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I have been 100% lfrv for 6 months now and I am still experiencing what I believe to be "detox" in the form of acne.  My face has always been quite clear and when I went from my previous low fat vegetarian diet to 100% low fat raw vegan food diet my face began breaking out in little pimples all over.  Now, 6 months later, I am still experiencing these breakouts and not to mention larger bumps that will surface on my cheeks. 

I do not know what to do.  I am following 955, proper food combining (mostly mono meals), adequate water intake (3 liters/day), exercise (triathlon competitor), and rest (7-8 hours/night), but I have not seen ANY change in my skin. 

I know that this diet and lifestyle is right and the only answer to pure health.  The health benefits (energy, digestion, fitness, etc.) I have experienced otherwise are incredible.  I feel great and want to share with everyone how great I believe the lfrv diet is, but I don't because I feel as though I look awful.  I have been depressed and let this consume my life.  I just want to look on the outside as wonderful as I feel inside.

Is this really still detox?  How long should it last? What am I possibly doing wrong? What else should I be doing?

Can anyone offer me advice, encouraging words, or personal recovery stories? 

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Hmm, I'll throw out some other suggestions.

I work in a chemical lab, and thus get exposure to chemicals that increase my quantities of acne. Maybe you have something around the house or work place that is causing the acne as well?

Do you shower/wash your face immediately after exercising? Excess sweat on the face for prolonged periods of time can exacerbate acne.

Are you allergic to any of the fruits or veggies you may be eating?

Do you eat mainly organic fruits and veggies?

Also, how many meals are you eating and how much at each meal? I find that, if I eat a LOT of fruit in one sitting, my acne will not go away, regardless of the types of fruits, veggies, combos, etc.

Do you blend or otherwise process your fruits? For some people, this can be problematic.
Thanks for your suggestions, Moiraine. No exposure to harsh chemicals (as far as I know), always rinse my face after exercising, only wash with all natural products, do not use any products on my face (other than tea tree oil and rose hip oil, at times), no allergies that I am aware of (I have tried cutting out particular fruits at weeks at a time to experiment with this), I eat 90% organic, 3 meals a day and around 2500 calories/day.
I would stop using the oils on your face, that could definitely be the culprit. Tea tree oil is as harsh as they come, I wouldn't let it anywhere near my face. Have you done mono fruit island?
Thanks for the input Roo. I do sit on my arse for 8 hours a day (unfortunately for work), but I am an avid runner, cyclist, swimmer and train at least 1-2 hours a day. Any other suggestions?
Yes, I definitely would like to get more sleep. I'm the same way with sleeping past 6am. When I do wake up in the morning I notice that my breakouts seem less "inflamed", and so I have considered that this might be the culprit, but I just can't believe that lack of sleep could be the only reason.
Brittany, when we do all the right things, we get all the right results.

You need more sleep than the average person if your using your brain and or training often.

Get 12 plus. I aim for that. I can function on 2 hours a night sleep just cos Im so fit and healthy but I wont be as fit and healthy if I tried to thrive on 2 hours sleep a night..Make sense?

I come from a family where HARDCORE acne is the norm for males my age. My brothers had full on acne but mine stopped when I went vegan. My skin right now is the best of my life. Low fat intake, enough sleep, consistent exercise, water etc all adds up.
Thanks for the input, DurianRider. I will aim for 12hrs/night.

You say your acne stopped when you went vegan, so how long was that transition for you? My acne started popping up when I WENT raw vegan and has remained for 6 months. What gives!
Thank you Elle. Biggest improvements for me have been energy, digestion, and overall feeling of well being. Weight has never been an issue for me since I am an athlete and I have noticed that I no longer need to wear deodorant. I workout everyday and sweat a lot. I do not use any products on my face or body- other than all natural products like tea tree oil, rose hip oil, and coconut oil. The breakouts are small, red, bumpy pimples mostly on the side of my face and all down my cheeks. And recently I have been getting an occasional cystic pimple under the skin on my cheeks- I suspect these are due to eating overt fats because the week they usually show up is when I have eaten an avocado with dinner. Oh and I have tried the dry skin brushing, but it just seems to irritate my face even more.
Initially I did not incorporate any overt fats in my diet- probably for over one month. Over time I have added an occasional avocado here and there. The deep cystic pimples, I believe, are the result of that, but the smaller pimples all over have always been...since the beginning.
Cutiefruitie all fruits & greens contain FATS. I have been predominantly 955 for years, when I'm 955 my skin is ALWAYS best and in my experience this has been the same for every other person who has done long term 955.
How long did you go 955 consistently?
Have you tried not using anything on your face for awhile? Tea tree oil is very drying (which could cause irritation or extra oil to be secreted to compensate) and you could be sensitive to other oils. I got itchy skin from coconut oil. It's good to let the skin breathe as well, especially if we are detoxing.
G'day Brittany. Did you brush your face? The idea is NOT to brush the face, or other sensitive areas or any area where you have cuts, rashes, acne, etc, but do brush the rest of your skin to improve overall elimination.

You said earlier that your skin is less inflamed in the mornings after sleeping. As the body heals while resting, I reckon sleeping more, as already suggested, oughta go a long way to helping your body heal.

I'd also avoid using anything, including oils etc, on your face too. :)



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