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So I've been LFRV for nearly a month now, and have noticed several wonderful things:

-The bumpy, rough skin on the backs of my upper arms is almost completely gone

-I'm not as tired in class as I used to be

-No more salt/fat/sugar cravings

-My face is...different somehow.  I can't tell what.  It almost looks more relaxed, healthier...less stressed.  Fresher?  Yes.  Fresh.  Like fruit.

However, I've noticed something else, which came completely unexpected.  First, a bit of background.  I've been experimenting with raw veganism since I was 17 (and mostly vegan since 12)-- somehow every January without thinking about it, I simply go raw!  Like clockwork, I didn't realize the pattern til the third or fourth time it happened.  Anyway, previous attempts at raw veganism were all high fat.  I feel WAY better (less spacey, more energized, yay!) on LFRV. 

However, something completely unexpected has happened.

I'm 5'9", 120 lbs and healthy.  While I dropped a few pounds initially, I noticed that my body fat seems to be redistributing itself.  My upper chest and arms are smaller, but my stomach seems to be accumulating fat more so than before, or at least not shedding subcutaneous fat at the same rate.  I'm not gaining WEIGHT per se, but seem to be changing shape in a negative way... listen, people-- I don't want to be in "mom jeans" next year if I keep eating like this!  I exercise, walking at least 20 miles (sometimes 30 with cardio) per week and do some light weights/calisthenics.  As mentioned before, I don't seem to be *gaining* weight, but what was already there is either a)being emphasized more by the upper body fat loss OR b) migrating to my tummy/waist area.

I never started out on this for fat loss, but I'm just curious as to why this is happening.  Has anyone had a similar experience?


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I hope others will respond. One question I have is what are you eating? It might be helpful if you post a typical day's worth of food - what and how much and when. Also, are you bloated around the middle or is it actually fatter?
Joanna-- thanks! Composition is important, and I should have included food.

Here is a typical day's worth of food:

Spinach-banana smoothie (1 bananna, 3 dates)

Snack--4 dates

Lunch--Salad (6-12 oz greens, water/balsamic/lemon juice/cilantro dressing, 2 tsp spirulina, handfull cherry tomatoes, 1 oz alfalfa sprouts)
+ 1 orange

Dinner--Sometimes it's more salad, but lately it's been fruit-- kiwis, 4 oranges, sometimes a few dates.

If I'm craving fat, I'll add about a tablespoon avocado to my salad.

Fruit is dates/bananas/kiwis/oranges/tomatoes although I eat more oranges than anything. I've decided to lay off the dates, as they're very concentrated in calories.

I don't know what it is around my middle-- I feel like there is the same amount or more fat, because even when i wake up it appears that none has gone *away*. My waist was 25'' and it's crept up to 25.5'' in the last week. BUT my intestines seem to be taking a break...as in not moving anything out! So maybe it's that. Either way, I just want to feel the way I did a week ago.

Any personal experience or advice is welcome!
Well it definitely looks like you are MASSIVELY undereating on fruit.

Also, try getting rid of the balsamic.

This may just be a detox phase if your body is bloating up.... Do you wake up with a flat stomach or is it fat? --edit i see you've answered this.... but do you drink water upon rising?

Are you drinking enough water in general?

Sorry to be personal, but do you feel that you are going number 2 enough? Are you sure it isn't just bloat or a hold up in the system because you aren't eating enough? ---edit again. dang i am not a good reader. I noticed you semi-answered this one too by saying that you're not moving anything out. This could DEFINITELY have an effect on this. This has happened to me and it DOES appear you are holding more fat in your stomach but if you start eating MORE, it helps get things moving.
Yeah, you are certainly undereating. Do you feel satisfied following your meals? The balsamic spirulina salad is not the best either. Rid of the balsamic and seaweed and you may find some delight. Perhaps moving the salad to dinner and just bulk up on the fruits during the day.
Your mid section and glutes add fat first and loose it last, so your stomach may look heavier relative to the rest of your body which is shedding weight first. Also, since you don't do any intensive exercise your body probably has relatively little muscle which becomes more apparent as you loose bloat and fat. Diet is necessary to be in good shape, but its not sufficient. If you want a strong , healthy body for the long run intense, regular, full body exercise is required-walking won't do it.
WOW! Thanks for all the helpful advice!

