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Blood results show very low iron deficiency - help needed

So I picked up my blood results yesterday and everything came back fine apart from my iron levels, which came up 5 (whatever it's measured in).

I've got to the point where I'm totally exhausted and can't concentrate or take in much info., so although I'm aware there's so many posts on this site regarding iron intake, trawling this site is mentally confusing for me at the mo'.

I thought my symptoms were caused from lack of B12 as I experience them ALL, but results showed 701 levels of B12.

I'd really appreciate if anyone can give advise what form of iron I should take and the dosage, so I can get my levels back up to start living again.  I need it to work pretty quickly as some days, walking up the stairs is exhausting. 

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Lots of datesand bananas! dark leafy greens dressed with citrus!

Hi Sweetveganblueberry.  Thanks for your response.  I should have mentioned that my appetite has been pretty low for a while, one of the symptoms I've got. To start off with I'm thinking a supplement will help me get myself back on track and to my usual self.  x

I think taking supplements isn't the solution. 

If your appetite is low, go for a run, it'll go up. Do it everyday, it'll continue going up and you will end up eating more. Iron is EASY to get! Do like 12 bananas and 50g of spinach or whatever veggie you fancy and you have your daily intake at 100%

Hi Ricardo.  Thanks for your response.

I used to run but I'm unable to do so anymore.  I've pernicious anaemia and super low on iron.  I'm wanting to go back to bed about an hour after waking (I don't) because my body is so tired.  I hang around in the house all day and just potter around and resting, meditating the rest of the time. I'm thinking that supplements would give me that boost in order to gain the energy to get me back to health to start exercising, regaining good appetite, running ...  for now, I just want energy. x

Would it help to list symptoms?

Probably yeah. Isn't it very rare to have anemia when your B12 levels are fine? Kinda odd that one.. And how is your iron that low? I mean, it's really easy to get it up just by eating a few grams of veggies on fruit smoothies. Anyways..

You can't expect an energy and appetite boost if you're not pushing it a little bit!! I had those problems when i started and i just had to adopt a different mindset or i'd still be crawling from my bed to my sofa all day inside my house.

Vitality is not something i acheived by taking an iron supplement, or my b12 supplements. You HAVE to want to run! You have to adopt that mindset.. Stop feeling miserable, wake up feeling good about yourself and go for a run. YOU WILL FEEL GOOD AFTER THAT!

How long do you sleep? How many calories a day? Are you supplementing B12?

I'm perplexed by B12 being great too yet still being so fatigued.  Went to the doctor to get B12 shots last week but wouldn't give them to me until blood results came back. I was floored when I saw how high they were. Leaves me questioning why I'm feeling so bad.  I DO want to run again and it is an aim for me as I loved it. I've always been active in one way or another and have always been known for having so much energy.

If I went for a run now I'd drop after about 20 paces.  Without doing anything my whole body gets tingles/pin and needles, my mind fogs over, body shakes.  I also feel my heart working harder (even when resting), my hands and feet are cold, I get hot/cold sweats.  I try not to dwell on what I'm experiencing and I do positive affirmations, self healing and meditation to handle it all.

Sleep is anything between 6-10 hours a night.  Calorie intake is not good because of the lack of appetite.  I'm taking B12 sublinguals.

If you are already supplementing b12 then ur serum levels will just reflect that, doesn't mean you are absorbing it. Also for iron, the tablets have very low absorption, liquid iron is hugely better. I took floradix... Which is all plant based too. I felt nothing from tabs, but immediately felt effect of liquid. Haven't checked blood levels yet but reviews on Amazon r gd... Ppl say where tabs failed the liquid worked to get numbers up.
Really sounds like b12. Did u find u felt better after ur initial shots? I think u need to get more b12 in n if u can tolerate it get the liquid iron in too asap. ur symptoms sound so similar to mine. I had low b12, and low iron (caused by high dosing b12). I feel for u, I know I felt like I was dying. But if it is b12 u can feel better very very quickly as soon as u get high enough n frequent enough supplementation. Docs were rubbish for me so I buy online n inject myself.

Hey Raychil.  Appreciate your time and advice.

All the research I've done has showed B12 deficiency - I have every symptom.

Confusion .. how do I know (apart from feeling as I do) if I'm absorbing B12 - taking blood results out of the equation!

I wasn't prescribed B12 shots as doc. says it's iron, which they offered, but I refused as I know what products they pedal.  I've never had B12 injections before, mostly due to fear of needles and the cost. But because of how I now feel, I've had to get my mind around dealing with needles and also ask for financial help from a family member.

I'm pretty much confused about it all and need it dealing with ASAP, because as you know it feels pretty crap to be like this. My mind can't handle too much info. at present and that's why I asked on here to get help from those who have actual experience and knowledge.

Should I go ahead and get B12 shots and take liquid iron too?

Yeah.. B12 won't hurt you even if you don't need it when you take it, it's water soluble so no biggie. Buy a few Methylcobalamin shots, do like 2micrograms+ and see if you notice any improvement on your energy levels.. But have in mind that you should test it after the shots

Why are tests needed after the shots? 



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