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Hello everyone, I am picking up two 4-month old puppies and wanted to get some suggestions on the best:


1. Dog food

2. Chew toys/items


I'd like my dogs to eat as much fruits and veggies as possible. I know that apples and bananas are good for dogs. Any recommendations?


Also, any other natural/organic/healthy dog tips would be greatly appreciated

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I am not sure if it is okay to suggest a non-vegan pet food.  If not, I apologize.  I do feed my dog a food with animal in it.  I feed him Blue Buffalo Wilderness Formula Salmon.  He loves it.  It is a little expensive, but he eats a lot less of it than the cheaper food and his energy has been higher and coat and skin healthier since we changed from NutroUltra. Raisins are toxic to dogs and I would assume then that grapes are also.  Garlic is also toxic in large quantities.  Onion, mushrooms, and chocolate are not a good idea either.


Does anyone here use a vegan food for their dogs or cats that the animals do well on?





Thank you. Yes non vegan is fine. I just came across a raw pet food brand called Primal Pet Foods and was going to give that a try. I knew about Blue Buffalo so thats def good to know. And as for price, I would rather spend the extra money on healthy food then crap food that will just make him sick

I feed my dogs just raw chicken backs that I have the butcher cut up.   It's 'species specific'.....  :-)

I have over 800 dog videos on my youtube channel that shows just about everything.  www.youtube.com/fredhassen   I give my dogs a banana here and there, but a couple of them won't touch it.

I'm all in on LFRV but don't think it's the best thing for a dog.....but that's just my opinion.   My dogs are extreme athletic performance dogs that do many things and my research has led me to raw meat and bone for them.


The raw meat and bone diet for my dogs kind of started by accident a few years ago.  I live in Las Vegas where there isn't much grass, and I have an all-astroturf back yard.   Picking up dog waste off astroturf can get a little messy at times, and a dog friend of mine always feeds his dogs raw.   He was telling me about how their elimination is so much different on raw meat and bones and how it's almost like a white powder because they use the food so well.   Kind of like elimination with humans on fruit as opposed to when they are eating crap.....but the opposite.   Anyway, that's what initially got me started on it, and I did a lot of research and my dogs have just been awesome on it ever since.   


I know this doesn't help you much for feeding them fruits and veggies, but just throwing it out there in case anyone's interested.   I don't know that much on the feeding end, as I am a trainer, but it's been working great for me.

What type of dog do you have? We have a German Sheppard and we actually feed him raw meat or chicken. I know this may sound a bit odd coming from a raw vegan but it is the natural way a dog would eat in the wild.  Think about all of the cancers and illnesses dogs are getting from eating all of that crappy processed slop people feed them.  Plus, our dog absolutely loves it! He has a better coat, teeth, and stool from eating raw.

Deena, thanks for the heads up. Yeah the Primal food I got is raw meat with some organic veggies mixed in. Not sure the exact breed since its a rescue, but def Lab mixed with something.


Thanks for the feedback.

Your welcome! The primal food sounds pretty good and I am sure your dog will do well on it.
Primal is a very good food also.




Macadamia nuts

All onions


Stem,seeds and leaves from Apples, Apricots, Cherries, Peaches and Plum

Grapes and raisins

Too much fatty foods


Can dogs get all the nutrition they need from only the raw meat?  I thought they needed the nutrients in the bone and skin.  Do you supplement?
We feed our dog whole chicken with bones and meat with organs as well.  Dogs can get a lot of nutrients from organs and bones. In the wild, dogs typically will eat the stomach of their prey first because it is so nutrient dense.

I think the best way to feed is raw vegan.  We have experimented with various diets.  We use this to guide us:


There are several threads on 30BAD about this topic.  Here is one with links to others.



Here is a copy of my post from June of last year, our dog is still doing great and still mistaken for a 1 year old puppy at the park. :)  We have started giving him 2 supplements, L-carnitine and Taurine.  One 500mg pill daily of each.

I have been feeding our dog eggs since last December rather than the greens I was feeding him. This was purely to save money. After several months, I noticed he began to have that dirty dog smell again and now he has an eye infection. I am taking him off of the eggs, back to greens, our dog is now a vegan purely for health reasons. As we did last year, we will fast him until a few days past the last symptom is gone, which is the eye infection.

I like this guide here, it goes along with other things I've read:

We feed him a varied diet with the seasons and add or substitute lots of things but the staple diet for our dog is 14 large bananas, a head of lettuce and 2 tablespoons of ground sesame seeds. This gives him 17 grams of fat and 30 grams of protein. This varies day to day but this basic recipe covers his caloric needs and fat and protein needs. Nutridiary is a big help.

BTW way in India, Hindu people all have vegetarian dogs and just feed them their table scraps and the dogs live long healthy lives. I think these nutrient numbers are something to go by but not the be all end all. Others seems to feed their dogs raw vegan or just vegan rather more intuitively with great results.

I looked over my calendar and my dog actually water fasted for 30 days last year.
After my dog had a severe ear infection and was
diagnosed with heart worm, I put him on a water fast for 30 days, which went
very smoothly, he was happy and energetic throughout. It took 25 days for
the ear infection to clear which was his only symptom. It is one year later
and he is happy and healthy. After doing much research, we have chosen to
feed our dog a raw vegetarian diet since the fast. His coat is now
super soft, (used to be course), his energy is now such improved that people
think he is a puppy. He is 5 years old.


Wow this is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing. I am on the road but will take a closer read when I return.


I love the people on this site/forum!



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