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I have been 100% lfrv for 6 months now and I am still experiencing what I believe to be "detox" in the form of acne.  My face has always been quite clear and when I went from my previous low fat vegetarian diet to 100% low fat raw vegan food diet my face began breaking out in little pimples all over.  Now, 6 months later, I am still experiencing these breakouts and not to mention larger bumps that will surface on my cheeks. 

I do not know what to do.  I am following 955, proper food combining (mostly mono meals), adequate water intake (3 liters/day), exercise (triathlon competitor), and rest (7-8 hours/night), but I have not seen ANY change in my skin. 

I know that this diet and lifestyle is right and the only answer to pure health.  The health benefits (energy, digestion, fitness, etc.) I have experienced otherwise are incredible.  I feel great and want to share with everyone how great I believe the lfrv diet is, but I don't because I feel as though I look awful.  I have been depressed and let this consume my life.  I just want to look on the outside as wonderful as I feel inside.

Is this really still detox?  How long should it last? What am I possibly doing wrong? What else should I be doing?

Can anyone offer me advice, encouraging words, or personal recovery stories? 

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Ok, I can definitely commit to doing banana island for one month. Although I have tried many different things already, I probably have not given myself enough time with each "test". I went 100% 811 on January 10 and immediately went on one full week of banana island. I did not introduce overt fats until around 1-2 months later. The only overt fat that I do ever eat is an occcasional avocado, which is never more than once or twice a week (and sometimes none for weeks at a time). My typical daily diet is either a banana/spinach smoothie or papaya for breakfast and lunch and then either oranges, pineapple, or mango with a salad for dinner. I usually add tomatoes, cucumber, and celery to my dinner salads. This summer I have been eating more melon (rockmelon, honeydew, watermelon) for breakfast also, rather than bananas or papaya.
I know you said I should commit to banana island for at least 3 weeks, but do you think banana island is the best and only option? What about papaya or melons? Is it only because bananas are the easiest way to get in more calories?
If I do banana island for one month, is it ok if I also include greens?

Thank you so much for your help, Freelee.
Hey Brittany thanks :-)
I would definitely omit the tomatoes for the next few months for sure.
The reason I suggest bananas ...well "banana smoothie" island actually, much different from just eating bananas the whole time, it's great because the blender can do the chewing for you, which will ultimately free up more energy (that would normally be used on digestion) for healing your skin instead.
Aim for the magic number - 30 bananas a day :)

-They are easy to get hold of
- Ripe ones are cheap
-They are a great source of energy/carbs and will keep you fueled up for your daily tasks.
-THey taste great! & are great in smoothies
-They are really satisfying & filling.

I would not include greens, no, not for at least 3 weeks for you. It's important to keep it really simple so you can easily pinpoint what is upsetting your skin. Don't worry you will be absolutely fine without them, we sometimes go months without greens and feel fantastic.

Check out this category..
Ok, great. Thank you so much.
**Update: I have stopped using all products (even all-natural) oils and soaps, I have committed to getting at least 10 hours of sleep a night, more sunshine and fresh air everyday, less negative energy by focusing on all of the things I am doing right. I plan to start banana smoothie island on Monday.

A thought occurred to me last night...I believe it was in January (when I went 100% lfrv) when I started using this organic coconut oil as a moisturizer for my body (not my face). I usually rub this all over my body after I get out of the shower and my skin soaks it right up. Could this possibly be contributing to my breakouts on my face???
Oil can block pores, especially since most oil is very poor quality. My friends make perhaps the best coco oil on the planet and its their hands from harvest to jar. It doesnt feel or smell like any other oil.

I couldnt see that being a problem, but to be sure, Id eliminate all obvious possibilities and go from there.

We have only clear skin to win.
that's great Brittany, your skin won't miss those products. Yes the coconut oil could be contributing to your breakouts for sure, although I think it may be food-related. I would stop using the coconut oil for now, lets just get back to absolute basics.

It would be great if you kept a daily log of your journey, what do you think? It will help many i'm sure :-))
They seem to be irritating for some people so I feel it's a good idea to omit the obvious foods first :)

this is exactly how my skin looks and I am eating bananas and dates only + greens and potatoes some days...I didn't have skin this bumpy in a long time, and wondering if its going to be like this forever or ever change...am going to try the banana island thing soon! did you get any improvement Britt? I know you are not on this site anylonger probably but if you do see this message would love advice!!

I haven't read through this whole thread, but I wanted to tell you that I always had clear skin until going low fat vegan and then raw, and then my face broke out for a whole year! I think that my body just took a long time to finish detoxing through my skin. But I was already in my 40's and had lots of toxicity, so I don't know if yours is still detox or not. And every time I eat more than a very tiny amount of nuts or seeds, it breaks out again.

Best of luck to you!
Thanks sweetfruitlover. Your experience is encouraging, although I am 23 and my previous diet was not even close to the typical SAD- vegetarian and consisted mainly of salads, cooked veggies, beans, grains, rice. I don't know why my body would need to take over 6 months to detox. I do stay away from nuts and seeds as well- they make my digestion very sluggish.
Hmmm, it almost sounds as though your previous diet was very low in sugars. Have you considered that maybe your body is still adjusting to an increased sugar load? Have you tried spreading out your meals into numerous mini-meals per day and eating less at each meal, maybe? This, regardless of what I eat, usually gets rid of my acne, unless dairy, to which I am clearly lactose intolerant or allergic, is eaten.
I have thought about this, Moiraine. That is a very good point. In order to get enough calories in I usually eat large meals, like 10+ bananas or 3 medium-large size papayas in one sitting, for example. I could try to eat more mini meals and see how this goes. I do not know how eating more mini meals versus less larger meals affects digestion.
It will take a very large adjustment period for some people, I would imagine, but I think you should be fine over a longer time period? Fruit digests in a very short amount of time, I hear! It might also make eating in public look a little more sane. ;P



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