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Hi, this is my first post. I will tell later how I found my way here. I really like doing 811 and it works well with physical exercise. My running speed has improved a lot!

However, I need to solve an issue first as it seems like I get stomach bloating almost everytime I eat carbs. I've had this issue before (junk food diet) and was one of the first reasons I tried low-carb. I'm learning food combination and how I should have all drinks seperately and not to mix acid and sweet fruit. Yesterday I drank 0.5 litres of grapefruit juice and had a kiwi-mango-smoothie with some raw cocoa powder in it. I had a lot of bloating and gas afterwards. What did I do wrong?

I'm visiting doctors about my digestion issues, I have everything from acid reflux and sore throat to IBS. My symptoms are quite similar to H. Pylori but the stool test came out negative which actually surprised me. What about gastritis? I've been reading about Candida also. I don't know if the spit test is reliable but it didn't look like Candida. I'm taking herbs such as grapeseed oil and oregano oil as well as good probiotics to help my stomach issues but I haven't seen much of an improvement.

One doctor asked me to keep a food diary which I've been doing for 2 weeks now. It hasn't been much of a help really. I have some kind of digestion trouble every day. Sometimes even a glass of water will irritate my stomach and cause a bloating sensation.

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Had that recently (before LFRV) along with a couple of friends. We consumed a small amount of good quality Aloe Verta juice and it went away in about a week.

The bloating was specifically across the top of the intestine.

Good Luck

Ooo, aloe vera, neat idea. If I were to use it fresh, how would you suggest going about doing that? Just taking out the gel and blending it with water or on its own? I'd definitely like to try this!

Also, when would you take it (as time of day, before a meal/after, etc.)? Thanks!

Aloe vera gel is used for skin, you need aloe vera juice which is sold in bottles. Mix it with water and drink first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening.


I used several methods when trying to heal my stomach lining so I cannot say if aloe vera was a big help or not but it's worth the try.

Dreamer 79,

I am sorry you are experiencing these discomforts.  Many members of 30 Bananas a Day have had similar issue, and have cured them on a low fat raw vegan whole fresh raw fruits and greens diet. 

You should buy and read the 80-10-10 Book by Dr. Graham. 

Until you are able to do so, to jump start your diet properly please download:

Freelees LFRV Pamphlet

You can view my blogpost here:

LFRV Ten Commandments of Well Being


What I would recommend for you is to choose one way of life, and try it exclusively for 1-6 months.  If your mix two or more diets, you are only doing a mix, not a diet.

Here are my recommendations for you:

  1. Do not visit the doctor for 1 month.  Postpone your appointments if necessary.  Stop all medications that are not crucial to your survival. 
  2. Stop eating all fats and oils, even so called healthy oils like olive oil.  Fats, even the healthy ones, clog up our systems.  If you put lotion on your skin it will feel oily, and very little moisture can get in or out.  The same thing happens when you eat fats.  They coat the cells in your body blocking the influx of oxygen, nutrients, and carbohydrates.  This will leave you feeling tired and eventually your imune system will weaken leaving you susceptible to disease.  
  3. High fat in the blood means your cells are starved of their much need fuel, the sugars in the blood.  If the cells are not absorbing the sugars, blood sugar rises.  Our bodies backup mechanism to combat blood sugar candida.  As the candida eats the blood sugar, their population sizes explodes leaving us sick with candida related illness. 
  4. Do not eat cocoa powder.  This is very stimulating for us and makes many people sick. You should also avoid coffee, tea, sodas, caffeine, alcohol, and drugs both recreational and medical.
  5. 811 low fat raw vegan diet promotes the eating of Whole, Fresh, Raw, Fruits n Greens.  Our stomachs and intestines are designed to eat whole foods, and we need the fiber in whole foods to assist in our digestion and assimilation of sugars.  I recommend that until you are feeling better, avoid juices and smoothies.
  6. Make sure the fruits you are eating are ripe.  Unripe fruits and green bananas can make you very sick. 
  7. Do a mono fruit island for a month, and I recommend bananas as they are high energy for their size and volume. 
  8. After a month on a pure low fat raw vegan whole fresh raw fruits n greens diet, re-access how you feel and make a decision regarding doctor care at that time.  You might be suprised to discover you do not need a doctor at all.
  9. Make a list of all of your symptoms and ailments, do a one month trial of 100% lfrv, and then write down your results.  Feel free to share them with us also!

In Peace, PK

PK, I have a similar issue as Dreamer79 - lots of bloating & gas (though the gas has gone down alot the past few weeks for some reason), so I appreciate your post too.  


Question though.  You said:

"Do a mono fruit island for a month, and I recommend bananas as they are high energy for their size and volume."


Are you recommending eating just one fruit for a whole month??  Or a different type of fruit each day??  Since this could only give certain nutrients, wouldn't the body react as if (though not nearly as severely of course) you were water fasting eating mono fruit like that... as in needing to pull nutrients the fruit doesn't have from the body's reserves?  


I'm sure that could probably be okay assuming the person has been eating healthy enough long enough to have adequate nutrients stored up in their body.  & like with water fasting, I'm sure it could give the body a nice digestive rest, freeing up energy to heal & be energetic.  Is that the idea?  I'm still learning about fruit island.  Thanks :)

Great post PK! :)

Will I get gas from eating raw foods?

