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So I was showing my friend some pictures of some very very sexy frutas here on this website, and (apart from Freelee) this person told me told me that it's unhealthy for women to have such low body fat that their boobies disappear. They told me that part of the reason that asian women are so flat chested (I lived in Japan, I can attest that the average population is super skinny and lack bongos as large as a western culture) was because of the demands from their school  that they don't develop correctly, (caused by inhumane amounts of stress). 

They say that women naturally have curves an LuLus, and if they don't (for whatever reason other than genetics) it's unhealthy and bad for their endocrine system.

I know it's a bunch of bull, the discussion isn't about this.

But what they said got me thinking, a lot of women on this site have had some unwanted weight and over time lose so much fat that they totally lose their tatas. Is this healthy? Raw momas (if you were raw long before getting pregnant) , have you felt your lactating has been in any way impaired by being small-chested? Guys, is it really unattractive when a girl has a small bosom?

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I know girls with good bodies but poor posture and low vitality. They are boring to be around.

Confidence and vitality are the 2 most attractive elements in my mind. Anyone can develop and attractive physique. Thats the EASY part lol! But developing mental elements..thats the hardest part.

Well of course. But I heard men here hate it when women have six-packs, that it "makes the women look like a man". So if boobies are an important component of the attractiveness of a woman, wouldn't it (for some) be unattractive if a woman has no boobs? 

Personally I don't care. I think a woman can be sexy with whatever size tatas. I just like a second opinion. 

i think most men who dont like it when a woman has defined abs is because they have a fat gut

Haha, same reason girls generally avoid slim/skinny guys!

It's the same with men...

Well I don't have them even if I have extra body fat...some people just don't have big boobs. 

I don't think it would negatively affect nursing babies because even if your boobs are small when you get pregnant, they get big and full of milk if everything is working correctly...

I never have had big boobs and I nursed 4 healthy kids at least 18months or longer each, no problem. 

I have the most hilarious story of one of my friends who doesn't wear a bra for the same reason. After hearing it I have decided that to my death day, if I am in public and wearing clothing, I will wear a bra.

Basically she wore a spaghetti strap top to class. A friend of hers loved it so much that they decided to touch it, and as they pulled it the beared her breasts for the entire class to see. 

It was an accident, but bad enough for me to learn from it. She can't sit in that class anymore without getting a bunch of stares and jokes from everyone there.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaInR2mluFQ You might wanna listen to this interview. It seems bras mess up the bloodcirculation and cause cancer, not that strange really.

Im getting boxershorts now, for the same reason. Just think what is natural, bras dont grow on trees right? :D

About your question, Ive been thinking about that. I never looked twice at a skinny girl. Seems a bit weird that the most healthy body would be less atractive, bet there it is. Hmmmm

Boobs are glands..Also lots of tissue goes and gravity hit when you lose fat and it is made of a lot of fat when one gains weight. Also, the fat is not so great when you have excess which can also cause cancer. 

My husband Michael happens to find a small chest attractive and he thinks it is more athletic and there is little fat  which he loves..He does not like seeing people with excess fat anywhere.

I happen to think that even though it is healthy to have smaller ones due to less fat, I think I would rather have larger ones as I have lost lots after 3 kids and breastfeeding..I don't care if he finds them attractive, I don't and I want a boob job..lol..not sure I will get one though for so many reasons..One of them being that I don't want to have surgery and I don't know the long term stuff like cancer etc.

It does not matter if you have small or large  breast it does not affect breast feeding. It is true if you are extremly thin unless you have breast implants you will have small breast.  I am not as thin as people on this site even though I have been raw vegan over 10 years, so I still have my breast and I could never get as thin as some women on here. Plus my  husband likes big boobs and he does not find skinny women attractive unless they have big boobs. Everyone has their preference. If for some reason I got really skinny and lost most of my boobs I would never get implants. My boobs never got smaller even after breastfeeding 2 kids.



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