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Today is Day 529 for me!  Many of you know my story, so I will keep that part brief.  My consistent symptoms are weight gain (leveling at 53 pounds right now), 24/7 bloat, acid reflux at times, urinary burning (I feel like I am peeing acid even when I am not peeing - constant burning sensation), 45 different food sensitivities, basically leaky gut issues.  Two nights ago, I was ready to throw in the towel.  I am miserable, my foot was injured trying to run/walk with the added weight, I just hurt.  I decided to buy a bag of lemons and drink it in my water.  I do not want to do this long-term due to the acid on my teeth.  HOWEVER, I drank approx. 20 oz of water with the juice of 2 small lemons before bed.  I woke up flatter than I have in MONTHS!!  I have read where lemon juice cannot help the body produce stomach acid (hcl), but it can aid in digestion.  Problem is you have to drink it all the time.  What I need is a permanent solution to the low stomach acid condition I know I have.  There are so many risk factors in not having enough hcl (cancer, pathogens via ANY FOOD, decreased immunity, malabsorption which we all know I have, etc).  Stomach cancer as well as uterine, pancreatic, etc run in my family, as does major heart issues.  What I am asking is this - is there anything you long-termers can think of that can aid my own body into producing its own stomach acid (hcl)?  This felt like a miracle waking up flatter than I have in a long time.  I am going to continue to drink the lemon juice for a few days to see the effects.  Another benefit, my chronic ear ringing was much lower when I woke up this AM.  I hear 'white noise' constantly 24/7.  It never goes away, but was greatly reduced by the lemons I believe.  Confirms my stomach issues.  Any ideas or thoughts from my fellow fruity vegans?  I refuse to give up, I really do, so I keep digging for answers to what my body needs to thrive as a HCLFV.

THANK YOU and many hugs!!

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So why are such high volumes of water recommended here? I mean even people who are 100% raw encourage a large vilume of water. I havent even consumed 1L yet today and I am eating dinner! At my highest volume, I was up to 5.5L, but usually 3-4 early on, closer to 3 a month ago.

This is a reply to me, so I'll answer - but the truth is, I don't know.

Dehydration is a very serious issue, which affects a huge number of people - the average person most likely doesn't consume enough water, especially if they're drinking lots of booze or coffee or other diuretics etc.  So the advice here to drink enough water is great.  And if you've been dehydrated, to suddenly get hydrated and feel so much better, as a natural, inevitable consequence, will likely cause you to wax lyrical about the benefits of  consuming lots of water and potentially take it too far (more equals better, right?)

However, hyponatremia is a lethal condition.  I often read of people on this site who sweat very little/are incredibly inactive and slam back 4/5/6 litres of water a day, all while consuming a low sodium diet and lots of water-rich fruit.  This is so incredibly dangerous - I don't hold an awful lot of faith in traditional medicine, but this is an indisputable fact.  I've tried a few times to broach this subject with posters on here who are clearly showing early warning signs of hyponatremia (which will also cause AF/metabolic damage) and am ignored, so I don't bother any more.  I only post where I believe I'll get some sort of traction, or will be of some use - which is why I engage with you so much, as you're so open-minded and up for listening to what I have to say; I'm always happy to debate something, or be proven incorrect, it's just great to interact with someone who's open to suggestion.  I just read another thread you'd been posting on, and was shocked to see that you'd been recommended to drink 5 litres of water a day, given your AF and low sodium diet.

I'm obviously a fan of being hydrated, and consuming enough fluid to ensure a healthy body. The mantra of "peeing clear 10 times a day"...... Clear urine is water that the body hasn't made use of - this could be because you're fully hydrated, and the body has absolutely no use for this extra water and so excretes it, or it could be water that's not being used by the body at all, and is simply flushing straight through you, collecting electrolytes and causing all sorts of damage along the way.  It's only once your health begins to fail, which might take a little while, that you know that anything's wrong.  And even then, most people don't equate their ill health to their water intake (and they may well be right, depending on their circumstances).  

Until my health issues, I was always a 2-3 litres of water a day girl, without fail, more if sunbathing/boozing etc.  Now, it's considerably less, yet I'm more hydrated than I've ever been.  There's so much more to cellular hydration than merely the volume of water you consume (though of course, that's definitely a part of it). And excessive water intake, which causes a stress reaction in the body, produces those lovely stress hormones that make you feel so great - and it's difficult for most to differentiate between those and simply feeling good from being properly hydrated.

Also for you personally, your water intake will naturally increase as your metabolism heals, so don't worry that you've only had 1 litre of water today so far.  This will most definitely naturally increase - your body will make you thirsty the more healed you become.

I'll let someone shoot me down now.....

Hi Melinda, yes I am English! That sort of language sounds very comical with an etonian public school type accent, I couldn't pull it orf! I'm more of a geeza! than a toff...

Im glad someone on here actually agrees with me about salt and its importance, but as the great Paul Daniels once said "not alot" 

Haha!  Well luckily for you, you only have to endure my abbreviations in text - I did go to boarding school, so my saying those words to you would likely negate any serious content that followed due to your laughter!  I wish I could stop.  There needs to be some sort of support group for people like me.  I can't go on speaking like a knob forever.  You know?  

Not a lot indeed, geeze.

I read your text in the voice of Miranda Hart now, it's much more amusing!!

Nice!  Inaccurate, but go with it!  And for you, me ol' mucker (or should I say 'China'?), I now choose to read your text in the voice of Danny Dyer.  I have a soft spot for rotters - being deprived of gentlemen friends for as long as I was has made cockney wide boys incredibly appealing to me.....!

just confirm you are 53lbs in total weight no clothing ?

No, that is what I have gained since going vegan. Actually I have gained closer to 60 now.
Have you ever considered that you might have an auto immune disease? Auto immune diseases usually attack multiple organs at the same time, like thyroid, intenstine etc, giving a broad variety of symptoms. Antibodies can be detected in a bloodtest.
I don't think you can increase hcl secretion of your stomach by feed. The physiology of the stomach is very complex. Why do you think your stomach isn't acid enough? Have you ever had an endoscopy of your stomach? An infection with Helicobacter can lower the acidity of the stomach, but luckely it can be cured by taking antibiotics.
I think it is very important to get yourself checked out by a good doctor
, at this point it is just guessing.
I hope you'll get better soon.



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