Reports range from no gas, to mild gas, to extreme gas depending upon the individual, as he/she transitions to the raw diet. Initially, gas problems may arise from an impaired digestive tract, which holds foods in little pockets of the intestines, where they may ferment or putrefy and cause gas. Over time, this will stop, as the intestines heal. If the gas has an odor, it is generally from the putrefaction of proteins (cooked food residue); if it is odorless, then it is generally from the fermentation of sugar (overeating or high levels of fat in the blood). Long term gas problems on the raw vegan diet are generally correctable by being conscious of proper food combining, limiting fats and by not eating more in one meal than the body can quickly digest at this phase of transition.

I had the bloating thing and gas as well. Basically this is fermentation from bad food combining. Always eat mono meal of fruit. Combining it with other things seems to give me gas still. Fruit on its own though works well. When you put fruit on top of a cooked meal fermentation follows. Even fruit on top of salad seems to do it. I think the aloe vera idea is a good one. I might try that myself as I have pain in the intestines when too much gas happens. We have some fresh aloe vera in the vegi garden here. That would be the way to do it I would think.

Hey Dreamer


Fruits are very high in sugar and water and digest very quickly. If there is food in your digestive system (your stomach, your small intestines or your colon) that is sticking around for longer than it should be  (ideal digestive transit time -how long it takes from eating a food to excreting it - should be 18-24 hours, meaning you should have at least 3-4 large, full bowel movements per day), then the sugars from the fruit, as they pass through, will ferment as it travels through your digestive system. Byproducts of fermentation of course, being gas and alcohol. Hence the bloating. This is particularly true if you have a lot of undigested starch, fat or protein in your digestive system. 


Your doctor will not be able to help you. Even if you did have H pylori, that is a symptom, not a cause. All the doctor can do is give you drugs, which will remove the symptoms. If you remove the symptoms, how do you know if you have addressed the cause. Remove the cause and the symptoms will, by necessity disappear, since symptoms are only there to give you a warning that you are DOING something that is harming the body. 


Eat RIPE fruits, ideally as mono meals (one type of fruit per meal) or if not, as well combined meals, and cut out the junk food and the bloating as well as the acid reflux will take care of themselves.


The grapeseed oil and oregano oil I would not recommend. They are like bleach to your insides and will kill off your friendly bacteria. Grapeseed oil and oregano oil are highly irritating to your inside and will not address the causes of the problems. You NEED the symptoms to let you know whether you addressed the true causes or not. If your dashboard on your car was flashing that your engine was faulty, would you say that the problem was with the engine, or the dashboard? Would you disconnect the electrical wire, so the dashboard stopped flashing and assume the problem was fixed? Or would you place a sticker over that part of the dashboard so you could no longer see the flashing? What about justifying it by saying "Of well I do recognise that this wouldnt really treat the cause, but it would stop the dashboard annoying me until I can figure out what is really going on"? Of course not. Why not? Because you would run the risk of endangerment, to your car and possibly yourself too.


Taking drugs, whether herbal or pharmaceutical, is just like that. They cut off the feedback, which means your body will need to shout even louder next time in order for you to hear.


My advice: If you want to get rid of your symptoms, stop seeing them as a problem and start seeing them as helpers. People are so focused on seeing problems as the demons in their life. Whereas really, they should be seeing them as the angels. Symptoms are the lights that guide you home. Stop looking to externalise responsibility, by making it the responsibility of your MD, or the drugs, or the herbal oils or your body, or candida or h. pylori, or anything else, and start accepting and owning responsibility - your symptoms are caused by YOUR actions and choices. And they will only permanently disappear when you change your behaviours consistently.


You will be AMAZED at how quickly your symptoms will take care of themselves when you eat the way you are supposed to (whole fresh ripe raw organic plants, one type of food at a time from when hungry until full, just like the animals). :o)


Ps. Get rid of the crackao (cocoa/cacao) powder. It contains caffeine and theobromine, which can double stomach acid levels within an hour of consumption, with effects lasting upto 4 hours.


Take care


Adam x


Wowo! Very in depth post! Nice. I liked seeing your symptons as angels. You need to listen to your body and what its telling you. Peace

You've had some great advice here already. I'll just say that the fact you have these symptoms doesn't necessarily mean you're doing something wrong. That's how we've been programmed by the pharmaceutical industry to think that any symptom or discomfort is a bad thing. In fact it's just your body healing and is something you shouldn't interfere with if health is your goal. This diet allows you to become more in touch with your body so you might be feeling things that were always a problem but you didn't notice them before or were numbed out.


It's clear you have digestive issues and this is a problem that hasn't popped up overnight, it's a result of years of eating substandard or harmful foods. I've had a similar problem which has got so much better on 811 but after 9 months I still get issues from time to time. Pay attention to food combining and just keep following this lifestyle, I guarantee you it will get better over time. You might consider doing banana island, or a juice fast to give your digestion a simpler job and let it heal. Good luck and keep us updated

Thanks for all the tips. I am fully 811 now without any supplements and things have improved a lot, it's getting better week by week. I did have diarrhea lasting several days but at least it cleaned my system. I am paying closer attention to proper food combining. Drinking enough water helps with constipation and bananas are easier to digest if I blend them with some water. I no longer get the painful heartburn at night, bloating has reduced although not completely gone.

I got the book and I'm reading it and trying some of the sample menus.

I started eating more bananas, mangoes and dates but got acne breakouts on my back. Is it true that I should avoid high GI fruit if I have skin problems?

Doctors are useless. My doctor thinks I can eat anything and gives me prescriptions for some weird stuff and charges 21€ for every email she sends.

My friends think I'm nuts... that I'm not getting enough nutrients from my diet. Most of them are in the low-carb high-fat craze (oils, butter, cream, meat, bacon and eggs!) They think excess animal fat is not harmful to your health. Almost everyone in my country is doing that diet... I did it also and felt terrible with all the meat and fat in my body.



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