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Humans mistakenly think lean and mean is the way of great athletes. But the reality of animals living naturally in the wilds is just the opposite - big and fat is how super feats of athleticism are preformed, and while on a total fast to boot.

The Red Knot doubles its weight and then flies 5000 miles non-stop, without food, water, or rest in 6 days :



BarTailed Godwit

[quote]A female shorebird was recently found to have flown 7,145 miles (11,500 kilometers) nonstop from Alaska to New Zealand—without taking a break for food or drink.

It's the longest nonstop bird migration ever measured, according to biologists who tracked the flight using satellite tags.

The bird, a wader called a bar-tailed godwit, completed the journey in nine days.[/quote]

Since the Red Knot doubled its weight for 5000 miles the Bar Tailed Godwit must have tripled its weight for a flight of 7000 miles !!!!


And it's not just birds - all wild animals perform incredible feats, while big fat and fasting - whales, fish, salmon, Emperor Penguin, insects, bears ..... they enter a state of super fitness while big, fat and on a total fast. In contrast, humans are unfit when fat and even less fit when trying to fast. Humans have drifted very far from their natural potential.

For many more amazing bird flights:


[quote]The Common Swift Is the New Record Holder for Longest Uninterrupted Flight

Scientists have found that the birds can stay in the air for 10 months straight. That is a very long time. The bird world has its share of amazing migratory feats. Arctic Terns, for instance, are known for having the longest overall migration, with one bird racking up almost 60,000 miles on its round-trip journey between England and Antarctica. And as scientists recently discovered, Great Frigatebirds can sleep in 10-second bursts while remaining airborne for up to two months. But when it comes to uninterrupted flight, the Alpine Swift has held the record for the longest single flight of any avian species at 200 days.

No longer: Now there’s a new record holder, and this bird absolutely obliterated the Alpine's previous record. According to new research, Common Swifts can stay in the air for up to 10 months without stopping. Yes, 10 months. While scientists have long suspected that the bird might be capable of such a staggering achievement, they only recently had the tools to prove it.[/quote]



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By thinking back 4 billion years to the very start of life on Earth one can discern some incredible things about nutrition and metabolism. From day one 4 billion years ago life has ceaselessly faced periods of plenty to eat followed by periods of scarcity or nothing at all to eat. And the survival of the fittest has always ruled - only those best able to deal with the challenges survived, the rest perished. During periods of plenty the organism needed to store the nutrition needed for later. During periods of scarcity the organism needed special metabolic systems to mobilize these stores to maintain optimal nourishment and fitness. Given time evolution always produces superbly elegant solutions. And this is what is seen in the superb feats of wild animals as discussed in post one.

My conclusion is that all natural living animals on Earth, from amoebas to whales, are not only very fit during times of scarcity or fasting but they are super fit (for as long as their fat and other stores last). And since the same natural challenge exists on all planets in the universe; I posit that all natural living animals everywhere in this universe and any parallel universes that may exist, also enter a state of super fitness when fasting.

So why do humans even exist? They are total failures at this most basic of evolution's challenges. The rule of evolution is that the unfit will perish. And most humans are totally unfit in this regard.

When humans were living as natural wild animals they would have been as fit as any other. But modern humans have put themselves outside of nature and a host of bad foods and bad diet have sent the needed metabolic systems into a state of disease - diabetes and hyperglycemia are well known ones but I think there a bunch of other ones like protein metabolism that are also diseased.

When natural living wild animals fast they don't consume anything. In particular they don't consume any protein. But yet they don't have any special amino acids storage cells beyond just muscle tissue. And they don't lose any muscle mass even during fasts that go over 6 months long. The conclusion is that protein is not needed in the diet except when more muscle needs to formed, if all systems are working properly. Most humans will enter protein starvation without continuous high protein in the diet because their protein metabolic systems are diseased.



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