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Binged On PURE Nastiness all weekend; Will I EVER be able to hang out with NON LFRVs Without Giving In?

Well I'm sure a lot of people have a post like this at least once in their lifetime while trying to change over into a LFRV lifestyle.  I had been dong SOOO well for the past four weeks until this weekend where I was with people who do not share my desire to live a LFRV lifestyle.  I thought I was strong enough but I was not, I caved in to all the food they offered, and not only had some but PIGGED out on it.  Bread, cheese, candies, cooked veggies and pasta in disgustingly  large portions.  Now I'm sitting here feeling totally guilty as well as sluggish and gross physically.


I know that if anyone does respond to this discussion they are going to say to just suck it up and move on.  Dont look back and don't waste an ounce of energy feeling guilty.  I can only try but guilt is such a difficult emotion to control.


What I'd like to know is will I ever be able to socialize again??  Because where I live finding other LFRV friends will be next to impossible, so in that case what does one do when they still want to spend time with friends?  How long did it take for others to get over cravings and temptations and start being able to spend time with whoever they want regardless of what temptations were placed in front of them?

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Hey NIckie,

While I definitely agree that you should suck it up and move on ;) it's natural to feel guilty, especially when you're paying the price (feeling like hell). We're human, we fall into temptation and make mistakes and you should try to look at it as a positive thing. Now that you know how miserable- physically and emotionally- these foods make you, you will think twice before putting them into your body. Definitely deal with the guilt; allow yourself to feel what you're feeling and the following day, start afresh.

As for socializing, you can certainly do so without having to give in to pressure from your peers or yourself. Keep the consequences of eating a "normal" diet in your mind and as recommended here, be sure to eat plenty of fruit before you go out to your event. Then when there, ask for a big salad without any dressing (or bring your own!). It IS possible to enjoy yourself with non LFRV people. We make food the center of EVERYTHING these days- if there's no food involved, people are less likely to show up. But remember that you are there to have a good time, to enjoy the company of the people you're with, and what you are eating should not affect that.

I've been to a couple of weddings already and out to eat on multiple occasions with SAD eaters and it's been fine (going on 3 months lfrv). People are always curious if not scornful at me for only eating "rabbit food" and I usually get comments of concern about me withering away. If you just laugh it off, and focus the attention to something else, people will forget about it. As for fighting temptation, it's a lot easier to do so when you've got a full belly, which is why I suggest always eating well beforehand and even carrying some food with you for snacking. The longer you eat this way, the easier it becomes and the less you associate SAD food with things that you eat. I've also noticed that my sense of smell has become a lot sharper and I've learned to embrace this. While some things I once found appealing smell absolutely AWFUL to me now, a lot of things smell even better. Learn to enjoy the aroma of foods, their appearance even, and take in the moment. Taste is not the only sense we were endowed with! With the exception of fruits and vegs, most foods actually SMELL better than they taste (not to mention how they digest ;) anyway)

Hope this is helpful. Good luck and keep at it, girl!
Thanks Stephanie. You are respecially ight about just LETTING myself feel guilty. There is nothing wrong with feeling guilty, instead of feeling bad that I feel guilty lol. I thinking I SHOULDN"T be feeling guilty basically doing everything to resist this feeling. I actually already know this but sometimes you need to hear it from someone else.

I think I need to stay away from social events for awhile which will be difficult during the holiday times because to be honest my problem is not about being hungry, so filing up on fruit doesn't help me. I have a self control problem, I see old foods I like and I indulge regardless of full belly or not.

Hey Nickie

Well, you've been a bad girl! I don't think its fair to judge you for it, and I don't think you need to judge yourself either. Can't live life by dogmas at the end of the day hey?

The socializing on 811 takes some getting used to. I've since given up drinking and the temptation of take aways late at night has pretty much left me as well. Having said that, I might have a cooked meal once a month if its something very special, and not necessarily vegan either. On the whole though, its what you do on a regular basis that's important, the day to day, week to week.

When I'm out I'll get a juice at the bar, or in place of when I would have got a fatty take away. Also I'll aim for a salad at a restaurant, and get the calories in before so your not left with a craving for anything. I also have to say that the less you have, and the more your away from it the easier it gets. Your friends eventually get over it too, and they'll grow to support you eventually hopefully.

