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So I just got my blood test results in, and they don't look so great :( it says I'm at risk for coronary heart disease. I do not have tests prior to starting this lifestyle but I was at a normal weight, 135lbs 5'7" and I climbed maybe 5 hours a week. 

I've been raw till 4 for about 7 months now and I don't own a scale but I have gained maybe 20lbs (not sure if water or fat) I feel healthier besides feeling puffy and heavier, and my skin has cleared up nicely. I get at least 9 or more hours of sleep and I eat 2500-3000 calories everyday. I also started walking 30 minutes a day and biked 2 or 3 times a week and cut climbing to once a week. I stay hydrated and drink the recommended amount of water. I was also fasted for 12 hours prior to this test since it was required. 

I would love some insight on my test and suggestions on what I should be doing, thanks!


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cut out the acid forming food and test again in 6 months?

But my BUN is at 6 and uric acid at 6.5, and it says those are healthy range?


Did you have a urinalyses test done too?  If so, what were the results.  

Our bodies are very efficient in keeping blood levels at 7.4 ph.  Stray too far from that, and we could die.  

Urine is often a better measurement of acidity.  

My urine, which I test frequently because  of kidney issue, is right at 7.2.  

To explain what sunshine means here, for some people, grains and beans might be acid forming, and in rarer cases, potatoes too.  

For some people, undereating, and burning body fat and protein, they may produce ketone bodies and or have ketoacidosis.  

Acid forming has little to do with what is considered an acid fruit like oranges.  Ripe oranges have no affect on my urine results.  

Peace, PK

I did not do urinalysis, but I can try the red cabbage method at home to see where I'm at. I may have underate a few times during the last few weeks due to my cousin and friends staying with me. I do know the most alkaline foods are citrus and watermelons? I'm been smashing huge watermelons for a few days before the test but also having a cooked starch dinner during the evening which might negate the effects of my fruit. Thank you for your insight!

Oh I wasn't saying that there are acid forming fruits, I thought there were some fruits that were more powerful at alkalizing the body. May have been some mumbo jumbo I've read on the internet though :/


Are you eating lettuce greens?  

They are great for keeping body alkalized, and I know in the past, Freelee was recommending starting the cooked/starch meal with a green lettuce salad.  

For long term health and results, we recommend about 1/2-2 heads a day.  

Benefits of Lettuce Greens

RT4 Instructions By Freelee TheBananaGirl

On other notes...

I concur with what others have said here too regarding being vegan and high cholesterol. The cholesterol our bodies make, is well, compatible and friendly with our own system, and is often made in response to a need.  There is not really a consensus yet in the medical community about the long term effects of natural cholesterol.  

People coming from a history of undereating and in a process of rebuilding healthy tissues, hormone regulation, and healthy body fat may also have temporary high cholesterol and triglycerides.  Given right conditions and nutrients, the liver will produce until genetic needs are met.  But, the liver has many jobs to do, and unless it is damaged, will not waste energy producing things not needed by the body.  

Peace, PK

I've not been eating greens everyday but I'm definitely going to change that. I would sometimes have a head of lettuce a day, sometimes half, sometimes none. I'm going to make a bigger effort by making green smoothies, I used to be huge into them when I lost weight in the past.

I will try not to worry about my cholesterol and triglycerides since I'm healing, thank you PK!


You are welcome.  

In the beginning, so as to not overwhelm yourself, may be keep it closer to half head, or for some people, a little less like 1-2 cups loosely packed.  

Then you can slowly add more as your digestive system improves.  

I am addicted to lettuce greens now and need my daily fix:-D

Peace, PK

while your uric acid is within healthy ranges, generally people on this diet are on the low side of the range while yours in on the higher side. It could be that you would be on the low side but that acid forming foods are moving you to the higher side.

Does uric acid in the body change rapidly? I did do a red cabbage juice test on my urine a few months ago and it was on the darker blue hue. I'm not sure if the method of testing with cabbage is accurate but I saw dr. Greger's video about it and tried it for fun. Thanks for your reply!

The lab is probably accustomed to seeing LDL levels much, much higher - I guess 130 or so is just where it starts to get considered "high". Yours is 41 so obviously that's good. But your HDL is also very low. The sources that say a low HDL is a bad sign "even with normal LDL levels" are probably not expecting an LDL quite that low.

I'm curious, what are the HDL levels of other people around here? Web sources say that below 50 is considered "low" for females, and below 60 is low for males.

This is my first time reading a blood test so I really have no idea what is good or bad. So having HDL that low is ok?



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