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Hi everyone,

I'm french so please don't mind my bad english :)

I'm a 22 years old young man and I have been on the HCLF mostly raw diet for 9 months now to heal a big chronic fatigue, digestive issues (bloating, abdominal pains, a lot of foul gas...), brain fog and anxiety (extreme shyness).
I switched from a High-fat High-protein Low-fruits and vegetables diet to HCLF (80/10/10) overnight. I sometimes had some steamed vegetables at dinner (mainly potatoes, sweet 
potatoes, carrots, and varied green vegetables).
I lost 11 kg, I think it’s because I didn’t eat enough of course. I didn’t need that because I was very athletic (despite my chronic fatigue) and already pretty thin. I am skinny now (110 lb 5’ 5’’) but I don’t loose weight anymore, wich is a good point.

The problem is that I am now even more tired than before since I started the diet. I feel very weak, my muscles are weak (especially my legs), I can’t practice sport anymore, my brain fog has increased, I even see small flies floating in front of my eyes. Only my digestive issues has improved a lot.

I don’t blame the diet, because I know it works.

I did some tests (blood and urinary tests) a few weeks ago and here are the results :

Blood test

Urea 0,11 g/l (0,15 - 0,45)
Sodium 138 nmol/l (135 - 145)
Potassium 5,4 nmol/l (3,5 - 5,0)

Urinary test

Urine 24-hour volume : 3000 ml (I urinate a lot, always  clear)
Urea 3,0 g/l (15 - 30)
Creatine 278 mg/l (1100 - 2000)
Sodium 11 nmol/l (100 – 200)
              33 nmol/24h (120 - 220)
Potassium 49 nmol/l (40 – 100)
                 147 nmol/24h (35 – 80)
Aldosterone 25µg/24h (1,4 – 20,0)

I thought it could be adrenal fatigue (I have all the symptoms). But if that was the case, according to my researches, my aldosterone level should be low not high in my urine.
I’m also worried about my low Urea and Creatine levels, although it could be because I don’t eat animal products anymore.
Also, as you can see, my Potassium level is too high and my Sodium level is too low (I stopped using salt of course). I’m now afraid of eating high potassium fruits and vegetables.
It turns out that I urinate too much too (3 liters per day) although I don’t drink so much water during the day.

My doctor doesn’t know anything about natural health (like most doctors), that’s why I’m asking here.
I would be very grateful to you If you could help me just a little bit about my issues.

Thanks a lot.
Have a good day.

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I'm just coming back from the lab where I got tested again (2 months after the first tests) to see if there are any changes ! And guess what ? My POTASSIUM level came back to normal : 4,7 nmol/l (3,5 - 5,0). I'm in the higher range, but still in range :)

One thing I'm concerned about is my B12 level ! It was 386 pg/ml two months ago and now it dropped to 239 pg/ml. I don't take any supplement !
I'm still in range according to my lab (the lower range being 179) but I stumbled across a video of Durianrider where he says that a healthy range for B12 is 500 minimum. Is that right ?

Could a B12 deficiency be the cause of my symptoms ?

Thanks ;)

That's some good news.

The only way to know if B12 could be the cause is to try it: some people feel instantly better after taking a supplement...

Ill get flammed for this but maybe you drink too much water and of course dried dead food dont help.
Alex up above has nothing to add to this thread. Your b12 is low and i would advise getting either injections or take a sublingual.

Yup, like I said.

@ Gousti Fruit and Gabor Supka,

Thanks for your advices ;)

So according to the Japanese, I'm severly deficient in B12 !!! But according to other countries, I'm not !!! Who should I trust ?

Like you both said, I just have to try a B12 supplement and see whether I feel more energized or not... I don't really know wich form of B12 to take... According to many people, injections seem to be the most effective form, but I didn't know B12 Sprays exist !!! I never heard about this form before, I only heard about sublingual pills. I have to do my homeworks on this topic !

As for my results : my UREA and CREATININE levels are even lower than before, being respectively 0,006 g/l (0,15 - 0,45) and 5,6 mg/l (5 - 12)... I don't really know if such low levels are healthy or not ! I know it should be low on a vegan diet, but this low... I don't know...

Besides this, everything else is perfect ;)

@ Emcardle

Thanks ;)
So according to you, I'm 100% B12 deficient ? I wish it could be that !!!


@ Alex,

Yes, maybe I drink too much... I don't sweat too much during the day because I don't exercise at all (I don't have the energy to) !!! So maybe I should cut down a little bit on my water intake... That being said, it's hot in France at the moment so... I don't know...

Here are the test results related to the LIVER on May 15th 2014 (I didn't get tested again for these last week) :

Transaminases S.G.O.T : 24 UI/L  (4 - 35)     (20 UI/L in 2009, just for history)

Transaminases S.G.P.T : 31 UI/L  (4 - 45)     (15 UI/L in 2009)

Gamma-GT : 22 UI/L  (0 - 55)    (21 UI/L in 2009)

That's all I have about the liver ! As you can see, everything seems PERFECT about my LIVER !

I also wanted to share with you some other test results I didn't mention previously because I thought it wasn't so important... But I could have been wrong because in fact not everthing is perfect here, some values are in the LOW END !

Red Blood Cells : 4 710 000/mm3  (4 400 000 - 5 6000 000)

Hemoglobin : 14,4 g/100ml  (13 - 17)

Hematocrit : 42,1 %  ( 42 - 52)

White Blood Cells : 4000/mm3  (4000 - 10 000)       (3900/mm3 in 2012, wich was LOW)

Neutrophil : 46,5 %   1860/mm3  (2000 - 7500)        ( 1560/mm3 two month ago, wich was pretty LOW !)

Platelets : 157 000/mm3  (150 000 - 400 000)
They were 124 000/mm3 two month ago !!! Wich is very LOW, but my doctor didn't seem to be worried about it...

Thank you very much for the time you spend helping me, I greatly appreciate ;)

One blood test doesn't tell much, what's important is how things evolve. And your numbers seem to improve, so... just continue what you're doing ? Have you tried B12 yet ?

Thanks guys ;)

Yes, I was suspicious about being (mildly) anemic ! But my IRON and FERRITIN levels are perfect, in the HIGH END ! So in my case it's not caused by an IRON deficiency ! But I know that B12 deficiency can also cause one to be anemic and it could be my case...

I haven't tried B12 yet ! I think i will have B12 injections... I will discuss about that with my doctor in a few days...

I'll let you know ;)

Thanks again ;)



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