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So... some people were talking about how my blood group is typical hunter - meat eating group... They say i thrive best on animal based protein. It's a whole diet for every blood type.. it does sound a bit logical but i don't really like meat and i'm doing just fine like this.. is it scam? (i'm O-)

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i never understood that stuff. I know I feel as if I dont respond as well to carbs as some others do. I wont lie I think i was more relaxed and laid back when i ate meat. But while i was more relaxed and laid back I htink i was more or less lethargic and lackign energy (I needed more carbs). I got more get up and go now. I guess if i didnt want the extra energy I could go back to meat eating etc.. 

I guess my point is I can see why one may think they feel better eating one way over another. But the reality is do they really?

People try to tell me i should shovel in a piece of meat or that i must be lacking some nutrient they dont get this way of eating and want to tell me how tis wrong some how. I invite them to try it for themselves for 7 days 30 days wtvr then reassess there opinion no one can ever do that.

A lot of folks have some pretty dogmatic views on there diets but havent tried say this way of eating yet.

I was a pretty dogmatic low carber. I'm baffled now since i eat how i do now and feel good etc..

Yup, raised it quite a bit, 1,7 already :3 I used to be on atkins diet before eating high protein, moderate fat and low carb, and i tried countless low carbs diet and felt like sh*t on each one of them. I was constantly carving for foods like (my fav) plums, red apple, peaches and also things like rice... What's the point of low carb diet if I don't even have the energy to stand up? (yes, i was skipping my meals because i literally had no energy to walk to the kitchen)

Nice work Elyth!  I appreciate that's hard for people with ED backgrounds (sorry if I'm remembering your history incorrectly), bet you feel much better for it.  Keep going!  I recall you train quite a bit, so you don't want to burn out - too few calories plus any sort of physical training/exertion will eventually lead to serious metabolic damage.  (But sure you've had all that info on another thread, so will leave it there!)

As an experiment, still staying vegan, I have tried both high protein and high fat diets in the past, just to see what would happen, certain they'd leaving me feeling dreadful.  And they did, without fail. Just as you say - barely any energy to stand, never mind everything else. How people live life like that, I really don't know.  I have so many faleo friends all with the same health complaints, but they're so entrenched in the low-carb dogma, and completely unwilling to explore other dietary routes/modifications, so continue to suffer. It's really sad - and detrimental - to be so close-minded and rigid when something you're doing clearly isn't working.

Good for you for keeping an open mind, thinking about other dietary options..... and ultimately making the right choice!

yup, hard lifting, 5 times a week :3 it's like an addiction xD and the best part of 80/10/10 is.. no matter how much i eat, i don't gain weight :D didn't even gain a pound (in fact, lost 1) and i have lots of energy to do everythig. also gives me to good mood... im moody when i don't get my daily fix of carbs >.>

Agreed!  All girls should lift heavy weights, it'll totally transform their bodies.  Though 5 times a week is impressive!  I do full body 3 times.  Takes me a while, but I'd rather schlep to the gym fewer times a week and spend longer there when I get there.

oh i spend usually 2 hours or so. 1h30min of lifting and 30 mins bike/treadmill/epileptic and stretching. feels so awesome when i finish it. :3 Also, another thing i noticed that got me worried is my rapid hair loss. Every time i wash my hair i literally brush of 3 locks of my hair. so much of it.. that gets me really scared... i don't know if i should take vitamin B supplements or something..

Haha!  Mate - your routine puts mine to absolute shame!  Bet you've got the body to prove it too!  Good for you!  Maybe one day I can be as hardcore as you.... a girl can dream.....  Are you into HIIT with your cardio? I don't weight train nearly as much as you do, but I do go to yoga, and I find that helps immensely - definitely need to stretch out regularly to balance all that contraction.  Feels awesome.

I see on these forums people often claiming hair loss is a sign of detox. That may or may not be the case, no one knows everything 100%, but from everything I've studied on biochemistry/physiology etc it simply doesn't ring true to me personally.  I've yet to come across the science to back it up.  Some years ago I started losing loads of hair (lost about 1/4 in total - devastating!  I'd spent so long growing it, it was my pride and joy!) so I went and got tested and it turned out I had a thyroid/adrenal problem.  If I was you, I'd go and get all my bloods done - have you done that recently at all?  I think these are worth doing twice a year or so anyway, so you can make sure you're on the right track.  I hate to bring it up, but ED and subsequent insufficient calories with your training schedule is a major cause of thyroid/adrenal problems, so given your history, I'd always play it safe and get checked.  

If it was a rash, or a bit of acne, or some headaches, I'd say it's likely detox and give it a bit of time.  But in your case, I wouldn't mess about with trying different vits, I'd get everything tested.  I just don't think it's worth the risk. 

Know what I mean?  

I do HIIT at least 2 times i week when i wake up. jogging 2 mins, full sprint 1 min and i do that for about 20 - 30 mins.

yes i've done a blood tests, everything is fine for now. I don't think it's detox cause i drink 2l of water and 3 cups of green tea a day and eat clean. And no acne, only extremly dry skin and dry/brittle hair.

The blood type diet is a fad diet..scam. 

I'm sure horses and cows and elifunts also vary in their blood types.  But they eat the single diet type best suited to them.

Besides, there are a ton of different ways to classify blood types, the ABO rhesus system is just one of the more popular ones.
Aaaaaand it doesn't alter your basic human biology - all the cells in your body run on glucose exclusively in a healthy state where carbs are abundant!

I studied the BTD before coming to 30bad and had many questions abt it. I actually asked friends/family their blood type and compared it to their eating preference. I could almost guess bloodtypes. It had me convinced the BTD was the answer. I came here and I believe Harley has a video on this. From all my reading, I discovered Harley is O not sure of rh, and Freelee is A+. For A's, bananas are the enemy but look at her thrive! I lost faith in BTD upon further research on 30bad. Just too much info against it. :)



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