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This discussion has been done before, on whether to go with or without a bra... I have partaken in the previous discussion here at 30BAD, but when I went to look for it, I found it closed, so I am opening up a new one... with this article.


Health: Besançon doctor advises against wearing bras
Claude Mislin, September 17th, 2006
L’Alsace- Le Pays

Wearing a bra has been strongly recommended up to now, however a study undertaken in Besançon by Professor Rouillon casts doubt on "this generally accepted idea".

The majority of doctors advise women to wear a bra. However not Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon, a sports medicine specialist at the University Hospital in Besançon. This is not nostalgia for the Seventies, a time when the feminist movement preached throwing this undergarment into the nettles. Following a study on the changes in the breasts in which some 250 women took part, Jean-Denis Rouillon is quite clear: wearing a bra is not, definitely not, a guarantee to keep the breasts aesthetically beautiful and well supported.

The breasts became firmer and were more elevated
A thesis supervised by him by a former professional handball player, Laetitia Pierrot, concludes emphatically that "not wearing bras is supported by these women in terms of comfort and aesthetics and, contrary to the generally accepted idea, their breasts did not sag, but became firmer and more elevated". These conclusions, which go against what the medical profession has stated since the appearance of the bra in the Twenties, converge with observations carried out in the United States. "This study calls into question the practice of wearing bras, which has become entrenched in our social and cultural traditions", writes Laetitia Pierrot. While it is true that 95 % of French women wear this type of undergarment "It is curious to note that the women who do not wear them should be considered a minority" states Jean-Denis Rouillon. According to him, we have accustomed young girls to wear a bra far too early. The breasts become heavier little by little, and if they are artificially supported, the natural supportive tissues do not develop. "Thereafter, explains the professor, the women cannot think of being without one, because they wrongly believe that their breasts will sag. One should realise that those women who have never worn a bra do not have this problem." Why, then, do so many women continue to wear this accessory? If it is not for physical comfort, it is perhaps for social comfort. For some of them, it is inconceivable to be without this undergarment because of these fears.

Don’t compress your breasts
On the contrary, it is not unusual to wear a bra to emphasise one’s features. Men rarely raise concerns about this. But the doctor urges caution. Certain brands of lingerie on the market push up the breasts in a way that may be aesthetically pleasing, but is not healthy. At all events, Jean-Denis Rouillon enumerates several factors favourable to "healthy development of the breasts"; exercise, avoiding obesity, developing the trunk muscles, practising breast massage to improve lymphatic drainage and, especially, not wearing an underwire bra. Other advice from the professor; absolutely avoid yo-yoing your weight, don’t compress your breasts because of the risk of breast cancer, avoid a sedentary life style and tobacco, be wary of the food practices of vegetarianism and, especially, veganism. For those women who wish to exercise in a simple tee-shirt, the professor advises that "the majority of great sportswomen do not wear bras". And to those who think that breast feeding will make their breasts lose their shape, he retorts that "breast feeding does not deform the breasts". Given that health professionals point out that women’s breasts are becoming increasingly larger, probably because of the use of the pill, the issues raised by these two doctors seem timely.



Now, for those who stayed in this post to read the article, what do you think?

I have been a big believer of not wearing a bra for a long time, and have remained my own pair very firm and happy so to speak ;) and of course I was glad to see this article, until he mentioned to be weary of a vegetarian and especially vegan diet... is this the whole protein thing all over again? If he studied nutrition wouldn't he know that the protein we take in from animals doesn't assimilate very well into our systems?(Then again, medical doctors don't receive nearly enough education when it comes to nutrition) Wouldn't he know that it is making us sicker and weaker? And wouldn't a sick and weak body automatically create less healthy breasts as well?


Anyway besides the anti-vegan message he managed to cram in there, I would like to know how you ladies here feel about the whole bra issue... Tie them up or let them breathe?


As I said earlier, I believe in not wearing a bra all the time, I do wear one, for example when the outfit calls for it, but when I come home... the bra comes off! I love to feel free, and I like how my breasts look without a bra. The only "problem" of course is... working with all men at the studio I work at, you tend to distract the boys, but... I feel it's healthy for men to see breasts! ;) So we all win.

