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I'm trying to work out my calorie requirements, and according to an online calculator http://www.bikram-yoga-noosa-australia.com/weight-loss-and-yoga.htm I burn 700 calories doing 90 minutes of daily Bikram.


Can this really be true? And I'm short (5'1") so for regular sized people it's way more.

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Could be true for sure but bikram is one exercise Im strongly against. Ive only done a few classes and as someone that is a motivated stickler when it comes to hydration, bikram leaves people more dehydrated than when they jumped in the room.

Considering 99.9% of the population is really dehydrated, doing something like bikram is like putting barbwire around tap handles at home. A 10 pass to bikram should be called a 10 pass to enervation.

Do some yoga in the sun for sure, but to turn up the heat to way unnatural levels and breathe in stale air..not cool. (pun intended)

Bikram is another DUI of the health & fitness industry.
I did a 75 minute bikram session last week, my first hot yoga class ever. It left me feeling very dehydrated for sure. I sweat in there like no other. The room was set at 98 degrees. I'm not sure I would do it again; I much prefer warming up my body naturally through the movements.

But I definitely felt like i could've burned upwards of 800-1000 cals.
Is drinking water during Bikram to prevent dehydration not practiced/encouraged?
Hi Gosia,
When I trained with Bikram, in 2 different workshops (though, full disclosure, NOT the full teacher training), we were allowed to have water bottles available,,,, but it was encouraged to only drink when absolutely neccessary.
This seemed to me to be more motivated by discipline than any anti-hydration prejudices. For instance, staying at "attention" in a certain stance between poses was also very much emphasized.
The rooms I've done Bikram in have sometimes been as hot as 120 degrees. No kidding. But though it is/can be VERY dehydrating, it can also feel very lovely/comforting and relaxing to your muscles... Entering a Bikram yoga studio feels a lot like stepping into a warm bath.
Thanks Sultana for your response. :) I admit I was quite curious about it.

Strangely enough, when I go to sauna (I like to go to sauna sometimes), I end up being well hydrated afterwards. But I do drink lots, no rules attached lol!
I hear what you're saying DR, but honestly I personally don't sweat any more in a Bikram yoga session than I would in, say, a high intensity aerobics class on a warm day. I drink 1 litre of water before class and 2 litres after.... I'm hoping that is enough to replenish the fluid I've lost through sweat. And my weight stays the same before/after class so I know I'm not losing TOO much fluid....
I've been curious about yoga and its calorie usage. I do ashtanga 5-6 times a week and work up a real sweat with all of the strength work. In a lot of the poses it seems as though you wouldn't use that much energy but when I leave I feel like I have. Not sure if I just feel awesome from all of the sretching or if it is from a work out? I guess you use a lot of muscles at once and maybe the act of balancing uses a lot of energy.....?

I do know one thing though, now that I have built up a little strength and am not wrecked after each session, I deffinitely need to get back to working on my cardio!
hay there,
I do about 4-5 sessions of bikram a week - find it really helps muscle recovery/cross training/injury prevention. While the perceived sense of exertion is pretty high, hate to tell you, you wouldn't burn that many calories chicky.

If you think about how much savasna's a session entails, as well as the static nature of the exercises, you'll find the actual 'burning' isn't that much. Just feels that way because of the heat factor.
Awesome workout nonetheless :)
I rode 210km yesterday in the sun. Got massive load of vitamin D and drank 8 litres during the ride. I left home at 67.4 and got home at 67.4kg. That means I sweated/urinated out over 18lbs of fluid. I could have not drunk a drop and came home at 60kg and got Freelee to call an ambulance and risked death. But that wouldnt be no fun.

Yoga is great but Bikram yoga is a DUI of the fitness industry IMHO as an elite athlete.
I love Bikram yoga, and do it 5-6x/week. It is easy to stay hydrated once you get into a regular practice. I drink 1-2 liters before, a liter during and 1-2 liters after. A high water content diet like 80/10/10 is ideal. The heat trains one's cooling mechanisms and helps one avoid overheating, It also gives great results working with deep tissue flexibility and core strength. Yoga started in the hot climate of India, and 100-105 F is negligible as to whether or not it is unnatural to train this way, and I can't imagine doing it without the heat. Doing yoga in the sun simply isn't feasible for many of us. I would think the calorie burn varies a great deal by how fit you are and how much you push it. I've heard it said it goes up to 900, but I bet for most it is as low as 400.
Oh I have a big problem with undereating (and thus getting cravings for rice, beans etc) and I really have no idea how many calories I'm actually burning (and need to be eating) these days.

It feels weird (in a good way) to WANT to eat more. A far cry from my daily 500-calorie ED days.
I find that when eating 811, I barely sweat at all during a Bikram session. I drink around 5-6L per day, and when practicing the yoga in a 40 degree celsius room I sweat about as much as I would on a leisurely walk.

But yes, definitely around 700-800 calories per session. I'd rather do Bikram than any other kind of exercise!



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