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I know that "fruit does not make you fat" and all of that, but I really do wonder how far that goes. When I binge on fruit, I binge really hard. This morning I ate a whole cantaloupe, 7 bananas, 10 oranges, and a mango (and that's just for breakfast). I eat fruit until I physically can't take another bite and end up having to just lie down for hours because I'm in such pain. I've been steadily gaining about a pound a day from these binging episodes. It's scary and I don't know how to make it stop. I tell myself in the middle of it "it's fine, fruit doesn't make you fat," but I'm still gaining weight like crazy. So my question is, how much fruit is really too much? I'm not about calorie restriction, but what I'm doing right now can't be healthy either.

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Wow, what an amazing transformation! You should be so proud! I feel like if I took measurements and photos, I would obsess even more than the scale. I used to measure EVERYTHING from my arms, legs, to how much my food weighs and the calories. I think it could be a little triggering for me, but I completely understand what you are saying. I guess I also have not met anyone on here who has been doing this for over a year consistently while still eating 2,000+ and has lost weight. 95 pounds for someone my height on the BMI chart is not underweight and I actually read in a vegan nutrition book that the BMI chart posted by the government expects people to be about 10% heavier than they should be. It says that 5 feet should be 95 and for every inch after that you should add 5 pounds. I know I am obsessing over the weight, but I never thought I would look this different and have none of my clothes fit me anymore. The thing is, I'm going through a hard time right now and being super slim was the thing I had to hold on to.

The 95 pounds was also already a gain from where I was. I used to be 80 which I know was way too low. I thought at 95 things would stabilize because I had already gained so much, but I pretty much lost it once I went over the 100 mark at 5 feet.

Hi, don't know if anyone's posted this yet or if you've already read it, but this is a really awesome post about accepting fat gain/recovery: http://www.30bananasaday.com/forum/topics/how-to-accept-fat-gain-an...

Thank for that link! She really outlined exactly what I wanted to know. I think my problem is that I view this lifestyle as a list of "safe foods" that I can gorge on. Any time I go outside of these "safe foods," it's like chaos.



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