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After being plant based for close to a year now, I decided to get my blood work done.  Will continue to have tests every 6 months in the future as well.  Just wish I had a test done before I started this lifestyle.  Anyways, I have attached my results in a PDF file but am not sure if there is a blood test for dummies guide somewhere?  Most of the stuff I had to lookup on Google and followed along with Harley's last blood test, but still am not sure what to make of this.  It's just one test so I don't think I am going to worry much about it and will see how it compares to my next test in 6 months.

Doctor went over it with me in less than 5 minutes.  Other than him saying my triglycerides and thyroid were high and HDL, iron, and white blood count was low...even though my iron stores (ferritin) were good.  He said overall it looked good though.  After looking more closely my iron numbers are fine at 17 umol/L, but the TIBC (total iron binding capacity) is low whatever that means.

Only supplement I take is a methyl B12 pill and that's around one every 3 days or so.

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Looking good RootyFruity!

Maybe this site can help explain tests and their results as it's geared to an Aussie audience.

Wow...he didnt say anything about ur TSH levels? Good lord they r freaking high. Do u have something to compare with ? Results of how they ve been before doing this diet?

Coz in my case my TSH levels trippled on this lifestyle. Mine used to be 1,3 on the sad diet and have been 2,75 after 6 months 80 10 10 and 3,31 1 year on this lifestyle. 

Now i m taking Iodoral and co-factors to fix my thyroid. 

R u using cronometer ? whats ur zink copper ratio ?  Wrong ratio of copper/zinc can also mess up ur thyroid. 

Good ratio for copper/zinc (for men) should be 1/10.  For women 1/5. 

Also this diet is super low in iodine and can fuck up ur thyroids. (ppl will tell you u get enough from plant foods but imo its impossible.) 

 U should let ur doc check ur Ft3 and Ft4 levels as well.

TSH levels are supposed to be between 1 and 2 (max). 4.4  : u r most likely hypothyroidish (is that even an english word)  But get ur Ft3 and Ft4 checked (and maybe even other THyroid levels). 

The range that most lab-sheets show ... like limit of 4 for TSH levels (for example) are way too high.


also very good video about TSH levels, thyroid issues and iodine importance : 


Ur HDL (good cholesterol) is too low. 

And ur triglycerides too high.... weird 

U dont supplement with Vitamin D ? 


Do you supplement with iodine? How?

I believe this can be done by applying to skin? Have you tried this?


it can be done but its not reliable. U dont know how much gets absorbed by ur skin and how much evaporates.

I m taking Iodoral and its co factors. Iodoral contains potassium Iodide and iodine. One you need for the thyroid itself and the other for tissues (breast tissue, skin etc ).  Its especially important for women. Because many women being iodine deficient suffer from ovarian cysts or fibrocystic breast diseases. Having disturbed Thyroid function can cause ur estrogen levels being out of balance which then causes other issues. etc etc. I see the thyroid as the mother of all glands now. If its function is disturbed so many other things in ur body (especially in women) will be disturbed. 

Some say the Lugols Solution is better to take coz u can be sure that ur body absorbs it. Which might not be the case with solid-minerals (in pill form). U gotta rely that ur guts and stomach really break it down. 

Iodoral is like the stomach friendly version of Lugols Solution. Its solid. A pill coverd with stuff to protect ur tummy. There is also a solution called Nascent (but i didnt look further into that... seems to be tasteless and also stomach friendlier i guess). 

Watch the Video of Dr. Brownstein i ve linked before. Its really informative and important (imo).

this page is also good :


here is some research on iodine : 


What about sea weed such as nori for iodine?

really strict vegans dont consider seaweed being a plant. (dunno bout that....)

if u can get a guarantee that ur seaweed is free from arsenic and mercury it could be a good source i guess. Also if u r sure u r not already iodine-deficient. If u r already depleted of iodine in ur whole system it needs very high dosages of Iodine AND Iodide to fill up ur storages/glands/tissues.

After all seaweed is a natural source and i guess u can never be sure how much iodine it really contains. 

Right now i trust in the accurately standardized amounts of IOdine and IOdide in the pills i m supplementing with. And its co-factors  .

I kept track on Cronometer last fall.  Will start keeping track again for a month or so and see if the values are much different.  I looked up my readings from last fall and my Copper to Zinc ratio was around 1/3...so nowhere near 1/10 like you said.

I don't supplement with Vitamin D.  Where I live there is virtually no sun during the winter so it's something I have thought about doing.  Even in the summer I probably don't get enough sun as I burn really easy.

I find it strange that they don't test for Vitamin D here as you would think a lot of people are likely Vitamin D deficient, especially during the winter months.



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