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I really really really really do not want a car. They're expensive as @#$%^, pollute the environment, and are overall unnecessary. On the other hand, a bike would benefit me in numerous ways- I'd get super fit and strong, it'll be very fun, and it would be an excellent way to help me manage my blood sugars as a type 1 diabetic.

But my parents are dead-set in their believes that I absolutely muuusssttt have and totally need need need a car. Why? Because.... well... I mean.. society says so..? Because everyone has one?

If they get me a car, I will be forced to pay for its gas, cleanings, and insurance, and I won't use it anyway because I will have my bike.

Anything I can show them or anything I can do or say to make it sink in their heads that I do not want a car at all? And if they want to buy me a transportation device, then it could instead just be a bike better suited for long distance than my current one?

It's not that I don't appreciate their offer- I really really do- but it'd be a gigantic waste of money for the both of us since I will more than likely barely, if ever, use it due to my overwhelming preference for bikes.

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Have you thought about converting your bike to an electric bike?  We bought a cargo bike in Dec. and love it.  We even put a basket on the front of it that will hold a carton of beer (for illustration purposes only, we don't drink beer *grin*)

You can conserve the battery for local trips and decide how far you'll want to go in one trip for the correct battery size.  Much cheaper than a car, no license, no fuel, no insurance necessary.   Topping up wherever you find a plug will make life easier. 

As a person who has never been big on cars...who rides a bike everywhere....

You have a tough sell. I agree with your points about polluting the environment...and I feel good that I am not wasting a bunch of metal and pollutant on getting everywhere I go....

On their side...they can say that a car is safer, faster, better for emergencies, and that you can go farther to get things done, visit family, get to the doctor if you need to....etc

I am glad that you raise this point. A lot of raw vegan people criticize all the meat eaters, and talk about how eating animals is animal cruelty and pollutes the environment....then out of the other side of their mouth...they drive cars that stink up the planet, use toxic chemicals, buy clothes from sweatshops...and do everything but "EAT ANIMAL PRODUCTS"....which does just as much harm to the planet. 

We all sin in different ways. I wish that people would either admit this, or be consistent. If we are not willing to make any sort of personal sacrifice for the betterment of the planet...then we have no right to criticize people who consume animal products as solely being "part of the problem"....

If you win this battle, consider it a huge feat. Most parents or persons over a certain age have developed a sense of mind known as Cognitive Dissonance. They have their mind set on you owning a car so you most likely will end up with a car. Best thing to do in your situation since you enjoy riding bike so much, just ignore the fact that they bought you a car. It seems as though there is nothing you can do about stopping them from getting you a vehicle, and yes it will be a burden to your expenses but if you don't use it you don't have to worry about gas or maintenance just insurance. In which I know is a rather large expense, I believe that overtime if you keep making the point before they buy the vehicle and after that you simply aren't going to use it your parents will realize that you weren't joking. We can all only do so much to contribute to the well being of this planet. It's nice to see other people being more conservative. At the same time, having a vehicle really does come in handy from time to time. One can totally avoid using it but there will more than likely be one time in which you would honestly prefer to use the vehicle. I most recently stopped using my vehicle and riding bike more but still pay to have it on the road which is a contradiction because I thought we lived in freedom hm then why do we slave for fake paper only to give it back to those who enslave us? It's just one of those situations where you have to recognize and live with it. Hard to do but life goes on. Much love to you for stepping up. Contributing to the gas industry does not benefit our place of inhabitant in any way. Take care.

i think its a battle worth fighting 

a good bike can take you where you want to go most days     and set up fitness for your whole life  and be gentle to the earth 

Can you add up the cost per year? The insurance for a car for a young person is insanely expensive, plus gas (I usually spend $100 a month just on gas and I have a VW) plus repairs, like tires, that is about $400 every few years, breaks, another few hundred dollars every couple of years, oil changes which if you don't do yourself will set you back at least $35 every 4-6 months and get more expensive as your car ages. Not to mention cars are dangerous and most fatal accidents happen to young people. Where as a bike is pretty easy to repair yourself, things like inter tubes, tires, chains, breaks, are really affordable and rarely need to be changed. So maybe you could give them a cost analysis which would be helpful if they are not concerned about the environment. On a more personal note, both my boyfriend and my brother are living car free. My brother has never owned a car, my boyfriend sold his Honda Fit a year ago. Both go on insanely long rides and have daily commutes of 16 miles or more, both are vegan, both have the financial freedom to only have to work part-time and focus on their own interests, as opposed to working more hours to pay for a car. You'd be far from the only person choosing to live this way. 

Goodness gracious, cars are so expensive D:

Your brother and your boyfriend sound quite inspiring. I definitely want to be able to ride my bike 16+ miles at once, and that's so awesome that they only have to work part-time!

Thank you all for your replies. I thought about emergency situations in which I'd need to get somewhere fast and I think that I would save up for a motorized scooter to have on hand as well, as they can go 40 mph.

I have type 1. My diabetes will never go away.

There's no need to be so rude, seriously. Get a grip. Don't call me names, and don't make assumptions or judgements without actually knowing me. And I never once said my age, so it isn't in your place to say I'm 15 or 16, which I'm not.

You talk like the car isn't going to cost me a lot of money after I have it. Read the above comment from Pixie to fully understand how much it's going to cost me. I want to actually save my money so I can move out, fund my dreams, and not be controlled by my parents and be able to actually afford to fruitarian lifestyle. Having a car I don't plan on using is going to suck all of my hard-earned money away, which will be extremely wasteful.

I have been vegan for almost 5 years now, yes. Like I said before, I have type 1 diabetes. It's an autoimmune disease and entirely different than type 2, which can be reversable. There truly is not a way to get rid of my diabetes, so my best bet is to just manage it as best as I can. There are ways to increase your sensitivity to insulin, and thereby decrease how much of it you need to inject, but I can never get off insulin completely unless a cure is discovered and made available.

Oh, and having a car will also tie me to my parents and I desperately do NOT want that. Read the topic I posted before this one. I need to get out of here asap. I can't afford to have a car sucking my money away.

Type 1 diabetes can be cured through 100% raw food diet. As for the car let them buy it for you then sell it the next day and give them their money back. Problem solved. 


Here is a video where they cure 1 case of type 1 diabetes. significantly improve another case of type 1 even though the guy was an alcoholic and only on the program for 30 days. Also if I remember correctly they mention a few other cases of type 1 that has been cured and documented. There is a lot more cases out there if you look thoroughly enough. There would be more proof of type 1 cures if people would stop listening to the doctors that say it's uncurable and go completely raw for an extended period of time. Type 1 is harder to cure and would require a more "pure" diet 100% raw vegan All fruits berries and greens no oils salts and the rest of the BS everybody puts into their body. Just being "vegan" as you say you've been for 5 years could mean many things. There is so many ways to do "vegan" wrong and doing it wrong can be just as unhealthy as being on a sad diet.

Where can I find your book?



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