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Lately my veins under my skin on various areas on my body have started shining through with blue colour. Has this happened to anyone else, and do anyone have any theories as to why this might happen? Is it good or bad, what does it mean etc.?

They're not calcifying, are they? 

(I drink enough water, sleep a lot, eating clean and enough calories)

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Same here

calcifying? explain what calcifying veins are please lol 

Is your body composition changing, losing fat, so your veins are more apparent?

Are you working out more, which may encourage greater vascularity?

Any vascular dilating supplements/meds you may be taking?

Probably just a consequence of having lower levels of body fat.

I've been able to see my veins my whole life, and i see them on many healthy children as well. Its normal. I'v always been thin, so maybe if you've lost weight its because your veins are closer to the serface, but i wouldn't worry . Its also pretty normal for veins to pop out when your hot.



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