The socialising aspect is a drag, it's the hardest part in the transition, but it does get easier for sure. The important thing is when you appear healthy and well to your friends too, then they wont question you as much or think your a bit mad: they will notice the change in you eventually, and you can avoid the 'where do you get your protein' and 'you look so skinny' kinds of comments. Although I guess thats less of an issue for girls :)

Thanks Rich, and yes people do think Im really weird on this diet as it is. Although i don't care what they think the questions and comments can get annoying. Especially because I was not vegan or vegetarian before so people think that all of a sudden Im not eating meat and all of a sudden Im eating raw food so I must have joined a cult or something lol.

I just really need to exercise will power though because as I said in my last post its not really about being hungry and not eating enough its simply about still missing cooked foods.

I need to realize the instant shot lived gratificiation that I get when eating cooked food pales in comparison to how awful I feel after I'm done eating cooked food, it also pales in comparison to how good I feel eating raw food. But its in that moment where I can make a decision to eat cooked food or not where I just lose it. Which is why I think its best for someone like me to just stay away for awhile. Which I agree will make the transition that much more difficult but I think I have to do this for myself.

And to be VERY honest I think I will only be able to do that in January because my friends and family will really think I'm nuts if I stay away at Christmas and my birthday simply to avoid eating cooked food. And like you said it is the day to day that counts, so if I do give in on Christmas then so be it, I can't be hard on myself. Very glad I joined 30 BaD where I can always find SOMEONE to talk to about all of this.
I second this. If you act like you know what you're doing and you are very sure of yourself (not that over-confidence put-on, but more that that you are being NORMAL, which once you've done this for a while it WILL be normal for you) then people get over it pretty darn fast in my experience. I'm in a college setting, and I eat my fruit meals in the cafeteria in front of everyone. Sure at first people asked a few questions about protein, but really if you act like it's no big deal, people will let it go surprisingly fast.
You will be able to socialize again, but it can take time to do it successfully. I limited my social events somewhat and planned ahead (ate beforehand, brought food to share that I'd eat too, etc.) a lot in the beginning. I also had a mental list of why I really didn't want to eat cooked food that I'd rehearse in my mind when cooked food started calling my name.

Maybe if you know you'll eat cooked food a couple of times this holiday season, you can resist other times. Even if you do blow it, just go again the next meal!

I ate 100% low fat raw vegan for 6 months in 2007, but when December came, I fell off the wagon and ate all my holiday favorites that month, gained 10 lbs and felt so gross. Eventually, I got fed up the abuse from cooked food and have been 100% now for the last 11 months, so this xmas will be the 2nd xmas to be all raw...mmmm...date/banana/persimmon pie time!
I totally understand you. I have no issues staying 811rv whatsoever - until I socialise. I stay vegan, because I can't give that up. But I tend to eat potato chips, hummus, fries, spring rolls, the lot. Next day I feel like shit and I go straight back to 811 holiness until the next social event rolls around.
I am not quite sure yet what strategy to employ. Yes, I could just skip social stuff for a while, but I can't and don't want to skip family (so need a plan and will-power for those situations). I also like socialising with my workmates (must eat up beforehand). And I am taking on a new job in the new year and while I can easily say no to alcohol, I am not quite sure what to do about food. I think to avoid feeling like the odd one out, I am going to try the approach "I have adopted this new training plan and have changed my diet accordingly" - because people don't like healthy people who "spoil" their fun, so it's easier to have a reason that others might actually feel comfortable with :-).
Maybe I'll find the solutions in these comments.
that's a brilliant idea. My situations hardly ever involve kids, but I will try that when kids are around :-)
Loved your response Tasha Lee about going to social events and thinking about what I can bring to the party or event and be mindful of others instead of thinking about its so difficult to not be able to eat, or focussing on food all the time. It was really well said.
of course you can regain yourself.
i relish those times. i seriously love sitting down with some friends or new people and eating say...5 big mangos or 15-20 nanners. so great. ill go to a party and bring a bag full of oranges and just eat them blatantly lol
Look at the benefits and negatives of both.. Is it worth it to stay on this diet? Or not? Could you maybe incorporate just a more healthy way of eating?

I really don't think raw vegan is right for everyone.. not saying it's not healthy or anything, but for some, it's just not worth all of it.

Oh and.. ya that's what sucks about when you give in.. it's like you just gorge yourself because you have not had it for so long and it tastes soooo good lol.
I definitely gorged. I gorged like it was the last time I'd be eating chocolate, and hopefully it is :)



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