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I have been 100% lfrv for 6 months now and I am still experiencing what I believe to be "detox" in the form of acne.  My face has always been quite clear and when I went from my previous low fat vegetarian diet to 100% low fat raw vegan food diet my face began breaking out in little pimples all over.  Now, 6 months later, I am still experiencing these breakouts and not to mention larger bumps that will surface on my cheeks. 

I do not know what to do.  I am following 955, proper food combining (mostly mono meals), adequate water intake (3 liters/day), exercise (triathlon competitor), and rest (7-8 hours/night), but I have not seen ANY change in my skin. 

I know that this diet and lifestyle is right and the only answer to pure health.  The health benefits (energy, digestion, fitness, etc.) I have experienced otherwise are incredible.  I feel great and want to share with everyone how great I believe the lfrv diet is, but I don't because I feel as though I look awful.  I have been depressed and let this consume my life.  I just want to look on the outside as wonderful as I feel inside.

Is this really still detox?  How long should it last? What am I possibly doing wrong? What else should I be doing?

Can anyone offer me advice, encouraging words, or personal recovery stories? 

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Do you eat much citrus or acid fruits? Some people see a connection between these and their acne. I started to breakout in zits from the first day I started on this diet. First it was my face, chest, and back and now it is more just my neck, shoulders, and back. I do eat a lot of citrus/acid fruits because that is what I feel best on, so I do not have a lot of choice. That being said, if citrus/acid fruits are the culprit I personally think it is because they are more detoxifying than sweet/dense fruits like bananas and dates (though I know someone who was getting zits from bananas), so everyone is different. The fact that my acne has migrated from one area of my body to another also suggests to me that it is some form of detoxification. All the teachers of Natural Hygiene that I have read say that acne is detox. We will see how it goes over the next 6 months. :P
Hi Esmee, how long have you been on this diet? I wonder if there is a correlation between which parts of the body inside are detoxing based on outward signs?
I am just confused because my previous diet was not even SAD- it was mostly salads, cooked veggies, rice, beans, grains, cereal, soy, and coffee.
I do not eat a lot of acid fruits but I sometimes eat oranges or pineapple plus tomatoes with my evening salads. I tried cutting out tomatoes for a week once based on a suggestion from another thread, but still no change.
I started on January 1st, so almost 6 months. I am getting quite a few zits on my shoulders going down my arm to about where a short sleve would stop. I wasn't really breaking out here at all until two months ago, so I really do think it is levels/layers of detox. Prior to going LFRV, I was HFRV for a year with absolutely no acne. I ate two big salads per day with 2 avocados each. Basically no fruit. I personally think that a high fat consumption prevents cellular detoxification.
Hey Esmee, I think it's important people know that during this 6months you have regularly done coffee enema's, this is not actually doing a LFRV lifestyle like we or Doug prescribes and is not good for ones skin.
Hi Em, thanks for your encouragement! I have not seen Lukas' food chart on here, but I am familiar with other food combining charts and try to follow them almost perfectly (never mix acid + sweet fruits, melons alone, etc.). I have not read that about cucumbers though, so I will look into his particular chart for that reason (I do usually eat cucumbers with my evening salads).
That is encouraging to know that you had such a drastic change with your experience the second time around. Do you have the link to the chart?
Lukas has a lot of useful info in his videos and slides, Emily thank you so much for posting :)

could you help me dig up the info about cucumber food combing? i guess im just fine-tuning. usually i have cucumbers with my salad and in evening salad smoothies. havent noticed anything upsetting about it. since cuke is a melon, it shouldnt be combined with anything?? also i see folks on here like DR and others eating cuke with dates. i love cukes. i cant wait to get back to california where i grow them and just GARFGARFGARF em down.  lemme know-thank you!!!


Do you feel like experimenting? Try replacing sweet fruits with nothing but apples for 2 or 3 days and see if that clears your skin. It should unless your acne is hormonal. I had such bad skin on 811 and it's because I don't do well with sweet fruits for some reason. Eating just apples for a couple of days cleared my skin. I seem to be able to tolerate berries and cantaloupes as well though the cantaloupes may be holding me back slightly from perfect skin. They are still pretty sweet. Mangoes, bananas, papayas, all those give me horrible acne.

You can still eat whatever salad you want at night, just lay off the sweet fruit for a couple days and see if it helps. Apple/spinach smoothies are good ; ) You might want to rinse your mouth out with baking soda after apple meals to help neutralize the malic acid so you don't destroy your teeth. It's still 811rv, so I'm not asking you to break any rules. It's worth a try.
Meet Yana Louis the Appletarian: http://www.mid-day.com/news/2008/oct/311008-yana-louis-ballet-dance...

There is another fruitarian I know who eats apples and their juice almost exclusively and feels great.

A friend of mine's father healed his thyroid cancer on an mono apple diet about 40 years ago.
Thanks for the suggestion Kasey. My diet is heavily comprised of bananas, papayas, and mangoes. You might be onto something...

But then what do you do once you reintroduce those foods into your diet? Do the problems arise again? If so, do you never eat those deliciously sweet fruits again?
For myself, I am adding more calories from fat for now instead of those sweet fruits. That's why I don't post here much lol. But I see that you are going through the same thing I did and thought, maybe I could give you some ideas to think about at least.

I will experiment with sweeter fruits in the future but since they are causing me issues, I want to address that first. It just got worse when I removed all fat from my diet. People say it's just detox but eating nothing but apples, greens, and chia seeds is just as detoxing if not more so than my previous diet of sweet fruits, salads, and steamed veggies with lots of fat so why would my skin clear up? If anything, the acne would get worse if it was detox. It's something else, most likely microbial in nature. Once that is dealt with, I'm sure sweet fruits can become part of my life again, but maybe not in the amount this diet suggests.

I get great energy with the added fat in my diet, some people don't. I don't get tired after meals anymore like I did with 8+ mangoes or bananas. What works for me may not work for you, but if you have a microbial overgrowth, I almost guarantee if you avoid the sweeter fruits and just make apple smoothies for a couple of days you will start to see improvements. I bought like 7 bags of apples lol. Just think of it like a little apple island cleanse and if it doesn't work, you will have at least eliminated sweet fruits as the culprit. And you will have given your liver a nice cleanin ; )
I had such bad skin on 811 and it's because I don't do well with sweet fruits for some reason.
- Kasey but you were on & off cooked food, we have already established this before.

Eating just apples for a couple of days cleared my skin.
- yes because you weren't eating the foods that caused your body problems.

Mangoes, bananas, papayas, all those give me horrible acne.
- oh please.

I would like to see your skin after 2 weeks on bananas Kasey, it would be glowing.

Here is an old thread where you thought you were having issues with bananas but at the same time eating cooked food and animal products.

I've been eating high raw since september 08. Always 811 ratios or under, sometimes a cooked dinner of steamed veggies, salmon the odd time. For the most part I eat mainly fruit and juiced greens though. My diet was horrible up until september, hence the colitis.

And your conclusion to that thread...
K I'm going to give this an honest effort for 100% raw. Not that I wasn't close but I would have a cooked meal for dinner every other night. No more. I bought TONS of mangoes today ; ) got some dates incase I crave somethin sweet. tons of greens and apples. I'm good to go, I'll let you guys know how I start feelin!

Good reply from Zeth K...
"Bananas do not cause acne"
i bet it's that cooked food you keep sneaking in. and when you eat bananas you are detoxing and breaking out. stop it with the cooked food already.

100% is the answer Kasey.



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