DNA. If the numbers of strands has actually increased, one should be able to experimentally detect that increase - unless of course the extra strands are made out of this mysterious 'spiritual energy'. But then she has claimed that the purpose of those extra strands was to store extra hydrogen, so even if we are not able to detect the extra strands themselves, we should at least be able to experimentally detect the extra hydrogen present in these strands - unless again this is some kind of 'spiritual hydrogen' distinct from the hydrogen we are aware of. Of course there's always also the possibility that these extra strands together with the extra hydrogen lye in a hidden dimension, undetectable by human sensors of any kind. But then you see we are embarking on pure nigh-on-absurd pseudo-scientific nonsense. 

[And I am not even raising the question of what is the relevance of being able to take up more hydrogen in your DNA...]

If her claims are scientific, then they should be capable of being subjected to experimental falsification. If her claims are not scientific, then why use scientific terminology in the first place? Just to confuse and mislead people and to give such claims a false support which they in reality lack? To impress ignorant and superficial minds?

If her statements are not objective but only poetical, why not make it explicit instead of benefiting from the confusion they create? However, I must confess I do not see much poetry in the statement that someone's DNA has expanded from 2 to 12 strands in order to accommodate more hydrogen; to me it's just plain nonsense; and plain nonsense of the lowest level of sophistication, without wanting to offend anyone (but already offending... It seems breatharians are so under-carbed they are easily bothered by anything... Oh, I'm sorry! I have just offended you again...)

When she notices she can no longer argue intelligently, she accuses those who demand evidence of attacking her beliefs... In reality, this is nothing but a ridiculously childish theatrical move to impress her followers. No one is attacking her beliefs by demanding evidence. She is entitled to believe whatever she desires, as long as those beliefs remain hers. But if she wants to put them in a book and divulge them to the world and convince people they are true, then she has to present experimental evidence or valid logical arguments with true premises which prove that her claims are true. This is necessary if she wants to convince anyone who is minimally critical. Therefore, we see that her saying that to demand evidence is a personal attack to her beliefs is no less absurd than me saying that her belief in breatharian is a personal attack to my beliefs. I am just as entitled to not believe in her claims as she is entitled to believe in them.


Generally speaking, the claims put forward by alleged breatharian gurus are nonsense of such a low level that it very much surprises me how can anyone even pay any heed to them!

Breatharians are on the target of skeptic foundations from all over the world, but the same haven't had much success so far in discrediting fruitarians(i.e. 811'ers). Wonder why? If you wish to see a fruitarian in person, you can schedule an interview with him and look at him in his eyes and shake his hands and see how healthy he is. He has nothing to hide. You can film him 24/7 following his diet and not only surviving but living with amazing levels of health. On the other hand, breatharians always seem to be hiding from the world, they are reluctant to show their 'amazing' abilities on the pretension that they don't want to show themselves of. If that is true, why are they gurus in the first place, why do they write books and blogs and do lectures, and etc if they are so timid and humble that they refuse to be tested or 'show of' their super-human abilities?

No man can beat fruitarian Michael Arnstein in a long distance marathon; no man can beat fruitarian Harley a.k.a. durianrider in a cycling competition. Yet I am unaware of any breatharian athletes taking part in official competitions.

There are - literally - thousand of people all over the world who are thriving on a fruitarian diet and are not gurus. Are you aware of any breatharian except for the (alleged) breatharian gurus?

I find all this to be very suspect to say the least. 

Therefore, we see that there are only two kinds of breatharians: plants and corpses. And, in fact, not even plants, since they also 'eat' several minerals and other nutrients which they extract from the soil. So, we are left only with corpses; and I must say I personally do not find this to be a state I'd aspire to be in.


It may appear that my objective with this post has been to destroy you. If you think so, you are completely right!

My aim is: to teach you to pass from a piece of disguised nonsense to something that is patent nonsense.

L. Wittgenstein

You must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame; how could you become new if you haven’t first become ashes

F. W. Nietzsche

Wake up man! Take care.

Peace, Love and Light : )


Wow, you spent a lot of time refuting my post and trying to destroy my ideas.  That's ok though, I have no qualms at all.  It's all healthy debate.  However, all I'm really gonna say is, until you look into this stuff yourself and actually learn about the cover-ups and people who have been murdered for just trying to evolve humanity with new technology, I can't really retort.  It's not conspiracy "theory," it's conspiracy fact, you just have to look at the evidence.

Either way, people are going to believe what they want to believe and see what they want to see, and all we can really do is communicate with one another and persuade others to see the world the way we see it.  Personally, I understand the only constant is change and there are always new revelations in science.  A long time ago, people thought the Earth was flat.  What happened to that idea???

Ultimately, I'm going to continue to push the envelope of what it means to be a conscious part of this universe.  I've seen some miraculous things happen in my personal life, and I've read about some miraculous things, and I only want the miracles to keep on coming.  They're lots of fun, and there tends to be lots of magic (literally) in your life when you live this way.  :)

 ...And one more thing: there is plenty of evidence to support the notion that psychic powers are real and reincarnation is real in the book, as well as in many other sources.  All you gotta do is look for it, and you'll find it.  :)

Peace, Love, Light,

I like your calm reasoning, and I have to agree with your view, Steve. 

Having read many books, and talked to 'realized' persons, I truly believe many envelopes need to be pushed along.

Keep on searching and meditating.

Peace, Love and Light back to you

Sounds like Wiley need to get some of that air to his brain. He sounds old and delusional. 

You just gotta laugh! He's ventured down the spiritual kundalini bs path haha!

Let's not dismiss wily Wiley so fast!  He may have simply stumbled upon some ancient Kitteh wisdom:

Breaking News - Dimension cat demands Cheezeburger

Excuse me while I sign up for this Immortality Workshop for a whopping $100,000 deposit...

Dear Sir,

I recommend reading a book called Living on Light, by Jasmuheen. It is an excellent piece of work regarding the subject of pranic nourishment. They say that air begins to "taste" sweet and feel all syrupy. It's far out stuff, but I never would have thought fruit would be enough back in the day either. So, I'm open to everything, and attached to nothing.


More proof that any idiot can say anything they want...haha 

If this guy keeps eating like this, he will be entering another dimesion...of death.




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