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Hello All!  I am testing my blood sugar levels and they have been completely normal before and after meals except today when I ate a smoothie of 7 banana, 5 dates, 1 pint of strawberries.  My blood sugar soared to 244 from 104 which apparently is hyperglycemia.  I also had blurred vision and felt ecstatic. 

What is my problem?  What am I doing wrong?  Im 110 pounds and do not think Im eating more than 10% fat.  Ive always been sensitive to sugar but thought if I was following this correctly my blood sugar would not soar.

I would be grateful for any input and any one else's experience in this.


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Hi Angela,

I don't test my blood sugar but I also get blurred vision along with brain fog followed by an energy crash an hour or so later if I have dates or too many grapes, and this sometimes happens with other fruits too with no rhyme or reason. This happens more severely in the morning with almost any fruit except for berries because I think insulin is more sensitive at this time.  What is helping 100% of the time is to have all my fruit meals with lettuce.  This slows the absorbtion of sugar for folks like you an I who have a different insulin response than others.  I've been told Dr. Graham suggets this at his fasting retreats for people with simliar issues.  I've also found it crucial to get enough sleep, eat breakfast soon after waking, and stay away from dates and red grapes (green seem to agree with me). I wish I'd discovered this trick years ago because it has changed my life!  No more energy crashes and no more dizziness (so far)!

I have a similar issue with unstable blood sugar if I eat fruit alone.  So like Ashley, I almost always eat leaves with my fruit.  I usually start my meals with lettuce or celery, and then have my fruit as dessert.  This has totally changed my life too!  I used to feel amazing after fruit meals (high blood sugar), and then I'd crash a couple hours later - horrible weak shaky dizzy episodes where I'd start perspiring and feel just awful and like I was going to pass out.  For me it usually happens in the afternoon, walking home after work, and I felt so vulnerable and it started making me feel like I didn't want to exercise, which was such a bummer.  It's a discipline to eat so many greens - it's faster to just eat fruit for breakfast and lunch, but it doesn't work for me to just eat fruit all day and then all my greens at night.

You also have to consider that when you blend your fruit, a greater surface of the fruit is exposed and so the absorption is much faster, and there is a large increase in blood glucose!

+1 Blue!

This is one reason why we discourage juicing and keeping smoothies to a minimum.  Even in healthy people, blood sugars, dizziness, brain fog, and digestive issues can be cause by juicing and smoothies.  

Peace, PK

I used to have the same problem. And I couldn't figure out what is the cause. I am not raw, but very high % raw and vegan for 5 years. I was blaming the cooked food, the almond butter or the amount I ate for a while till I figured it out. 

The amount of chewing and the length of a meal. That is the trick for me. If I chew a lot, and eat properly I never ever have any problems. I can eat 15 bananas in 10min or in 45min, the difference is huge. By chewing more you increase the absorption rate by applying more saliva to the food, and you don't overload your stomach either. So by the time you are eating your 3rd banana the first one is already getting broken down.

When drinking a smoothie we tend to drink it a way faster then we would it eat. That is not that bad as it is "pre-digested" by the blender. Still, it is not advised to chunk down 1.5L of fruits in 5min. 

Also make your smoothies to room temperature. If you are always drinking ice-cold stuff, that also stresses you stomach.

I hope it helped. Levi



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