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Have any of you done a parasite cleanse? if so can you recommend which one is good?

Thanks :)


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These fruits work better than any pill I have ever taken. For each of these that contain seeds either thoroughly chew the seeds, or blend them in a high speed blender. Except for the pineapple (the strong enzymes break down the parasites in your digestive tract) the seeds are the important element here.

pomegranate mono meal

pineapple mono meal

papaya seeds

seeded grapes



Eating a diet like 80/10/10 will certainly help because you are starving the parasites from many of their favorite foods, while making your body stronger to fight them.

Other remedies:

pumpkin seeds



Thank you! But what pineapple seeds are you talking about? you mean just eat a mono meal of the pineapple meat?

Am also wondering if the parasites feed on all the sugar from the sweet fruits?

The best way for my opinion, is fasting, let your body do the work... It knows best...
There is a great book.. That literally can change your way of thinking...
Calld "life style without food " -by Joachim M Werdin
Its free on the net... I could send you a link for bost English and Russian.

Toda that would be great :)

My understanding of healing parasites isn't what to eat or not eat to kill them or starve them (temporary solution), but to heal our rotting insides (for example with this lifestyle) so they don't have a favorable habitat (bugs like rotting stuff—think of decomposing road kill). But I dunno — maybe something more targeted in the beginning is OK if you are intending to change the lifestyle long-term too? I think the problem would be conflicting paradigms.

The thing about papaya seeds and garlic and all these things that kill things inside you, it is a whole different paradigm (kind of like natural antibiotics), probably works for some but it is against the 811 logic of changing the inner environment so the bugs don't love it there.

pineapple and papaya have digestive enzymes that digest the proteins of the parasitic worm. 



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