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I've always been very active, especially with running and cycling. This month, now that the weather is warming up (and I'm eating more fruit), I've been really increasing my running distances. The past few days, I've gotten blisters on my pinky toes... What should I do to recover as quickly as possible?

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Happened to me promptly changing shoes and thicker socks helped. There is a product out there I wish i could recall the name you put it on over your blister its like a bandage sort of but it bonds with your skin so well you wouldnt even know you had a blister once it son. Its almost like a padded sticky gell on a paper back the sticky gell part sticks to you the paper back goes out. Johnson and Johnson have a product simlier but it doesnt compare. Maybe someone else will recall the exact name.

Mole skin?

it looks similier the one i used that was the best once you stuck it on it wasnt coming off or budging worked great. other stuff i've tried stars peeling within a day and simply doesnt work as well. Not sure if the mole skin is it someone gave it to me once years back I havent found it since!

It could be the shoes. But I will say that it will most likely be your form. It also may be that your shoes are to small. So when your foot inflates from the heat, the foot rubs, causing blisters. Just a few thoughts. I have also used mole skin. It seems to work. I have also just placed band aids on the blisters and ran more. Ever since I focused on having good form, I have never really got blisters.

Run with a smile :)

Keith Bridgeforth


Thank you, this helps.. I'll look into Mole Skin. I also took today off as a rest day, and already feeling a bit better

My favourite way to stop blisters from running in shoes is to run without shoes. Its natural, fun and will increase your speed by helping you to learn good form. Barefoot running if done gently and with slow start willl set you free.




I've heard a bit on this also, but never really considered it.. I'll definitely check it out. Thanks!

barefoot running is so much fun! even just running one day a week with sandals and then the rest with sneakers will help a ton (: you start to develop those small but essentially powerful muscles in your feet which spiral up into your ankles, knees, legs, pelvic floor, lower back etc. you create whole new muscle firing patterns in your legs and will move and perceive the ground differently just by tapping into that dormant well of energy in your feet. i think its a more whole-istic approach to movement, especially when you're moving with such energy and force you want to make sure its directed to your whole body and not cut off at a certain point

Well said! 

"Set you free" indeed

i always use the thinnest socks- i did a lot off searching and the thinnist are the best against blisters imo- used them for 3 years- never blisters again- 1000 miles socks-tri sock. Thin like a panty. Everbody laughs when i wear them but i dont care.

You can also use injinji toesocks.

But in the end yeah, form, shoes, style and basic foot.toe care are also factors.

I love the him socks too. I feel like these are the best. 



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