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Ummmm ok so I got up to day 5 on my nana island! Yay! Loved it, but then someone brought home tons and tons~o~blueberries for me. And I figured I can't let them go to waste;) 

  Soooo, how much is too much??? I still gotta get over the whole calorie thing, I know.....but... I just a 4 pounds of blueberries. Is that okay??? Anyone eat this much? How many pounds of fruit is normal in a sitting??? I figured I would make a mono meal of them, but I didn't wanna stop!!!

I could have eaten more but I waited a while and I went for 3 bananas instead:(  I have never weighed my fruit before, but the containers say "two pounds" and I ate two containers and  I think I could have eaten another!!! And my morning exercise wasn't horribly long or intense... Might I be overeating on these yummy berries??? Am I a glutton??? 

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In my opinion, there isn't a thing called "gluttony" on 80/10/10. That's one of the great things about it!
I just asked the same thing about mangos on another board.  Is 6 mangos too much at a sitting?  I too am getting over the calorie thing and get concerned I will blow up as some have gained a little and a lot on just fruit it seems. Am I a glutton?

for anyone worried about eating 'too much:' you can eat LFRV until your head explodes, and the more you eat, the better you feel. 

i haven't hit a 10,000 calorie day yet, but i have come pretty close. and trust me, i'm not fat

Oooh thanks guys..... you're all soooo sweet!!! Cause I ate another....2 pounds last night :/ Seeeeee what I mean by a glutton is..... I just shovel them in... kinda gulp/swallow them in which is the definition of gluttony! I can't stop till I finish them all up! ;)  ahhhhhh....  But they are soooo yummy!!! Mangos are yummy too!!!! I could def  eat 6 but I feel like I am "wasting" the precious berries and they should be eat in small quantities, so they are truly appreciated ... just my weird mind thinking again:) But thank you all... I am out of berries so I am thinking of running out this morn and grabbing some more... if I get a chance to sneak out! Mmmm 20 pounds would be nice!!! ; ) Hey remember guys, you can eat more then gals, at least I think so...????  Enjoy all your yummy fruits, guys and gals!!

Glutton?  More like a gorgeous goddess, girl! LOL  Too bad you weren't at the Woodstock Fruit Festival that just ended a week ago.  Everyone there was in great shape and glowing!  Check out the online videos.  We were eating all the fruits and veggies we wanted.  I think most of us do that on a regular basis--I do.  Look at Freelee's videos; she points out that she eats lots of food, but stays in great shape.  Wild animals eat their fill on mono meals, why shouldn't we (we're animals too)?


You're doing just fine! 

Thank ya all!!! I am awaiting some more blueberries...The fam is supposed to bring some up to me tomorrow :) Yum! I'm roughing it at the cabin with two of my sis' boys... Almost down to the last of my fruit, especially since the kiddos love yummy sweet fruit so much too! Good idea to mix them with dates!

   See my problem is I really can eat a lot!!! Yupper, Freelea is sooo inspirational! And that smoothie looks yummy! My problem is when I see her fit figure, I think stop eating ali... so you can get fit faster.... sooo silly of me I know...

  I sooo wanted to be at the fruit~y festival, but I had a prior commitment :/ But that was great too so I am happy I kept my promise. I hope there will be another one next year.... There were soooo many peeps I wanted to meet at the festival :( Oh well there is a reason for everything... I guess? ;)

    Oooops gotta go, kiddos wanna go to sleep now! Yay! Love going to bed early!!! Nighty night  ya'all!!!



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