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I have been 100% lfrv for 6 months now and I am still experiencing what I believe to be "detox" in the form of acne.  My face has always been quite clear and when I went from my previous low fat vegetarian diet to 100% low fat raw vegan food diet my face began breaking out in little pimples all over.  Now, 6 months later, I am still experiencing these breakouts and not to mention larger bumps that will surface on my cheeks. 

I do not know what to do.  I am following 955, proper food combining (mostly mono meals), adequate water intake (3 liters/day), exercise (triathlon competitor), and rest (7-8 hours/night), but I have not seen ANY change in my skin. 

I know that this diet and lifestyle is right and the only answer to pure health.  The health benefits (energy, digestion, fitness, etc.) I have experienced otherwise are incredible.  I feel great and want to share with everyone how great I believe the lfrv diet is, but I don't because I feel as though I look awful.  I have been depressed and let this consume my life.  I just want to look on the outside as wonderful as I feel inside.

Is this really still detox?  How long should it last? What am I possibly doing wrong? What else should I be doing?

Can anyone offer me advice, encouraging words, or personal recovery stories? 

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Hello Brittany. I'm so sorry you have to deal with acne, especially when you didn't have it before. It must be incredibly frustrating when you're trying so hard to thrive and it doesn't reflect in the bathroom mirror. My heart goes out to you.

I may have missed you mentioning this but are you using any new skincare products? You may be sensitive to an ingredient. Just wash your face with water for a while and don't take super hot showers. At first your face may feel a bit tight but it normalizes in a few weeks. Also, hot showers are irritating to skin...unfortunately I love HOT showers but I know it's not good for me.

Have you tried pulse allergy testing? I don't know if there is any scientific validity in it but it helps some. What you do is eat a food and if your heart rate goes up 10+ beat after eating it you are sensitive to it. You may want to google it and see if you notice anything. Some people are even sensitive to certain lettuce types...

You say that you train for triathlons, I think this means that you exercise outside. But if this isn't the case make sure you're getting enough fresh air and sunlight. This helps with my acne a lot.

It seems you are getting 7-8 hrs of sleep which is wonderful. I always did too, but I realized there is such a thing as quality vs quantity. Are you relaxed and peaceful when you sleep? Are you sleeping before 10 PM? Do you wash your sheets often enough? I try to sleep at 10 (though I am not as consistent with this as I would like), because I know it is important in balancing hormones and I wash my pillow case bi-weekly at the least.

This is probably going to be unpopular in a pure lfrv forum but I have read in various books that sometimes detoxing too quickly can be undesirable and if your body is quite toxic you should ease into it instead of transitioning from day to night so the toxins can melt away slowly without causing noticeable problems. For example, severe alcoholics can't just stop drinking cold or they can have possibly fatal withdrawal syndromes so it is best done slowly and administered by professionals.

I believe the elements of optimal health can be mostly reduced to
* Diet
* Fitness
* Sleep
* Emotional health
* Sunshine
* Fresh air

and under these conditions the body will be able to heal itself. It seems like you're doing very well, but only you can know for sure. Which are your weakest links?

Good luck!
Thank you for all of your thoughts and suggestions. I do not use any skincare products other than all natural oils and body soaps. Many people have suggested on this thread that I eliminate using any oils on my skin, so I have since stopped. I think I am getting quality sleep, although sometimes I do stay up past 10pm and feel more tired the next day. I wash sheets about once a week, but that is a good point about the pillowcase. I considered that my pillow might be the issue and switched to using a different pillow at one point, but it did not make a difference. I will try to wash the pillowcase more often, though.

I believe those elements are most important for optimal health as well. My weak links are probably sunshine & fresh air (I work indoors all day and am only outside when running or biking usually around 1hr/day), emotional health (only due to me allowing my skin problem to take over my positive outlook on life right now), and maybe sleep (if 7-8 hrs is not sufficient). I guess 3 out of 6 is pretty poor and may be the reason my body is not healing.
These sites have also helped me understand and heal my acne in a holistic way:

They're both by the same person. I didn't purchase his book because I felt just perusing the site was enough information for me. Perhaps you would like to look through it too. :)
Thanks for those websites- good resources.

Reflection: I find it interesting that there are so many different "fixes" and everybody has their own advice about what has worked for them, yet it seems that if we all follow those elements to optimal health that you listed, then we should see a reflection of health. If that is really true, then how do some people overcome acne (or some other ailment) by relying on some sort of fix- whether it is only eating one fruit, or not eating one particular fruit, or washing only with filtered water, or not washing everyday, etc, etc, etc...

I just feel so confused and I don't understand how some people do not experience optimal health when they are abiding by all of the elements for optimal health.
All of us though similar are unique and are sensitive to different foods, conditions, etc. and require different amounts of sleep, exercise, etc. I think this is what makes it tricky. We can't just copy one person's routine and expect it have the same results. We need to customize.

Those people who overcome acne through a simple change probably did not have hormone induced acne but rather some sort of environmental/food sensitivity. So if they stop exposing themselves to the problem their acne stops. Hormonal acne takes a longer time to clear, especially if trying to do in a natural way. I've been hearing it takes about 6-12 months. If we give the body what it needs and deliver it from stress it can balance hormones in time.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." I don't know if I can justify the quote but it does make me think.

Do you think you have hormonal acne or sensitivities? Have you tried the pulse allergy test? Have you been taking recent birth control pills? You said that you didn't have acne before so does your acne clear if you go back to your old diet?

I hope nature won't make you have to wait too long. :)
Thank you so much for these thoughts, Elle. I believe what I am struggling with is more hormonal, which is why I waited for 6 months until I started seeking advice. I understand that it can be a much longer process.

-I still have not tried the pulse allergy testing yet, but I would like to perform the test on all of my staple food items to see the results.
-I was on birth control pills for the past 5 years or so, and about 4 months ago I stopped taking them completely. I also have attributed that to the condition of my skin, and I realize that my body is probably still fighting to get rid of all of the effects from the harmful medication I was putting in my body.
-No, I have not tested to see if my acne clears by going back to my old diet. I know that this diet is the right and only way to perfect health, so I am not willing to sacrifice just for the sake of a "test".

I truly appreciate your words and encouragement.
Best of luck and much love!
Thank you for the encouragement. I know those tips are great advice and I am going to try as hard as I can to follow every one.

Things I'm going to work on the most:
-More sleep
-More sun
-Not eating around bedtime
-No negativity and more patience

I can't live without my sleepmate- which makes a similar muffled noise as a fan- it's great! I know that my biggest challenge is going to be getting more sleep, though.

Can you give me an idea of what your daily schedule looks like?
Great advice Terra :-))

Keep the overt fats as low as you can for as long as it takes Brittany, I'm sure it will help a ton.
I got a massage the other week and they used some type of oil and my back is quite lumpy as a result. Oil/make up/make up remover etc clogs pores and can often create skin irritation.

Give it 6 months of lots o sleep, water, fruits etc and zero cosmetics/oil etc. Youll be right.

This dude has acne!..and Id give the exact same advice and know it would work to improve the condition of the skin.

I wanted to suggest one more thing. Here is a link to a Chinese Face Map: http://www.eruptingmind.com/chinese-face-map/
The idea is the different places on the face correspond to different parts of the body and organs (much like reflexology uses your feet). If you notice your break outs in a certain area it could help pin point the issue.

for me its high glycemic fruit that causes brake outs- dried fruit, especially very dry dates, so make sure you soak them. :)



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