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Beware, cat litter can kill you, nasty stuff!!! Who uses alternatives? What do you recommend?

I was spending a lot of time at a friend's home who I knew to use natural cleaning products.  Her house had a really yucky toxic smell that I just couldn't put my finger on.  After a few visits, it clicked, it was her cat litter.  She kept her cat litter in the basement yet her whole house smelled like it and my clothing wreaked when I got home, the family would say I smelled perfumey.  BTW she keeps a beautiful sparkling  clean home, cleans the litter regularly.  So I looked up cat litter's toxicity and what the alternatives are.  It turns out that it is deadly stuff and off gases everywhere, (obviously), bad for people, bad for the animals.  See below:

Kitty Litter  

The two ingredients that make the [cat] litters toxic are crystalline silica & sodium bentonite. Clay-based cat litters contain crystalline silica, the main component in sand, rock and mineral ores. A possible health threat from clay-based litters is posed by silica dust, which can be kicked up and breathed in by both cats and humans. Prolonged exposure to silica dust causes silicosis, a cancerous & fatal lung disease. Silicosis creates inflammation and scar tissue formation in the lungs, reducing the body’s ability to extract oxygen from the lungs. As the disease progresses, pulmonary and cardiac impairment may occur to the point where oxygen must be supplied continuously to sustain life. Once silicosis has developed there is no cure for the disease; however, silicosis is preventable if one can reduce silica dust exposure. Although exposure to this dust is of great concern, the effects on cat owners exposed while cleaning their cat's litter box are virtually unknown."
Continue reading on Examiner.com Toxic cat litter - Newark pet care | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/pet-care-in-newark/toxic-cat-litter#ixzz1fx...
Of course there are also lots of chemical additives similar to toxic laundry detergents and perfumes.  

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"Our" cats are outdoor cats, they live their life and do their things where they want.

I think a simple good alternative to cat litter is simply saw dust. That's what we use for the dry toilets in the house and you get no smells.

Thanks, I do remember an old neighbor of ours used to have something delivered to his house that he used for cat litter, I bet it was sawdust!  Do you get yours for free or how would you go about getting some?

I live in a rural area, and we have a saw mill in the village, and the guy is a very good friend (I built a heavy timberframe for our house and another one for a big greenhouse with wood from him only), so I get it for free whenever I need some. But if you live in a city, you'll need to get some ideas, maybe like asking a neighbor who loves wood working and may have some.

Awesome, thank you! :)

I use this:


It's something like sawdust but compressed to that shape. The advantage over sawdust is that it doesn't stick to your cats' paws. It does disintegrate to sawdust once their pee is on it, but usually only the bottom ones. If you have something to strain, you can get the contaminated sawdust and remain only with the clean pellets. Anyway it absorbs wonderfully the smell even if you have poo and pee sitting there. The price is very cheap..don't buy them from pet shops. This is orignally intended to be used for heating, you burn those in the stove. I can get a bag of 30 pounds with only $5 at my local hardware store (in Romania)...and I ca keep that for long time, and I have 3 adult cats.

Also be careful with their food. The dry food is very harmful to their health. It destroys the urinary tract, and very harmful to kidneys and liver. While they are young, they will stay healthy but later on, the health problems will catch up with them. I have many friends who lost their cats due to these health issues. They require a food that contains water, canned is better. Cats who are fed dry food are usually dehydrated most of the time. The amount of plant protein contained is unhealthy too. I can't believe how this culture is killing everything. We feed animals to plant eaters, and plants to meat eaters. That's ridiculous.

I feed them by-products of the animal industry, like the back that nobody wants it. And it is very cheap, $0.6/pound at the meat shop.  But this is up to you regarding the ethics behind it, I don't want to go into this. And if you chose this option, give it together with bones. Bones are critical, because the amount of calcium in meat is insufficient fot them. They require a certain balance of calcium/phosphorus. Either you boil them, feed them raw or a combination of both. You can grind it also. Or if you live near a forest/plain, let them hunt.

Good luck finding the perfect cat litter! :)

I wasn't aware there are rules on this here...
I adopted the cats, and I sterilized them so they will not breed anymore. But I have this responsibility now, I can not just throw them in the wild, they will not survive, I would never do that. I'm open minded but I would not give them dry cat food, anyway here in Romania it is imposible to find commercially vegan cat food.

What should I feed them? potatoes, rice, don't appeal to them, they don't regard it as food... should I use condiments to trick them? you see I am in a moral koan here. But If you have an idea/plan I'm listening and I promise I will give it a try if it matches my vision..

I got the point, I should have kept my beliefs to myself and not encouraging anybody else, but it came out... :))

That's awesome. I see there is lots of information there. I'm still in a journey regarding this issue... I'm reading both sides of the problem and I will compare the results, see if it matches my "common sense"  and make up my mind. But there is still the issue, they don't regard as food the veggies. Thank you for bringing that link up.

Dear Ednshell ♥

Thank you for sharing that information ♥

I use 'Natty Cat' cat litter, it is 100% alfalfa (lucerne), smells sweet, and is 100% biodegradable.

Good to put on the garden or compost heap as it also can be used as a natural fertiliser.


Love and Peaches XX♥




This cat litter looks nice, but I wouldn't put it on the compost with kitty stuff inside. Cat poop is not real good for a compost to be used in a veggie garden if you want to keep pathogen bacterias away from it.

Do you put it on the compost you use for a veggie garden or just for flowers, ornamental?

Dear Stephane,

Thank you for the information on composting ♥

I put the used litter on the general compost heap, but I remove the kitty poop first.

The kitties are on a raw diet and their poop does not smell, and is very different from the poop of cats on tinned food. But I still remove the poop.

Love and Peaches XX ♥

Removing the poop is better.

How is the alfalfa you use, is it finely powder, or broken up pieces, just curious.

Still curious, what kind of raw diet you have for your cats?


Dear Stephane,

The alfalfa is in little pellets.

My cats are on a BARF diet, plus extra fruit.

They also have not got any fleas, ticks, or worms on this diet.

Love and Peaches XX♥



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