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     I've seen great reviews for this from others on this site and that its available on itunes? I was trying to see if there is a hard cover and i just want to make sure i have the right one, or if this will help me at all.

     I used to be a runner during high school for cross county and track & field (somewhere around 5-7 miles 6x a week) I loved running but i guess i kind injured my hip in a race and after that I would put all the wight on the other side. i had physical therapy twice a week and i think he also mentioned the one leg is slightly longer than the other, but i think thats normal.

     I havent run in about 4 years like i used to and ive been trying to get back into it, partly to gain more of an appetite to exceed on 811, and also I just miss how I felt after a good run :) as of right now i maybe do some kind of walking/ dancing for 30 minutes, 4 or 5 x a week, and ive also been trying some pilates, but im not very flexable :] 

      I tried running a few times but a few steps in, my knees and hips start aching so i kinda of jog then walk then jog....  Also the kind of shoes i have are the reebok runtones, they actually felt pretty good on my arches but im not sure if they are an ok shoe for running... i dont remember it being like this the first time i started running, so if you guys have any tips that might make things easier, I'd love to hear them :)

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thanks for the reminder! :] haha i know its like I just want to go out and run for an hour and half, but i gotta re train myself and take it slow
Buy it, rent it, check it out, or borrow it, but definately get your paws on that book! It's a can't-put-it-downer :)

Also, check out chirunning.com and posetech.com to learn ideal running technique.
thanks for the sites i will definately check them out :] Do you know if i have to order online or would something like borders or barnes and noble have it?
I've seen it at both Borders and Barnes and Noble recently, and also highly reccommend it! On i-tunes? Sure that isn't the Springsteen song? :P
I'd like to ditto all the advice given so far. I'd also add that I've used the following program to help me get into barefoot and minimalist running without overdoing it: http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml. I used it as a guide, along with paying attention to any body cues of shortness of breath stride problems or niggling aches to guide my progress into barefoot running with success thus far. Perhaps it could be of help to you whether you run shod or not.

thanks for the info! I will be checking that out :)
The book is fantastic....totally re-energized me and my running. In fact - I'm running the Copper Canyon Ultra next year (the race the book is based on). Give it a shot!
oh man id love to! i really miss competeing, even though it was just high school, the feeling of finishing a race, and not doing to bad if i say so myself, is a wondeful feeling. goodluck!!
I listened to the audio book while on my stationary bike and loved it to bits. Very inspiring.
oh so thats how its on itunes..im assuming lol :)



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