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Hi everyone,

I'm french so please don't mind my bad english :)

I'm a 22 years old young man and I have been on the HCLF mostly raw diet for 9 months now to heal a big chronic fatigue, digestive issues (bloating, abdominal pains, a lot of foul gas...), brain fog and anxiety (extreme shyness).
I switched from a High-fat High-protein Low-fruits and vegetables diet to HCLF (80/10/10) overnight. I sometimes had some steamed vegetables at dinner (mainly potatoes, sweet 
potatoes, carrots, and varied green vegetables).
I lost 11 kg, I think it’s because I didn’t eat enough of course. I didn’t need that because I was very athletic (despite my chronic fatigue) and already pretty thin. I am skinny now (110 lb 5’ 5’’) but I don’t loose weight anymore, wich is a good point.

The problem is that I am now even more tired than before since I started the diet. I feel very weak, my muscles are weak (especially my legs), I can’t practice sport anymore, my brain fog has increased, I even see small flies floating in front of my eyes. Only my digestive issues has improved a lot.

I don’t blame the diet, because I know it works.

I did some tests (blood and urinary tests) a few weeks ago and here are the results :

Blood test

Urea 0,11 g/l (0,15 - 0,45)
Sodium 138 nmol/l (135 - 145)
Potassium 5,4 nmol/l (3,5 - 5,0)

Urinary test

Urine 24-hour volume : 3000 ml (I urinate a lot, always  clear)
Urea 3,0 g/l (15 - 30)
Creatine 278 mg/l (1100 - 2000)
Sodium 11 nmol/l (100 – 200)
              33 nmol/24h (120 - 220)
Potassium 49 nmol/l (40 – 100)
                 147 nmol/24h (35 – 80)
Aldosterone 25µg/24h (1,4 – 20,0)

I thought it could be adrenal fatigue (I have all the symptoms). But if that was the case, according to my researches, my aldosterone level should be low not high in my urine.
I’m also worried about my low Urea and Creatine levels, although it could be because I don’t eat animal products anymore.
Also, as you can see, my Potassium level is too high and my Sodium level is too low (I stopped using salt of course). I’m now afraid of eating high potassium fruits and vegetables.
It turns out that I urinate too much too (3 liters per day) although I don’t drink so much water during the day.

My doctor doesn’t know anything about natural health (like most doctors), that’s why I’m asking here.
I would be very grateful to you If you could help me just a little bit about my issues.

Thanks a lot.
Have a good day.

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Thanks a lot Diane ;)

But like I said, my digestive issues have gone ! No more digestive issues now ;) But thanks for the advices and the food combining chart, that's precious informations ;)

I'm just worried about my blood and urinary tests...

No problem ;) 

Anyone else to comment on my tests ?

Anybody could help me ?!

Hmmm.  Do you usually eat the same food everyday?  Could you walk me through a typical day, both diet and exercise? 

Yes, I usually eat the same food everyday... Mainly bananas, dates, mangoes, lettuce, cucumber...etc during the day. And for diner (my cooked meal) it's either potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, quinoa, millet, buckwheat...

I eat 2200-2300 calories a day on average. I know it's not enough but I can't really eat that much because I'm not hungry because I don't exercise at all anymore (I used to, but it's been 6 months since I can't exercise because i'm so tired all the time). 

It's a vicious circle : I'm so tired that I can't exercice, so I'm seating all day long in front of my computer, so I'm not hungry to eat enough calories, so I'm not carbed-up and I feel like crap... And it goes on and on...

I don't know what to do. Should I force feed myself to eat enough calories ?

I know the stomach need to be accustomed to a greater amount of water and fiber-rich food, and it seems like mine is not really accustomed yet :( Blending helps a little bit, but I feel full for hours after a big bananas and dates smoothie... And when it's time for my next meal, I'm not really hungry, so I don't eat enough :(

I have to mention that I have some issues with my jaw muscles (because of teeth alignement problems), so I eat very very slowly... It takes me about 45+ minutes to eat a meal (even a smoothie) !!! So i think it doesn't help me to eat enough !!!

