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Hey guys i posted this somewhere else on this site but i feel this is a better place to: 

Ate SAD for first 19 years of my life. I'm coming off a year of Paleo/Primal. Wasnt a very smart decision... i got severe IBS. 

How do you guys get enough calories??!?!? I can eat 12-14 bananas for breakfast and be hungry 2 hours later... 

i tried adding dates and now my teeth turned yellow, and hurt SOOO bad. One of my teeth actually has pieces breaking off.

i brush, floss, oil pull everything!

Also my muscle seems to be depleting. I used to be extremely cut, and imo im getting fatter, not gaining weight though. Just less muscle. abs less defined, look less vascular. I notice my hair is also falling our more frequently than normal.

I really want to do this diet! for ETHICAL, satisfaction(not have to binge on unhealthy foods), and performance reasons! What am i doing wrong here? Everyone on this forum seems to have vibrant health, while mine is deteriorating. I want to be apart of this community but not at the expense of my health. If an experienced veteran could step in and give me some guidance i'd appreciate it. 

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Hi, Im new to this lifestyle, but if it were me I would get blood work done ASAP to see where you fall short. It also sounds like you are not getting enough of some nutrients.  The solution could be as simple as eating more of a certain type of food or taking a supplement.  I've heard cronometer.com can he helpful to see your daily nutrition intake.  Also make sure you eat a wide variety of foods and fruits and not the same things over and over.  I hope that helps.  There is always a solution, keep searching.

How much tender greens are you eating a day? I found i was eating around 5000 calories a day sitting on my bum doing nothing and i was still hungry... I see this all to often with many people on this lifestyle and its because there body is craving minerals!! and its hard to meet it with fruit alone because its low in mineral content.. So start smashing green fruit smoothies and watch this issue disappear! Works for my clients and friends every time i have got them to do this. Check out my video on this subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Go16a4bDuD8

Omg HI! I am new on raw till four too!! I have actually been vegan for a while for ethical reasons, but I have been eating sooooo much fatty foods and processed crap!!! I had anorexia earlier this year and was in hospital! But I have been struggling immensley lately with binge eating! I am just starting out today, I had a big binge yesterday and felt so shit! But I would love to be able to be able to chat and check in with you newbies ;)

Sounds like you fcuked your hormones up big time on paleo bro!

Go to a doctor asap and get all your levels checked out. Test, hemo, insulin, A1C, LH, FSH etc.

Book in for a few dentists to get opinions. Eskimo's lost their teeth pretty quickly on their traditional diet and I see that a lot in paleo crew who genetically don't have the best teeth to start with. 

Id get extractions followed a few months later by implants VS root canals that have a high chance of failure or bacteria infections. Just google it.



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