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HI all - thank you in advance for your help :)


I started 811 about 2 months ago  -  i'm 6'2'' and was 210 and now i'm a bit under 200 - which is nice :)


But, i feel like my stomach should be tighter - how can i dont look like one of those thin vegans yet?  I'm 37 and i walk and do a bit of yoga - I'm basically unwilling to lift or to run because i just find it incredibly boring - and i feel like i hurt myself more by doing impact exercise than not doing it -


am i just going to stay like this forever?  regardless of how many or how little calories i eat? it seems like my body said, ok, you're only giving me sugars, then i'll save this fat for a rainy day..


thanks for any thoughts on this - hope all is well,

gabe :)

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Work out! :D And just as a side note...muscle+a bit of fat > stick-thin vegans. ;P

I realize that belly fat can and will get annoying at times, but your focus should be toward general health for now! A 10-lb weight loss in 2 months is just perfect...no need to go faster, at risk of losing muscle. Your body may still be adjusting to 811lfrv and will eventually shed the weight. Have you ever seen a fat long-term 811lfrv? Don't think so.
I'd expect your weight to continue to decrease more. Without having much muscle I'd expect you could drop another 40 or 50lbs. Then, if you started doing more strength and endurance activities that you found fun you could shape your body any way you like. I started at 105 and now I'm almost at 140, and that was in a year's time of doing bodyweight strength exercises. You get to choose your body type.

Find a fun fitness activity. A lot of people hear like rock climbing. Great for upper body strength. Or find a fun sport like soccer.

Your body, your choice.

Hope that helps.

Dude, you dont need to run like hours...
do some sprinting and basic HIT stuff and it works like miracle cuz it changes your hormone.
It takes only 15 minutes too:)
I've been 811 for over a year, been running 3-4 times/ week for 3 months, 3,000-5,000 cals/day and I'm still waiting for some excess fat to melt away...although you get down to your ideal weight pretty quick due to water weight loss, it takes a lot longer to convert excess fat into muscle.

I've got the pear-shaped body, so people don't really notice my ass and leg fat and always said I'm skinny, but ever since I can remember I've been able to grab a chunk of fat from one of these areas. As the weeks go on, I notice more and more changes in the fat composition, and these areas are slowly getting tighter and taking shape.

I figure that it took 25 or so years to accumulate the fat around these areas, It'll take more than a few months of training and year on the perfect diet to remedy this.

....but then I've got to remind myself that I started eating this way for mental health, and that was cured ages ago. :)
sorry for my newbie exercise post, Dustin. I shouldn't have said it like that.
You look like a handsome, able-bodied 37 year old guy, but what's with the laziness?
HIIT, great fat burner and muscle builder :)
Hi gabe,
I'm in the same boat as you re: the belly fat. I feel like since being lfrv (approx 3 months), i've lost weight from my legs and butt, however gained it in the stomach area :(
I train 18-20 hours a week, so I'm not looking to increase my training (at this stage).
Just feel like the weight has dispersed around my stomach, but I'm holding onto the hope that in due course, if I'm lfrv for longer, it wil just melt away .... keep your fingers crossed for me.
Can anyone share some photos of lfrv cut stomachs (6 packs) and accompanying diets? Give us some inspiration :)
Acording to atkins (who died obese and of a heart attack) You need to eat more fat to burn fat! Sumo's eat a high fat diet, look how lean they are. :)

Anorexics typically have a fat belly. The body is in starvation mode and very efficient at storing fat. You dont see many anorexics with ripped abs typically, despite eating a calorie restricted diet.

The fat we eat is the fat we wear. You feel your stomach should be tighter but what does your body feel? A 6pak is chubby for someone that wants a 10pak. A beer belly is scrawny for someone that wants to be a sumo. Everyone has different perceptions and everyone wants results yesterday. All you have to do is eat lots of quality carbs, sleep, drink, be active and let your body do its thing. Heck, even those ad models on fitness mags have to starve for a fortnight and STILL take direutics and skin thinnning agents for the cover shot.

My stomach is flat every morning of the year. I go to bed like buddha and wake up like ghandi. Thats the beauty of high carb, low fat, fruit based diets.

Good things take time..and its time to take out the trash aka limiting beliefs like 'carbs make me fat..'
But remember Jo, your trying to get a leaness that is TOTALLY unatural for females and those that are that ripped are taking drugs and even still NOBODY maintains that low body fat/fluid levels for very long.

And at different times of the year we will have different fluid/body fat levels. NOBODY I know 10years ago that had super cut abs has super cut abs today. NOBODY I know that was smashing apart bike races 10 years ago is smashing apart bike races today. Not even Lance.

Some people just dont understand how the body works and they suffer needlessly trying to maintain this year round, decade strong, impossible standard.
Yeah, I see where you're coming from DR.
It's a matter of stopping trying to attain some 'ideal' and embrace what this lifestyle creates.
Yeah, thats definately a not-cool pic... *barf*



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