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I've been basically LFRV for 9 months now and doing great, feeling the best ever. However for a while i've been thinking I should get a blood test to check out my levels (especially B12 and D). Mainly to show to other people who are worried and because i'm curious myself.


My problem is, how do I get a general blood profile that doesn't cost the earth? The NHS only seems to offer a blood test for specific symptoms and private testing costs a stupid amount. The only complete blood test I could find was £600! Even a B12 test costs £150. Honestly, i'm not curious enought to pay this amount, i'd rather take my chances. Does anyone know of a cheaper option?

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Have you asked your GP if they'll do one privately?

My boss did a diet where they screened her blood (don't know what for) and the people running it also ran lab testing for the UK. I'll try to get hold of her to ask for details of the lab. May not be an answer til after Monday though.

Or take a trip across to France and walk in the nearest docs, they're geared up there and it maybe significantly cheaper...

... or not.

Thanks Kaz, I haven't asked my GP but it may be worth a try. I hadn't considered going to France, sounds crazy but if they can do it really cheap the trip isn't so expensive I guess. Let me know if you hear anything about the lab your boss went to, i'm not in a hurry to get it done just looking at options. Thanks again  
dude u suck. (no you dont really i just felt like saying that :) ) just say to your doc that you are raw vegan and they will jump at giving you tests. Or if they still dont just say you feel weak and tired.... I have never had  problems getting tests done on the basis of my diet alone, your diet added to pretend symptoms will definitely get you a test!!! Vit b12 is standard for all test packages.

It's a good thing i've had plenty of carbs today otherwise I might have taken that first comment more personally :p   Seriously though I do suck....peaches, you know when they're so juicy it gets hard to control.


Thanks you're probably right, honestly I was a bit worried about telling a doctor straight up about my diet. In case he brings in the nutritional nazis or sends me to a mental facility, that kind of thing. If I just said i'm vegan that's probably more than enough I suppose.

Thanks to this thread I just been and had a blood test for B12. 

I used the 'I've gone vege, well vegan actually' and she automatically said 'then you're worried about your iron'. 'Well no, actually, my B12'.

She sent me for blood test B12, Iron and Folate. Took a couple of hours all told and results should be back in a couple of weeks.

Looking forward to seeing the level.

Apparently all normal but she won't give me the numbers for folate and iron.

B12 was 584.0 ng/L which is above the Uk deficiency level of 180ng/L but inside the 500-600ng/L mooted by a couple of specialists.


What are other people's levels? I won't be able to get anything out of doc except maybe a check next year to see if levels have gone down.

I'm certainly not going to wait for then, but injections are not easily available (or finance-able) so it cyano supplementation for me.

If you take capsules, what dose do you do?

Thanks all


Don't take a cyano deriviative of cobalamin (B12). Make sure it's either:


adeno; or



The above get absorbed passively with no problems while cyano needs to undergo various digestive processes to be absorbed. As well, once the cyanide molecule is separated from the cobalamin molecule the body has to deal with a toxic element in it's system. Not recommended.

Not a lot of options.

I have a bottle. I can't afford another one atm.

But thanks. I'll swop after this is use up; it won't be long/


I've just checked the b12 energy patch I take (patch is placed on the skin) - a mixture of active b12 (as methylcobalamin) & folic acid - seems half is good/half is bad - from what jackfruitfighter has said....any thoughts anyone/jack??? should i change my supplement or is it ok as it is a skin patch???

Hey man.


Im from the uk. Basically lie! Say to your GP that you are feeling very tired all the time and you are concerned about your B12 levels because you are a vegan (go down that route, they will freak out because you are a vegan!). Chances are they will take your blood. Ask for a full report on the results. 


I know its lying but think of the money you save the NHS because you are LFRV. They owe you it!

I requested a blood test from my GP  on the NHS (I'm in the uk) and they were fine with it.  I think you can even book one with a nurse at your surgery and don't neccessarily have to go through your GP. When the nurse took my blood, I also asked if they could test for b12, which a standard blood test in the UK doesn't usually do. I think I also asked for vitd, but think they couldnt do that one, unless requested by my GP. Don't worry about asking though, they can only say no.  My test showed I was low in b12, so it was good I asked, otherwise my test would've come out as all ok and I would've been none the wiser! Mybe you could just say to your gp you are vegan and just want to make sure all is ok - such as b12 etc. Mine results came back in about a week and I requested a print out to look at everything tested. I'm sure your results will be fine, especially as you said you are looking and feeling great.

I am seriously considering this, but they aren't exactly cheap. I like the anonymity and not having to go to a GP to have it done. You can order whichever tests you want though, as opposed to what your GP feels you need.



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