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Same! I go braless and co-sleep with my 4 month old at night, and sometimes when I nurse him a side position I need to grab a cloth of some sort to keep from leaking all over both of us and the bed. Usually if I start leaking while feeding him on one side, I quick switch him to the leaking side. How old is your little one?


It's such a paint to try and get that tiny little clip done up on a nursing bra under your shirt while trying to support the baby. Seriously a pain.


And I also agree that when it is cold, braless is very uncomfortable. Even slight cold causes me physical pain. Though I guess it would be a matter of getting used to it.

boob-storming, lol. Good idea Mary. Or maybe those singlet tops with the built in support and a cloth breast pad.

Me to Patricia. I usually grab a cloth, sometimes I am half asleep and leak through to the mattress then just fall asleep in the wet patch :/ My baby is 5 months :)

I used to go bra free even in winter in the snow. It hurt at first but I got used to it. I got heaps of funny looks from people tho lol

Aww sweet. My little guy is just over 4 months now. Oh the messes we deal with as mommies lol.

PROPER progressive resistance strength training is the all time best most efficient and zero side effects way to maintain bodacious ta tahs. 

In 30 years training others and seeing results and studies - and comparing to real life experience I have no doubt that breasts need support from above to be beautiful. That is, 1) from God above, and 2) from the pectoralis major muscles above that act to support them. Strength training.. done the right way... with super simple movements that adduct the humerus (such as DIPS... but make sure you learn how to do these RIGHT, or for those who read too many magazine rack "muscle & fiction" magazines or who watch people "train" in "gyms" across the country (or should I say glorified health spas... LOL), you can try what they call "the bench press" - although the former is a much superior exercise (when performed old school style).

My mom (who you have to guess her age, but consider that I am 52...) has some of the firmest breasts of any woman even half her age or even one third her age. And they were not always that way (of course only my dad would know for sure, God rest his soul).... She took up proper strength training (sticking to multi joint FREE WEIGHT BARBELL core movements only and avoiding like the plague all the namny pamby ones like flyes, leg extensions (reserved for rehab only), tricep kickbacks, curls and all the rest of the "chrome and fern* health spa garbage mumbo jumbo LOL...   and keep in mind that my mom is a former professional ballerina with the NYC ballet. She also had some of the world's most respected classic teachers... but even she, who took up weight training a long long time ago at age 54, swears by it (nothing new here...this is ancient stuff, since strength training has always been the king, not cardio!.. not that cardio is no good, but DIET takes care of 99% of endurance when you get right down to it.. esp 811 lfrv!) But my mom is living proof that nothing.. and I mean nothing, can give you a firmer, shapelier, more youthful body ALL OVER.. The only thing better would be being born with a fantastically proportioned body. But even then, you still need muscle support. Remember, "Beneath every curve lies a muscle!"...

No way! Are you seriously 52?

I am gonna work even harder on my muscles now, thank you :)

''bodacious ta tahs'' hahaha lovely

Chris, I could listen to your forever. Thanks for the advice. I am most impressed by your photos by the way!

im sorry i did not feel i needed to read the study but i just had to say it: I could NEVER exercise without a bra. i could not run, i dont even think it would feel that good walking too fast. it just hurts. i want my bra.

We need lots of pictures with bra on and off.

This is the only scientific way to make a determination.

Can't argue with the cancer part, that makes sense. It's really scary but I still don't think I could ever stop wearing  bras.

But I definitively don't think that not wearing bras will make breasts firmer in general because women in tribes and cultures where they never even wear bras, still have saggy breasts. I think diet, lifestyle and genetics play a huge role in this. But who knows, maybe women who eat raw vegan will still get firmer breasts because of the lifestyle? Women in those cultures/tribes I think eat mostly animal products so that might be contributing to their breast saggyness. Interesting... 

I think it really depends on breast size. I for one have small boobs so I could care less if I wear a bra or not. I never do except this shirt that has a built in sports bra type thing, or if it's something fancy and the fabric calls for it. Usually then it's still strapless and really doesn't support anything.. haha Just covers up a bit.
On the other hand, I have friends with huge boobs, who I know would never go without a bra. I guess you have to find what goes best with you but in the end I say no bra! Why should I? 



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