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What are good techniques in not letting the bananas over ripe?

From my experience bananas seem to quickly lose its optimal taste, quickly degenerating after reaching its full ripeness. A few days after its peak ripeness, while it's edible, tastes not so good.

I've heard that the best way to preserve them is to cut them into pieces and put them in a zip lock bag and put them in the freezer. However my family is not 811 and uses the fridge and another dedicated freezer all for non-811 purposes.

So I feel like I need to buy my own freezer.

I've heard that smoothies don't preserve well when put in the fridge, turning brown quickly. Does that mean that it just loses attractive color, or does it rot quickly even when in the fridge, unless it be in the freezer?

One thing I am concerned about is that once it's frozen, it can be taken out and made into smoothie but how long would I have to wait until it's temperature becomes room temperature?

Also is there any problem with freezing smoothies instead of sliced bananas to save space?

How many bananas might this freezer hold (both in its sliced forms and blended form?) http://www.amazon.com/SPT-UF-214SS-Upright-Freezer-Stainless/dp/B00...

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They stay in their ripe stage longer, enough time to eat without having to freeze.  I get them to ripen earlier by setting the box on an electric blanket.  When the bananas on the bottom layer get ripe(they ripen before the top layer), then take the box off the blanket.   By the time you are done eating those from the bottom layer, the top layer has ripened.

A concern is that even if you put them directly in the blender you would have to wait till it thaws and does it go soggy and brown after you defrost it even if you blend it before defrosting it?

I mean I guess it has to cool down for you to eat?

How do you control the warmth of the water you want to blend it with? What water temperature might be the best to thaw it without making it destroy the nutrients? 

How many at a time can you store the bananas in the crisper draw?


Ozone neutralizes the gasses that ripen fruit.  Also kills mold on stored oranges.

Ozone is harmless to humans in small amounts, uncomfortable in larger amounts.

it is the metallic “fresh smell” after a lightning strike.

3 molecules of oxygen instead of 2, has a half life of 2 hours and is 1100% more effective at killing mold and mildew than pure bleach, and kills the source of any smell.  2 hours in a hotel room erases even the worst lingering pervasive, pernicious tobacco smells.

it is why bottled water does not “go bad”

Also promoted for a whole buncha fraudulent health claims and cannot be sold in CA...but that has more to do with the stupidity of lawmakers.

The whole house generator generally costs in the $500-$600 range, but have seen egg sized units that run on a battery that supposedly will keep the ethylene gasses (that ripen produce) out of a refrigerator...have no idea or opinion on how well THAT works, though at about $20, affordable...

Ethylene gas can be your friend, if your avocado is 5 days from being ripe (one of the only fruits that will not ripen on the tree), then put it in a paper bag with banana peel or apple core, and it will be ripe “tomorrow”...



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