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Hello! Wanted to see if there are any other LFRV people out there who practice Bikram? I have recently committed to doing it once a day and would love to connect with someone who is on a similar path. Support is super important, and I'd like to build motivation through this website. Now that I've moved I am far from a studio, so in order to continue with my practice I just close all the windows in my room and let the temperature rise! Get's super hot - I love it!

I'm also interested to hear what others have experienced with combining Bikram and eating raw.


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Hi Ashley,

Kind of a long answer, but I love sharing my crazy experience with Bikram + Raw Eating. Though I haven't practiced Bikram since I moved (about 3 months ago now). I committed to doing it once a week in January 2010 and did it for about 6 months. I don't know that I could do it every day like you, but doing it once a week was enough to work wonders! My balance and stability improved SO much, but the craziest thing was actually the emotional detox I went through over those 90 minutes a week, combined with eating raw. I didn't even know such emotional heights were even possible.

I guess I was expecting more of a physical detox through all the sweating and that happened the first week (even though I was on a LFRV diet, your sweat smells... different, because of all the toxins I guess it was still pushing out). But the following weeks, I would find myself getting rid of layers of emotions I thought were gone (some things going back to my childhood). Half the time I would find myself either laughing hysterically (on the inside) during some of these releases, while at other times, I just wanted to curl up in a ball and sob in a corner. It also seemed to cure physical wounds/scars I never thought would go away!

(If you're interested, I wrote about it here, and here.
Dang! That's amazing. I haven't experienced much emotional detoxing, probably because I'm sort of an emotional eater and tend to eat when I start feeling lousy LoL - which thank God on the Raw diet weight doesn't stick to the body as much as cooked food does. I haven't had a chance to read your links yet, but I am super curious and will once I have some more time. Lets keep in touch! Some unavoidable work things came up today and tomorrow, so I am planning on getting back into my routine on Friday. I will totally keep you posted if that's something you wouldn't mind :)
Haha, reading my own response back to myself again and just having you be so into Bikram right now is really motivating me to get back into it now that I can!

Funny you should mention the emotional eating because I was an emotional eater in my early teens (13-16ish) but really got over it once I decided to take charge of my life right after that. However, over the past 6 months, I actually been struggling with emotional eating SINCE I started bikram and I've been slipping up a lot diet-wise and having to deal with the consequences of that. It's so unlike me I thought it was strange. What I realized might have been happening is some of those old self-conscious and undealt with wounds from that time period resurfaced during some of my bikram sessions and instead of releasing them completely, I think I may have let them cling to me and they're know taking hold of me again because I didn't deal with them properly. I know this sounds all New-Agey but I really don't have any other reason to explain it! The mind-body connection is a strange but incredible thing!!
Oh not too new-agey at all! I totally agree. I used to be a wild child who went out drinking almost every night...when I finally realized how much harm I was doing to myself, I decided to quit. That's when all the eating issues came up for me. Instead of drinking I turned to food as a way to suppress my feelings. I definitely think emotions get trapped within our bodies; so naturally, when you take on any type of life transforming activity (yoga/eating raw) the body is going to purge whatever it is that's not in accordance with your lifestyle anymore. It's truly an amazing thing once you step back and view the whole picture. I hope you get a chance to get back into Bikram, it's a blessing to have found something so powerfully life changing!
hi ashley!
what part of the world have you relocated to?
i started practicing bikram about 6 months after going 100% RAW; i have practiced daily (with a few unavoidable lapses when traveling etc.) for the past 8+ years; i am here to tell you that i don't think it gets any better than this! it is such an awesome combo; i would love to enable, encourage & cheer you on in whatever way i can! do you have bikrams' cd? i am not a techno queen, but i might be able 2 find someone who could send you a copy if you don't already have one! i have practiced in hotel bathrooms & in florida when there were no studios close by, it can definitely be done! you go girl! :) db
I am living on the Big Island of Hawaii in Pahoa. There aren't any studios on the Island I'm on - one in Honolulu and one I think in Maui? But, as long as I close my window my room gets hot enough. I start sweating like crazy after the first couple of poses! I absolutely love the feeling of getting deep into the stretches, and have found that when I am following the LFRV diet I can definitely perform better. I don't have a CD though! What a great idea! Let me know if you find someone to copy one - I would be more than willing to pay. Hearing the routine would be a lot easier than trying to count in my head how long I've been holding the pose LoL.

One more question - when I do Bikram I don't get as hungry. How do you feel when doing it? Eating more? eating less? What do you do to make sure you're staying hydrated? Sometimes I tend to get nervous that I'm not getting enough and end up eating or drinking when I'm not actually hungry or thirsty.
until the past few months, i always practiced at 6am, so i drank a liter on the way, and a liter during class, & 8-14oz. of fresh coconut H2O after class; by the time i got home i was ravenous! i did juice or smoothies; when the time changed from spring to summer, my body just couldn't transition, & i have been practicing at 9 am, or 4:30pm; i prefer the morning slot, because i haven't really woken up enough to be hungry; i feel best when i have at least 3 hours between eating & yoga, that is the drawback for ME w/an afternoon or evening practice, i feel like i have to watch the clock & stop eating! i am much more flexible the later in the day i practice, but i think we are much more spiritually available in the early hours; it is a trade-off; i just do what feels right each day, and try not to beat myself up for whatever! i have been on a watermelon binge since they became ripe locally, we have probably another month to enjoy; they are sooooo hydrating and satisfying; something else i do (not sure if it is kosher for LFRV ) but i add chia to my H2O; it is VERY hydrating, and super protein to boot; i just add a Tbsp to my bottle, it is kind of nice to have the chewey bits during savasana! i will see what i can do about getting you the cd!
sweet dreams! :) db
I always did bikram at in the evening. Inconveniently, it was right after work and classes (at 7pm) and ended at 8:30. Because I didn't want to eat right before, and it was always to late (for me) to eat after, I would also find that I was never hungry around that time. To compensate, I would have coconut water afterwards which was a Godsend. Otherwise, I might just go with a couple pieces of very watery fruit. I kind of played it by ear. I also was a little less thirsty, but I made sure to drink a decent amount before, during, and after (not more so than a normal workout though). It seemed to work for me!
In October I severely shattered my heel (it was in 25 pieces) and in January/February, I was determined to walk... I went into a bikram class still in my walking boot, barely able to walk. After just 10 days of bikram, i was able to walk without my boot. Of course, I was only doing the poses that I could do with one foot, and would simply try and stretch my injured foot out as much as possible. Yoga heals. Bikram did wonders. The heat really helped my muscles open up and heal my foot.

I don't have the money to do the classes regularly anymore, but they helped heal and strengthen my foot for sure, something I am so grateful for.
Wow! What an amazing story. I am in total agreement that yoga does wonderful for health and healing. Crank up the heat and do it in your room like I do :)
Unfortunately there is no heat option in my room. ha! But I just moved to Australia so when it gets to be summer time i'm sure i can just do it in a park! ;)
I've always wanted to go to Australia! LoL When I was younger I saw a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie based there and have been dying to visit ever since.



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