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This discussion has been done before, on whether to go with or without a bra... I have partaken in the previous discussion here at 30BAD, but when I went to look for it, I found it closed, so I am opening up a new one... with this article.


Health: Besançon doctor advises against wearing bras
Claude Mislin, September 17th, 2006
L’Alsace- Le Pays

Wearing a bra has been strongly recommended up to now, however a study undertaken in Besançon by Professor Rouillon casts doubt on "this generally accepted idea".

The majority of doctors advise women to wear a bra. However not Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon, a sports medicine specialist at the University Hospital in Besançon. This is not nostalgia for the Seventies, a time when the feminist movement preached throwing this undergarment into the nettles. Following a study on the changes in the breasts in which some 250 women took part, Jean-Denis Rouillon is quite clear: wearing a bra is not, definitely not, a guarantee to keep the breasts aesthetically beautiful and well supported.

The breasts became firmer and were more elevated
A thesis supervised by him by a former professional handball player, Laetitia Pierrot, concludes emphatically that "not wearing bras is supported by these women in terms of comfort and aesthetics and, contrary to the generally accepted idea, their breasts did not sag, but became firmer and more elevated". These conclusions, which go against what the medical profession has stated since the appearance of the bra in the Twenties, converge with observations carried out in the United States. "This study calls into question the practice of wearing bras, which has become entrenched in our social and cultural traditions", writes Laetitia Pierrot. While it is true that 95 % of French women wear this type of undergarment "It is curious to note that the women who do not wear them should be considered a minority" states Jean-Denis Rouillon. According to him, we have accustomed young girls to wear a bra far too early. The breasts become heavier little by little, and if they are artificially supported, the natural supportive tissues do not develop. "Thereafter, explains the professor, the women cannot think of being without one, because they wrongly believe that their breasts will sag. One should realise that those women who have never worn a bra do not have this problem." Why, then, do so many women continue to wear this accessory? If it is not for physical comfort, it is perhaps for social comfort. For some of them, it is inconceivable to be without this undergarment because of these fears.

Don’t compress your breasts
On the contrary, it is not unusual to wear a bra to emphasise one’s features. Men rarely raise concerns about this. But the doctor urges caution. Certain brands of lingerie on the market push up the breasts in a way that may be aesthetically pleasing, but is not healthy. At all events, Jean-Denis Rouillon enumerates several factors favourable to "healthy development of the breasts"; exercise, avoiding obesity, developing the trunk muscles, practising breast massage to improve lymphatic drainage and, especially, not wearing an underwire bra. Other advice from the professor; absolutely avoid yo-yoing your weight, don’t compress your breasts because of the risk of breast cancer, avoid a sedentary life style and tobacco, be wary of the food practices of vegetarianism and, especially, veganism. For those women who wish to exercise in a simple tee-shirt, the professor advises that "the majority of great sportswomen do not wear bras". And to those who think that breast feeding will make their breasts lose their shape, he retorts that "breast feeding does not deform the breasts". Given that health professionals point out that women’s breasts are becoming increasingly larger, probably because of the use of the pill, the issues raised by these two doctors seem timely.



Now, for those who stayed in this post to read the article, what do you think?

I have been a big believer of not wearing a bra for a long time, and have remained my own pair very firm and happy so to speak ;) and of course I was glad to see this article, until he mentioned to be weary of a vegetarian and especially vegan diet... is this the whole protein thing all over again? If he studied nutrition wouldn't he know that the protein we take in from animals doesn't assimilate very well into our systems?(Then again, medical doctors don't receive nearly enough education when it comes to nutrition) Wouldn't he know that it is making us sicker and weaker? And wouldn't a sick and weak body automatically create less healthy breasts as well?


Anyway besides the anti-vegan message he managed to cram in there, I would like to know how you ladies here feel about the whole bra issue... Tie them up or let them breathe?


As I said earlier, I believe in not wearing a bra all the time, I do wear one, for example when the outfit calls for it, but when I come home... the bra comes off! I love to feel free, and I like how my breasts look without a bra. The only "problem" of course is... working with all men at the studio I work at, you tend to distract the boys, but... I feel it's healthy for men to see breasts! ;) So we all win.

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I fully support women not wearing bras (and also t-shirts, clothes...) :-)

haha nice one justin


Clothing tends to be societal and/or environmental in nature. 

Need we look further than those "primitive" cultures where both of these factors enable women to be bare? 

We've all seen those documentaries where ladies in Africa for example lead their entire lives, and very vigorous ones at that, bare, and they seem just fine about it.  It just makes sense that allowing the body to maintain it's own natural balance (literally, as compressed breasts could actually shift your center of gravity) while allowing ample sun and air on skin will lead to better health.  The same is true of covered anatomy further south.

I have no sources off hand, but something in the back of my mind says I once read that while bra-conditioned breasts may be tender initially when not contained, overtime the body will re-acclimate to comfortably supporting itself without aid.

The vertebra that is right where my bra-band always is is not aligned with the rest of my spine. That's true unbalance. :(

Mine are higher in a bra, but still look good without. I think a lot of women have unrealistic ideas of what other women's breasts look like... We are conditioned to think that fake breasts are normal breasts, when they are not, and that they should be extremely high on our chests. Mine sit quite high when in a bra (I have a small back, to boot), but naturally they sit lower - which makes me feel a little like they are too low, but only because of these stupid ideas we get. Really, if they sat where they do in a bra, that would look bizarre! 
Like the original poster, I tend to not wear a bra at home, and am home most of the time. I wonder if my private nudism has contributed to my being relatively pert and firm.

...and yeah, what the hell is up with that anti-vegan message? I'd love to flash him and give him a feel, just so he would eat his words. I wouldn't, though, since he's clearly a smelly corpse-cruncher. 

Justin, I knew us women can always depend on support from you men ;)


Windlord, I remember reading that too, I think it makes sense... the body adapts, the body wants to be at perfect condition, if only you get out of it's way.

Always happy to help :)

Other advice from the professor; absolutely avoid yo-yoing your weight, don’t compress your breasts because of the risk of breast cancer, avoid a sedentary life style and tobacco, be wary of the food practices of vegetarianism and, especially, veganism.

well im a man, however it makes perfect sense to me, bras are like wheelchairs for breasts, since youre not using the muscles to hold them up the muscles get weak and become useless. I guess it would be uncomfortable to run though? It obviously can't harm you.

Yes, that is what I mention in the post Elias.

Are you quoting it again to say you agree with that statement?

Oeh I see you added more to your reply, well, running... I don't believe in running (pounding up and down on concrete... imagining what does to our joints and bones and yes, breasts...) I do really believe in exercise, and do plenty of it :) so yes I suppose if a woman absolutely has to run, it is probably smart to wear something to keep her own breasts from knocking her out! haha


Well just for theory sake maybe they shouldn't be so big that they would knock you out =) Or they should be firmer so that they dont move so much. Holy mango (didnt want to say cow) I just finished my salad? that lasted me 5 seconds. Anyways running should be natural shouldn't it? Maybe not on concrete but on dirt or sand? How would we have done cardio type exercise?

I think running is normal for short sprints, like to get away from danger (if we're speaking about "natural" behaviour ;)) of course we also use computers and lightbulbs and airplanes, so we are no longer "natural", but for me personally, running isn;t the thing to do, if it makes people happy, I think they should do it :) I just personally don't feel any inclination to do so.


And what you said about the size, sure the best is if breasts aren't that big and "loose" that they could knock a woman out, and not being obese helps with that, although some women simply are born with really, really large breasts naturally.



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