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I know that "fruit does not make you fat" and all of that, but I really do wonder how far that goes. When I binge on fruit, I binge really hard. This morning I ate a whole cantaloupe, 7 bananas, 10 oranges, and a mango (and that's just for breakfast). I eat fruit until I physically can't take another bite and end up having to just lie down for hours because I'm in such pain. I've been steadily gaining about a pound a day from these binging episodes. It's scary and I don't know how to make it stop. I tell myself in the middle of it "it's fine, fruit doesn't make you fat," but I'm still gaining weight like crazy. So my question is, how much fruit is really too much? I'm not about calorie restriction, but what I'm doing right now can't be healthy either.

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Lately I have been eating about 7,000-8,000 calories in a day (of only fruit and either a salad at night or brown rice and veggies) because I literally binge all day long. I'm a very small person (5 feet) and while I used to be at about 95 pounds a month ago, I'm now up to 110. I drink about 2L of water every day and I'm pretty sedentary because my stomach hurts so bad. People just keep saying that all my food obsessions will go away with the more fruit I eat, but I literally cannot stop eating fruit until I just have none left in my house. I know I am binging due to emotional reasons and being home alone all day, but I can't stop the cycle.

try kicking out the cooked foods i know that would cause me to be constipated and hold back the fruits, although i know others say they do fine with cooked meals after 4 etc. ime I would be killing myself if i ate cooked meals at night and fruit in the morning every day.

Constipation? I actually have the opposite problem. I've had chronic diarrhea for months (5-6 times a day) even on my all raw days.

Here's what I ate yesterday (from what I can remember and yes, this is very poor food combining)

Breakfast- 3 cantaloupe, 1 honeydew melon, and a whole pineapple

Snack- 5 oranges

Lunch- 10 bananas and 30 dates

Snack- 5 oranges

Dinner- Big salad with 5 apples

2L of water


At five foot, you could weigh up to 137 lb and still be in a healthy range and if you work out still be fit and toned.  

On this diet, if someone is coming from a disordered eating background and or underweight, the body will naturally adjust to a weight that is natural for it.  Let your body heal and do its things.  

Other reasons for weight gain are not body weight or fat per se, rather, volume.  Volume of water consumed, volume of food and fiber consumed, etc.  

This might help:

30BaD FADs: Healthy Weight Gain - 30 Bananas a Day!

Peace, PK

I agree, you won't get fat on fruit, and eat as much as you want of one fruit at a time. But don't eat until you are uncomfortable. I think the mono meals will help with that as well, because it is the best digestible. Bananas don't do very well with oranges. Take a look at a fruit combining chart to make sure you are only mixing fruits that won't harm your digestion.

I love to eat a lot too, I can easily eat 20 bananas for breakfast :) I think I eat 4000 kcals a day minimum.

Yes, I did suffer from anorexia in the past, but it just does not logically make sense that I'm eating like this. I mean sometimes I even start to throw up automatically because I'm so nauseous. I'm trying to lose weight too and this isn't helping :(

Hey dear, how long have you been doing this for?

I came from an eating disordered background as well, like many people here. I binged like crazy and felt totally out of control around food for a really long time. I tried so many things, but I can testify that LFRV is what has been able to get my mind off of obsessing about food, and has allowed me to begin living my life again.

While I feel like I FINALLY have a healthy relationship with food and the world again, it took months of being raw before I was able to achieve this equilibrium.
Here is a post I did in my blog about this journey: http://thegaychickwiththeblog.blogspot.com/2012/09/healthy-appetite...

My advice for you is:
1) STOP WORRYING ABOUT GETTING FAT. You're not going be fat in the long run eating just fruits and veggies.

2) STICK WITH THIS. It really, really works,

3) STOP THINKING OF THE WAY YOU ARE EATING AS "BINGING". "Binge" has a very negative connotation, and means you are eating too much. Instead, think of the fact that *every bite* of fruit you take, is hydrating & nourishing your body and helping you become healthier and overcome deficiencies and problems in your body. Your body probably just needs to rebuild right now, and needs extra fuel to do that. If you feel the need to eat 8,000cals of fruit per day, do it! Live with abundance!

4) FOOD COMBINING. A lot of the pain you feel in your tummy is probably from poor food combining. Oranges don't mix well with bananas and cantaloupes don't mix well with anything. Look up info about food combining, and try following those guidelines and see if the pain goes away (:

5) if you like, feel free to message me if you need to talk. I can give you my phone number or email if you prefer that.

Peace <3 stick with it, girl. I understand what you're feeling, and I promise it gets better.

+1 Kati.  Thanks for sharing here.  

oranges after bananas and especially in those volumes would give most people a lot of pain. Today I had 3 cantaloupe 1 large papaya and  a banana smoothie for breakfast/lunch and feel fine. Like Nicki said there is a difference between gaining weight and fat. just weigh all that food before you eat it and realize your eating about 10 lbs of food, which will be in you until you digest it all. Look into food combining or at least eating high liquid foods before more solid ones like oranges before bananas.

I know about food combining and I always start to eat my meal with the intention of mono-mealing, but as soon as my meal is done, I don't want it to end. Eating is the highlight of my day. I start running around my kitchen like a crazy person trying to find all the fruit I can and I just eat and eat and eat until it's all gone. It's like all my good intentions of food combining, eating slowly, and enjoying myself go straight out the window.

If you don't want your meal to end, its not time to end your meal!
Try to have more of a certain kind of fruit in your house! For example, we always try to keep 40lb of bananas in the house at all times.

Buy several bags of oranges so you can just eat through those until you are full, even if you end up eating 5 bags of oranges! Etc...

Peace <3



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