I will definitely be drinking more water in the morning.

And I typically average 900-1300 cal per day. Probably not enough.

As for the salad, I can get rid of the vinegar, and stick to the lemon juice/water/cilantro, BUT I've been taking spirulina on and off since I was 13 for immunity-- I'd had pneumonia 4 times before-- I can count the number of colds I've had since then on one hand since then. I don't think it's a problem for *me* specifically. The Mayans ate the stuff...

Ashley--when you said "get things moving" were you referring to bloat/possible stomach fat or bowels or both? Your advice was helpful. Thanks!

Greg--I do an hour of intense cardio plus half an hour of weights twice a week in the gym (like tonight!) in addition to the walks. I'd think this would be enough! I was also strength tested with the hand-grip method, and it turns out my strength-to-weight ratio is closer to a man's than a woman's. I grew up running, dancing, playing volleyball, track and field, cheerleading, weight lifting and doing aerobics, so although I'm not very big, my cardio/vascular health is pretty decent. I can't imagine what I'm doing wrong in terms of exercise. But thanks for your input.

One more question!!

Could the particular fruits I'm eating be less suited to shedding excess bloat/water/fat? Could they be what's responsible for the bloat? I was wondering if more papaya/pineapple/kiwis/grapefruit might be better because they are richer in enzymes and could help clear out the gunk my body is storing in fat.

Thanks again for the awesome advice!
If your calorie intake is that low, your body might be hanging onto every bit of fat it can. I lost 15 lbs in a month and a half eating at least 2000 calories. Then I settled into a 1600-1800 calorie routine - totally the same foods, just less - and I gained 5 lbs back.
This has happened to me too. I cut down calories and gained weight/fat because my body was hanging on to every last bit.
well i feel myself gaining the weight if i go 1400 or lower for sure. The more calories I eat, the more energized i feel in general. I tend to feel the best when I am eating 2100 or so and have been known to eat over 3200 at times of high training... i'm a climber, 5 foot 3, and i have no idea how much i weigh but probably 105.
I was referring to bowel movements mainly... Sometimes people complain of having
stomach fat but it is actually just a fruit belly that won't go away due to constipation or slow bowel movements. You know? But it also could be a bloat from something you are eating that your body doesn't like or need, such as vinegar?

900-1300 calories is REALLY LOW. You should seriously shoot for at least 2000. I know this seems like a lot if you have been eating 1300 tops for a while... I thought the same thing when I first went raw over a year and a half ago. But seriously, when I increased my calories to over 2000 (and now up to 2400) I feel the best. Part of me thinks I am eating too much but i feel MUCH BETTER this way. I lost all the bloating and things are always moving really well bowel-wise. =)

One way to really help increase your calories is smoothies. Big banana smoothies.

Also if you eat greens and non-sweet fruits, it may be smart to save them for dinner. Fruit is easier to digest than greens and veggies so I usually eat those for breakfast and lunch and then eat the greens/veggies/possible overts at dinner for optimal digestion.

Let me know if you need help increasing calories. I'm sure any of us could offer advice for this as most of us have gone through this.
No disrespect to Linzi (great nanner advice BTW), but I'd recommend extreme caution and heavy research into enema etc protocols.
Dr D is aware of people who have gone this route (colonics) only to suffer longterm impaired elimination. Per natural hygiene methods, such procedures are almost never recommended.

Further considerations:

The only place where water should enter the body is through the mouth. The body does its own cleaning of its internal parts. Putting water in parts of the body where it doesn't belong constitutes interference with normal body processes. It is enervating to take enemas or colonics, and enervation leads to toxemia and disease.
The symptoms of enervation that people experience after an enema or colonic are usually mistaken for symptoms of well-being. This is a common error, but one that needs to be corrected if health is to be obtained. An analogy can be made between enemas and drugs. Amphetamines, also know as "uppers," definitely give a feeling of well-being. Yet, they do not bring health and, in fact, are extremely detrimental to the health. Just because something makes you feel good (at first) does not mean it is good for you. It could be that it's stimulating and enervating you and setting the stage for disease.

(scroll down to relevant article)
I'm still researching this, but I think the problem is that you've got to replace beneficial bifida flora when doing colonics, which generally means fermented foods or supplementation.



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