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So I am going in for my first blood test since I started moving toward a LFRV Life. I am really not looking forward to asking my doctor if he can write a referral for the blood work but the nurse says that's the way they do it. 


Is there anything you would suggest me to say or NOT say to my doctor while just getting a blood test? Do you think I have to ask for specific things in my blood for them to check? I am certain I want a copy of the work... which I did not receive the last time I got it done a few years ago.


I briefly looked through the previous forum posts and did not find this answer.


thanks in advance!

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any thoughts?

 just tell your doc you've been a vegan (don't tell him you're lfrv) for x months and you want to see how you're doing in terms of blood work so far. if you have to ask, these are the things you want: complete blood count, lipid panel, comprehensive metabolic panel, B12, vitamin D. your doctor should provide a copy of the results if you ask for one.

have you had blood work done recently previous to lfrv? that would be necessary to accurately interpret any high/low values.

no I have not. Thanks for the input, I really appreciate it!

Lots of docs wont test for much things like b12 etc. BUT if you say 'Im a vegan and probably deficient in everything..' then they will most likely say 'Crikey!! Lets get you tested right now!'.


I know lots of Doc's refused me b12 shots etc and then I pulled out the 'Oh but Im a vegan' card and they gave me what I wanted. 


They are just overworked people and need a helping hand often.



Thanks, DR! I have to admit, I a bit nervous and excited about my first blood test since I went LFRV. Appreciate the help!
and love the video. thanks for the added inspiration.



don't bother taking them.


Take Care,



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