I wonder if my bad tests results have something to do with the fact that I do not eat enough... Any Idea ?

I also urinate a lot, always clear urine, although I don't drink much water (1 liter/day).

Thanks a lot for your help ;)

Salut Stuart,

Peux-tu nous dire combien de calories tu avales chaque jour ? Je suis comme toi, j'ai perdu pas mal de poids au début parce que je ne mangeais pas assez (malgré mes efforts, parce qu'il faut du temps pour que l'estomac s'adapte), et au bout de x mois (je ne me souviens combien précisément) j'étais aussi très fatigué; et puis ça s'est amélioré sans que je me rende compte, je pense au fur et à mesure que je mangeais plus... Maintenant mon poids est stabilisé (63kg pour 1m83). (Ah, et je souffre aussi d'extrême timidité (anxiété sociale))
Pour l'urine c'est normal d'écouler plus qu'on ne boit puisque les fruits et légumes contiennent beaucoup d'eau...

English version (short): how many calories ? ;-)

@Gousti Fruit,

Merci à toi ;) Ca fait plaisir de voir un français ici, je pensais être le seul :D

Comme je le disais plus haut, je mange environ 2300-2400 calories, même un peu moins parfois ! Je sais que c'est pas assez, mais j'ai pas beaucoup d'appétit :(

Du coup tu te sens beaucoup mieux depuis que tu manges plus ? Tu pètes la forme ? Parce que je sais qu'en mangeant de cette manière c'est comme ça qu'on doit se sentir, en pleine forme ;) C'est bien pour ça que je persiste, mais c'est dur !

Pour l'urine, oui tu as raison, mais là j'urine vraiment beaucoup (3 litres par jour) ! En plus c'est des envies assez pressantes, et mon urine est toujours transparente, ce qui me fait dire que ce n'est pas vraiment normal ! Surtout si on prend en considération mon taux de potassium élevé... Il doit y avoir quelque chose là-dessous...

@Gabor Supka,

Thanks a lot ! But you know It has been quite a while since I do not trust the "conventional" doctors anymore ! I just visited mine a few weeks ago to do my blood tests, nothing else ! Especially since I started a HCLF RV diet ! 

When I came back to him with my results, he was like " Oh it seems like you're doing something wrong with your diet ! You should eat meat, fish, or eggs again if you don't want to feel tired anymore ! You should also reintroduce salt ! You have an eating disorder, i suggest you visit a psychologist... BLA BLA BLA". Although all my levels were OK, except my Potassium level.

I also did some "basic" blood tests for my kidney, like Uric acid, Urea, Creatine... And everything is OK !
Wich other tests should I do to ensure they are working properly ?

My fasting glucose level is OK too !

I also took Accutane (a potent drug for acne) for six months, 4 years ago ! I think it could have messed up my body (especially my kidneys and liver) because it's a potent poison !!!

Je vais continuer en anglais sinon je vais me faire réprimander :-p

How much meals do you have in a day ? Maybe you could try several little meals throughout the day, for ex. 5-6 x 500-600 cals. Smoothies are easier to get down than whole fruits, if you have a hard time eating 5 bananas, do smoothies. BTW the fact that you're eating slowly is a good thing for your digestion.

Yes I feel better now that I eat more calories but things take time, I still had a big detox period more than one year after I started this lifestyle (acne rush for 3 months ! and I'm not a teenager anymore, I'm turning 41 in a few days !)

You could also search for Thierry Casasnovas on Youtube, I'm not totally convinced by his theories (the parts on fasting/calories/water...) but you may find some information useful for your case ? His last video is about chronic fatigue and dehydration, and he talks a lot about the aldosterone...

