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I've probably touched on it before but the biblical diet was originally fruit. Placed in the garden of Eden we would have had plentiful supply of it all year around. After the fall, when removed from the garden, we then had seasons so God said we were to eat vegetables as well then. This of course being because fruit is not always in season so we need various phytochemicals from another source during those times: vegetables.

We're very blessed now that we can actually get fruit all year around.

The meat eating in the bible was actually linked to the sacrificial system and very rarely done.

This guy Walter Veith is a brilliant scientist and has done many experiments even on carnivorous animals which basically reveal they are far better off on a vegan diet. He says the most pure diet we can be on is fruit.

Of course after the fall certain things weren't always available so they began to eat eachother. Translocation of species forces them to behave differently to survive. For example a bird in New Zealand which only ate a certain type of berry had the trees removed by farmers, so out of desperation they actually attacked sheep. They would burrow into their back and eat the fat around their kidneys and sheep were dying all over the area.

The farmers were of course really unhappy with this so discovered the problem and replanted the trees. These birds then stopped killing sheep and went back to the berries :)

You know bears eat about 85% berries, and graze the rest of the time or eat other plants. They only time they eat Salmon is after hybernation when all of the plant life is frozen over; it is their only option in order to live.

The leader of a lion pride always gets the first bite out of a catch. They go straight for the stomach and eat the contents - plant food. They grow bigger and stronger than the rest! In fact many zoos feed lions and other carnivores vegetarian diets because they grow bigger, stronger, live longer and are friendly.

I'm just posting this because I see the bible being completely disregarded as trash here. Popular misconceptions of what the bible says are trash, for example eternal torment, worshipping on Sunday, the Pope (and generally the whole Roman Catholic church, it is actually revealed in biblical prophecy as a beast which will persecute God's people throughout the ages, and generally everyone else who disagrees with them), and all sorts of things.

I can completely justify my faith, generally by facts in the world around us. My favourite is the fruit facts :)

http://amazingdiscoveries.tv/category_list/ some interesting videos here in the Health section. Walter Veith's testimony under Sermons > Walter Veith is good.

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  My intention was only to inject my world view not to down you beatpoet...please forgive me.peace to you as well

I don't know, a lot of unquestionably scientific things have been discussed here, certainly provoked by the original topic.

I know it was directed to Matt Willard but I myself was brought up to be an atheist and believe in evolution and related topics. I was quite well read in all of it, and even agreed with most of what Richard Dawkins said at some point.

Being brought up to believe something doesn't mean it is true or healthy to continue in that. Sometimes you a shaking which will lead you to discover the true nature of reality.

bears eat 85% berries? really? they gain enormous amount of weight when they're gorging on salmon. u really think that they eat less than 15% of their calories from meat? i think the bible has some good points, but there's alot of total garbage in there seriously, and granted alot of it was changed but it was still written by a bunch PEOPLE, not by some perfect perceiver.

Yeah right....Perfect perception bud

It still only eats Salmon because it has to.

Get a pet bear and see what happens :P

But yeah, look at nature and see what the largest animals generally eat? It's plant based food.

Look how large animals in the fossils are, and at the large mass of fruits, other plants which are no longer with us today. The 7-8 foot giant people fossils must have been eating those, as would have been all of the animals.

If you love fruit I imagine you'd want to be in a fresh new world will every variety that was every meant to be, and the perfect conditions for growing them. Even now people can grow giant organic strawberries and things by carefully controlling the soil. I want to do that :o

Imagine being able to eat those forever :D

I don't know what I'm on about. I'm really tired this evening :P

i particularly like genesis 1:29 and genesis 1:30 both of which some people choose to ignore at their convenience and constipation.


This guy Walter Veith is a brilliant scientist and has done many experiments even on carnivorous animals which basically reveal they are far better off on a vegan diet.

well that certainly makes sense from a processing perspective. do you have any specific references for him, fennec? i'd be curious to know what he's done.


as far as raw goes, there's a saying:

"god created food, but the devil created cooks." :D


in friendship,


Hope you don't mind as i posted your post to my facebook as its brings to light some important questionable things that meat eaters throw in the face of argument that animals are predominantly meat eaters which i wanted to share with friends so thanks, Bless :)

The "Garden of Eden" never existed for Humans in our form today, but for other animals it did.

We shouldn't be trying to go back, but go forward correctly.

Bears and Lions are very carnivorous and don't go for the stomach to eat the grass inside, that is just silly. Bears consume vast amounts of fish, and consume berries when there aren't plentiful fish.

Animals do not know about life and death like we do... They don't favor the sparing of life of a fish over fruits, etc, that is just what we do. There is nothing wrong with us doing that of course, it is actually quite "nice".

The Bible is man-made nonsense, and without text would be forgotten... Nature comes to us without text.... The repulsion and doubts when a animal is being mistreated comes to some of us naturally... This is important.

The Bible includes foods such as figs, wheat, dates, barley.... However, unknown to them, was the rice, durian, avocado etc in distant lands. Like I said, the Bible is a very narrow account of Human imagination... Nothing wrong with Human imagination, but the Bible is over-rated.

This isn't going to go down well :P

Hm m I disagree!  You did not live back 6000 years fresh from the Creator's hand.  The Bible says that Adam lived in the Garden til they chose to sin.  And It is not that the Bible is narrow, it's that the human mind is and we want to justify believing and living any way we please, so we have to put down the bible.  If we lived according to the Bible and trusted to the Loving Care of our Wonderful Savior we wouldn't be in the mess we are in and we wouldn't be selfish and living ungodly lives nor eating junk.  The bible isn't man made nonsense.  Man is nonsensical, He wants to live any way  he pleases and believes that that is viable.  I find the Word of God (Bible) inspiring and enriching and trustworthy.  Just study Daniel Chapter 2.  It would've been impossible for Daniel to have been able to "predict" the future down to our day, except that the Word of God can and will NEVER Fail.  Thank God.  I find it trustworthy and hope and pray someday you will too.  

My quick take on this is that if your religion, any religion, or religious figures were the reasons or just a reason of why you became vegan should be considered 100% great to us all.  There is no reason to get into specifics or interpretation of the bible because it just leads to meaningless arguments that no one can prove anyways or does it really matter?  Vegans should be on the same page in life and not fragment ourselves in the same old arguments which does nothing but turn off people from wanting to do this to begin with.




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