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I have some money issues this month and think that i have to include some of cooked food. For example potatoes here are really cheap and good quality.

So, what kind of cooked carbohydrates are better?

Boiled potatoes, white rice, buckwheat? What about baked potatoes and veggies?

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Look up John McDougall's work, there are many options there for high starch dinners... 

Ok, thanks, will do

I eat sweet potatoes or regular potatoes over rice, as rice is usually more processed.  Also you should look into buying a steamer instead of baking them as this allows the food to contain more water content, nutrients, etc.  Baking usually cannot go under 300 degrees while steaming keeps food at around 200 degrees.  However, use what is optimum for you and affordable! :]

and grains contain fiber that is harsh for our intestinal tract.

Does anyone know any good condiment which wouldnt have any bad side effects and would make cooked starches taste good? 

This is why I choose sweet potatoes, don't need any condiments.

I have never had sweet potato ;-)
Hard to get in europe.

What about hard squashes like butternut or acorn squash?


try blendin carrots and potates, you have sweet potatoes:D

I live in Switzerland I can find sweet potatoes easily.....in the grocery stores and the local markets

Why not try putting a raw dressing on top? Anything that you would use as a salad dressing would work. Keep the fat low though as fats and starches don't digest well together.

Lemon juice. Also, you can cook some tomatoes and serve them over your starches, or raw tomatoes.  That's why sweet juicy fruit is the best, already tastes good!

root vegs & vegetables made into a curry... plenty of turmeric.......... is not the worst you can do.....


Nothing leaves you feeling as well as fruit... but I understand the starch thing.... trust me... :(



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