PS: yes accutane is sh*t, a very dangerous product :-\

Hello Stuart,

I'm not a doctor yet but i will be soon and your testresults fits with a condition called "hyperaldosteronism", meaning one or both of your adrenal glands produce too much aldosteron. The symtoms are: fatigue, headache, muscle weakness, numbness and paralysis that comes and goes.

Also your low sodium and high potassium could be caused from what you say adrenal fatigue, so with these testresult and your symtoms, your doctor need to investigate further. To see if its primary caused by your adrenal/adrenals ( in that case often a benign tumor that need to be treated with surgery ) or if its from a secondary caused by wrong signals from your brain ( hypofys or hypothalamus ).

My advice is that you push your doctor and ask how he will continue. Maybe a CT over the abdomen and also other tests.

The prognosis is very good , but you don't need to wait around anymore. This needs to be adressed asap. Best of luck!

I just want to add that a test called serum-cortisol, ( cortisol can also be tested in urine ) will shed light on if your adrenals are fatigued or not.

@Gousti Fruit,

Thanks for your advices ;) Smoothies help a lot, you're right ! I usually have 3 meals a day but I'm going to try several little meals throughout the day.

I already follow Thierry Casasnovas ! His videos are great ! I watched his last one but it seems like he addresses quite the opposite of what I'm experiencing... But it was really interesting anyway ! He even mentionned the "several little meals throughout the day" thing you pointed out ;)

@Gabor Supka,

Here are the results for the kidneys :

Blood test

UREA : 0,11 g/l  (0,15 - 0,45)

CREATININE : 6,7 mg/l  (5 - 12)

Urinary test

UREA : 3,00 g/l  (15 - 30)

            9,0 g/24h  (12 - 30)

CREATININE : 278 mg/l  (1100 - 2000)

                        834 mg/24h  (1000 - 2000)

As you can see, these values are LOW but indicate that my kidneys are filtering well ! Am I wrong ?

I'm going to look for the glucose tolerance test. But I have to buy a Glucometer to do it... It's not really expensive so I think it's not going to be a problem !

I'm a bit confused about Adrenal Fatigue... Because you say it can't be the adrenals considering my results (that's what I was thought too) but Lena Fena said I could have adrenal fatigue :-/ Maybe I should do the serum-cortisol (or urine cortisol) she mentionned to be sure about the diagnosis ! I also have dark circles under my eyes wich might be a sign of adrenal fatigue (or impaired kidneys fonction, but my kidneys seems to be OK).

My thyroid seems OK too ! Here are the results :

Free T4 : 11,39  (11 - 22)

T.S.H. : 1,53  (0,4 - 3,9)

Is it enough to discard an Iodine deficiency ? Or is it possible to have an Iodine deficiency even if the thyroid is OK ?

@Lena Fena

Thank you very much ;) But you know my doctor doesn't know anything about that, that's why I have to do my own researches, that's why I'm here ! I really appreciate your help ! So you suggest I should push him to do a serum-cortisol (or urine cortisol) test, that's right ?

And what's a CT ?

Hello again Stuart :)

In sweden were i live and getting my education, it works like this- when your doctor start an investigation and find some results that need more attention, and knowledge from a specialist. He is supposed to make a referral to a specialist. In your case - to an endocrinologist. They have that experience on what further test to be taken. A serum cortisol is one of the first tests to exclude adrenal fatigue, but theres a whole battery of tests that the specialist might want to have in order to pinpoint what the problem is. 

WIth your history of increasing muscle weakness, weightloss etc you really should se a specialist. If your doctor refuse to referr you, get a second opinion from annother doctor that knows more about this.

CT= computor tomografy, a 3D X-ray over the abdomen to see your adrenals and kidneys.

Best wishes of recovery!

What are your iron levels? I just got tested and I'm low but now anemic, and I've had recently noticed my athletic performance go down on this lifestyle. I'm pretty sure it's because of the iron from what I've been reading. Get tested for iron?



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