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Begun reading "The 80/10/10 diet" ...Inconsistant arguements? ...


Please please keep in mind that I am not in anyway "knocking" dr graham or 80/10/10 in anyway...Im am honestly just confused by the lack of obvious validity I am seeing in his arguments in chapter one.


If you guys could help straighten me out I would greatly appreciate it, Im really confused.


1 - Could you do it without the use of a tool



I noted that Dr Graham seemed to base quite a few arguments on the "Could you eat it in its natural state without the use of a tool,container,heat etc etc. 



 - Maybe I am misinterpreting it...and I hope I am...but ...if we aren't supposed to eat anything that doesn't require a tool of one type or another...then.. we shouldn't be eating nuts with shells on them, or pineapples, or cantaloupe, or watermelon....etc etc....because we can't get into these things without a "tool".....


How did you guys interpret this??




2 - Nuts and seeds - Grains? .....



My question is this...Dr Graham defines grains as..seed...grass seed to be exact....why is it that we should eat...flax seed..or chia seed...but we shouldn't eat "grass seed".....and no I am  not advocating eating "Grass seed"(grains)..that sounds kinda nasty


But his statements "for" seeds and nuts...was that..they are hard to digest...but we should still eat them??


I was thoroughly confused about that.... It would make much more sense to me if he said we shouldn't be eating seeds at all..of any kind(nut,fruit seed,grain/grass seed etc).   But how can he say that we "should" eat seeds and nuts...(but I couldn't find any apparent reason why we should do this)....but we shouldnt eat..."grass seed"




3.  - Using a childs "instincts"


Most of you have read the book and saw the analogy of the child in a room with a goat and a banana...which will he eat and which will he play with....


...If you stick a child in the yard with...grass...dirt...rocks...bugs....and a banana


Which one would you parents bet he would eat?  (My money is on the rock ;))



Frankly...the argument against grains was weak at best.....Again..did I misinterpret it?



Im not knocking what he is saying....but it bothers me that he can take a valid argument..and back it up with an in-valid example...




P.S.  On the plus side...I loved the introduction :) ...and alot of chapter one made alot of sense and just clarified some important things for me :)   Im looking forward to reading the rest of the book...I just feel like I need to solidify these things before I continue reading .....Note..I may just be misinterpreting these arguments :)

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I still think his using the childs instincts as an argument was pretty weak...Especially because it was unnessacary..(he then followed it with several pages of really good arguments, that just solidified my recently aquired belief in veganism one argument after another) But I do see what your saying.

"well, you can eat grass seed if you want.." ..that cracked me up...Nah I don't think I want to go nibble on my lawn :)..haha

I have read up through chapter three , and Im seeing more clearly why grains aren't supposed to be "food". If it has to be chemically alterted with heat to even be digestable then I don't want to eat it.

I guess I just needed to see this "bigger picture" before I could really grasp the concept of cooking..I had never thought of it as chemically altering food.....
What is the consensus on soaked raw buckwheat & quinoa since they are seeds not grains ? just curious - they don't have much flavour but add a nice texture to blended fruit puddings :)
never tried either soaked. I know some here have reported feeling strange after eating sprouted buckwheat, though that might not be the case for everyone. If they digest fine I don't think either would kill ya. :)
I didnt read everything posted but RE: USING TOOLS......
I have opened and eaten ripe pineapple, cantalope, watermelon with my bare hands.
Our nails are sharp enough to help with opening cantalope. watch DR's video on watermelon, and pineapple....the top breaks off allowing it to be split down the middle like a fire wood.
Ive also cracked nuts with my teeth for fun. and sometimes with barehands...but that kinda hurts.

Hi Jacqui! I would like to share a buckwheat yogurt recipe with u. :)

U take a cup of buckwheat groats and soak them for 8 hours in a glass jar. Then u wash the groats, put them back into the glass jar and add a spoon of raisins or 1 finely chopped prune or dried fig, add some water to cover the groats, put the lid on the jar and leave it for 2 days. Then blend it with a piece of apple and some spinach. I like it... :)

I have a question about the book and dougs talks/seminars (recorded) that I have been listening to - this has been the one thing bugging me so far
mothers milk only contains about 6 % protein so I get that part of the argument but he never addresses the 55% fat content - I know obviously that is far too high for adults who are not growing/developing like a baby but I just wonder why he never mentions that part
I realize too much fat creates problems in breaking down carbs like fruit but wondering if 10% is not enough for some or for women who need to carry a higher % - hence the hair loss
I'm not saying it is - just curious what your thoughts are as I'm still new and looking for answers too like Ellen!
I believe Doug's reference towards mothers milk is to support are low protein requirements. Basically a growing baby would have a greater demand for protein than at any other stage in his/her life. The fat content is another issue which is why he wouldn't have mentioned it whilst disscussing our protein needs. He does however recommend 50% fat for children throughout infancy, upto approximately 10 years of age.
Hi Jacqui, He did mention mothers milk have at least 50% fat in few of his talk when the topics were up. I only recently heard about this on our raw vegan meet up with his family. Rozi (his wife) have more fats ever since preganacy through to nursing stage, their girl (age 5) also have a lot more fat (from nuts) than8-1-1.
I wish they will publish a book about raw vegan pregnancy and rasing raw vegan children sometime soon.
As a self-professed child hater, you hardly seem qualified to have an opinion. Babies in the oral stage of exploration will put everything in their mouth, it's how they learn about their environment. But they will not "eat" the bug or the rock, they will probably chew and spit. But they will eat, ie. chew and swallow sweet, ripe fruit and then recognise It as food next time they see it and will want to eat it again.
Being old doesn't make you wise.

"Dislike does not equal ignorance,"

Of course not, but in this instance you were both.

Yeah, I was thinking this to. And I know my two and a half year old would not eat bugs, rocks or an animal.



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